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  • Data Visualization

  • Business Analytics (BA) Overview

  • Data Visualization Technologies that support visualization and interpretation of data and informationincludes digital images, GIS, GUI, graphs, virtual reality, dimensional presentations, videos, and animation.

  • Basic Statistical Charts/GraphsBar chartsTo display changes over time, comparisons, deviations, parts of the whole, rankings, time series.Line GraphsTo display changes over time, comparisons, deviations, parts of the whole, rankings, time series.Pie ChartsTo display part of the whole or proportions.

  • Source:

  • Scatter Plot

  • A picture tells 1000 words

  • Motion ChartsLike a scatter plot, but also tracks changes over timeData items move as time progressesExample: Human Development Index Trends (2005-2009) (United Nations)Well work with Google motion charts later in the semester

  • Gauges and MetersUseful for displaying key performance indicators (KPIs)

  • Radar ChartsAlso called Spider ChartUseful for showing multidimensional data in a 2-dimensional graphEach dimension is a radius emanating from the center of the graph

  • Concept MapsShows relationships between conceptsConsists of nodes and linksExample: see WikiMindMap -- A great tool for navigating through WikipediaVisual markers:

    Nodes as topics, links represent connections to other topics.

    Can expand and refocus

    Great for navigating through Wikipedia

  • TreeMapsDisplay hierarchical (tree-structured) data as a set of nested rectangles. Each branch of the tree is given a rectangle, which is then tiled with smaller rectangles representing sub-branches. Example: see NewsMap An interesting visualization for seeing relationships between current events in the news

    Visual markers:

    Color: news categorySize: degree of coverageDarkness: age

    Good interface to googles news sources

  • Working with Google Image Charts

  • Google Image ChartsURL it URL parameters (REST query)Chart typeChart sizeDataLabelsEtc.It returns a PNG image,40&cht=p3&chl=Hello|World

    URL parameters

  • Types of Google Image ChartsBarHorizontal/verticalStacked/groupedLineRegular, sparkline, Pie2D, 3D, concentricScatterRadarMay or may not have filled areasVenn diagramMapVarious geographical areasColors specify valuesMeter/GaugeGoogle-o-meter

  • URL ParametersRequiredChart Size (chs)Chart Type (cht)Chart Data ((chd)Various encodings (e.g. t for text)Data needs to be normalized to 0-100 rangeOptionalChart labels (chl)Chart title (chtt)Chart legend (chdl)Various types of markers (shape, text, financial)Lots more

  • Google Image Charts Exercise

    Computer SalesJan34Feb21Mar88Apr55May70Jun99

    Disk Drive SalesJan53Feb28Mar60Apr55May70Jun99Given this data:Google Charts Developers Guide:

  • Google Charts Exercise (cont.)

    Generate these charts:



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