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  • DATA STEALTH File Server Proposal

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    I. Background

    II. Technology

    III. Product

    - Ransomware outbreak- Increased damage due to Ransomware's intelligence- Problems with existing file sharing systems

    - DST/Data Stealth Technology- Strengths and expectations of DST- Cases of DST Validation and Certification

    - Specification- Functionality- System configuration diagram- Key Features- Recommended use

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    I. Background Ransomware outbreak.

    Increased damage due to Ransomware's intelligence

    Despite outburst of the second-generation Ransomware Korea lacks cyber shield

    If Internet only is connected, the system will be infected, the largest global 'Ransomware' attack ever

    Europol Ransomware 'Warner Cry', an unprecedented level in the history...At least 200 countries have suffered damage in 150 countries

    Now anyone can become a hacker to deploy Ransomware

    It has become an era when Ransomware tools are popular products on the Internet. Hackers can easily purchase a variety of Ransomware tools, just like a cookie.

    Anti-Virus is DEAD-Brian Dye, Symantecs SVP

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    I. Background Increased damage due to Ransomware's intelligence.

    Damages at Warner Cry by Ransomware May 2017

    [Various types of attacks and damage : ITWorld]

    - Penetrating the all-in-one connected to the network, distribute the Ransomware.- Send a spoofed email to corporate contact to run the attached Ransomware.- In hospitals, after the first infection, secondary spread to medical equipment such as radiation machines paralyzes the business.- Attacked by the same Ransomware again two weeks after data recovery through completion of ransom payment.- Manually attack after acquiring Remote Assistance privilege by impersonating an external IT service representative.- After first attacking weak security devices such as IOT and smart TV, spread Ransomware.- Using the vulnerability of the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol used when sharing files in Microsoft Windows, the infection

    spreads to another computer on the same network connected to the infected computer by self-duplication (Warner Cry, Petya), increase the damage.
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    I. Background Problems with existing file sharing systems.

    1) Complex sharing of file server is required for security:

    Because of the complexity, setting to default security are frequently vulnerable..

    2) As users use using it as a network drive and this is accessible by all malicious codes.

    - If a particular user's computer is infected, all files in the shared folder on the file server are also infected simultaneously through the network drive path

    - If the server administrator's privilege is taken over, it's far more dangerous.

    - Because new kinds of Ransomware attempts to replicate itself even if you are not connected to a network drive, even for computers which are simply connected to the network, infection is occurring(Wanna Cry, Petra)

    3) The same vulnerability exists because some document centralization and backup systems eventually use the network

    drive format or the virtual disk drive format.- For backup systems that are recommended as the only alternative for Ransomware, there is no way of taking action for Ransomware

    attacks at the time of the backup.

    More convenient and complete Ransomware readiness is required

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    II. Technology - DST/Data Stealth Technology

    DST = Proactive Solution

    What if there were no target of a hack?

    Outside the computer

    Inside the computer

    Even if you enter the computer, it is of no meaningless

    CIDISK's data concealment technology (DST) supports full response to any disk forensics as well as data loss.


    Technology to neutralize the purpose of hacking itself Illegal acquisition and destruction of data

    Outside the computer

    Inside the computer

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    II. Technology - Strengths and expectations of DST

    2. CIDISK DST works independently of Windows OS.

    The working principle of CIDISK DST is independent of OS. Security solutions existing on OS are useless when OS is hacked, but CIDISK DST does not depend on OS and keeps data in CIDISK DST storage space securely.

    3. It is 100% safe even if the disc is lost or stolen.

    Disks with CIDISK DST will have invisible storage space so that if a PC or its disk is stolen or lost, its contents can not be verified without your permission.

    4. Even if you replace the PC, the data in the DST area is safe.

    In general, data stored on a disc can be recovered by requesting it from the Recovery Center even if it is deleted or formatted on a disc. However, the data stored in the DST storage space is encrypted in real time and can not be recovered(reverse-analysis).

    1. It is safe from general Ransomware, Wanna Cries and Petya Ransomware..

    The new Raswareware that exploits the vulnerability of Windows OS is very destructive and existing security solutions cannot cope with. CIDISK DST is a next-generation technology that essentially destroys all malicious programs and prevents malicious programs from infiltrating and doing harm even if they run on your computer.

    6. With real-time automatic backup function, use it conveniently

    With the CIDISK DST security zone, you can automatically backup in real time the data of the data in general area to the DST security zone through the bookmark. In addition, as a dedicated explorer in the form of a general explorer is used, you do not have to learn how to use it easily.

    5. Storage disk is safe even when open

    Generally, for the encryption storage technology, container-based file-based encryption or encrypted storage is used. This encryption method is not secure when opened as a virtual drive. However, in the case of CIDISK DST storage space, it is provided in a form that the drive can not be identified by OS, so even if it is opened, it is safe from malicious code or Ransomware.

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    II. Technology Cases of DST Validation and Certification

    CIDISK DST has been continuously supplied for three years since its development

    1) Various certification materials

    Korean Patent(2 cases Claim 100% acquired) US Patent(Claims 90% Acquired) Korea Information

    Security Society

    adopted the paper

    Spain UPC Test Report

    Korea Natinal


    Test Certificate

    2) Major Customers


    Information Agency

    Planned to adopt

    before Jan 2018

    Saehan Credit Information

    Planned to adopt before Jan 2018

    Pilot introduction and

    under technology


    Donated license for industry-

    university cooperation and



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    III. Product Specification

    DST File Server provides a secure and convenient file sharing environment within the enterprise

    1) DST File Server

    Classification Specification

    OS [Microsoft] Windows 10 Pro K(Genuine)

    CPU [intel] i5-7600K

    Memory [SAMSUNG] DDR4 4G PC4-17000 Single face

    SSD [Barium Electronics] OJ500i (128GB) [MLC]

    HDD[Seagate] 1TB Barracuda ST2000DM006 (SATA3/7200/64M)

    (Scalable on demand)

    Power Aproman (Middle power)760PW

    Size 360 x 175 x 408mm (DxWxH)

    Color Silver

    Database MariaDB 10.2.7 Freeware

    Application Server CIDISK STEALTH File Server2) DST Explorer

    (Provide a dedicated explorer installation file)

    Classification Specification

    OS Microsoft Windows 7 or later (Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit)

    Memory 1GB or more, 2GB or more recommended

    HDDAt least 100 MB free space(Separate space required if local STEALTH area configuration is required)

    Network TCP / IP-based network environment

    LicenseCAL for STEALTH File ServerLocal STEALTH License (Only for locally configuring the STEALTH area)

    Only the solution can be supplied without hardware (separated inquiry required)

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    III. Product Specification

    System Function classification Function details

    User( DST Explorer )

    STEALTH Server connection

    Login to STEALTH File Server

    Connect to shared STEALTH area

    Disconnect from shared STEALTH area

    Environment setupChange Password

    Automatic locking

    Favorites Add favorite / edit / delete / set backup function

    Local STEALTH functionLocal STEALTH partition creation (requires separate license), delete

    Digital key backup, setting whether STEALTH list display, STEALTH area format

    Log management View and export user file operation history log

    Multiple STEALTH connection support Local STEALTH device and shared STEALTH can be used simultaneously up to 128

    Administrator( DST Explorer )

    STELATH Server connection STEALTH File Server Admin login

    Disk managementDisk Management on the STEALTH Server

    Create / delete STEALTH partition

    STEALTH management

    Create / Delete STEALTH area

    STEALTH Name management / Change password

    STEALTH area connection / disconnection / automatic connection

    STEALTH area format

    User management

    Add / Edit / Delete User

    User Classification User / Administrator

    Permission Normal / Pause / Su


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