Data Architecture Strategies: Building an Enterprise Data Strategy – Where to Start?

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  • Building an Enterprise Data Strategy Where to Start?

    Donna Burbank, Managing DirectorGlobal Data Strategy, Ltd.

    February 22nd, 2018

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  • Global Data Strategy, Ltd. 2018

    Donna Burbank

    Donna is a recognised industry expert in information management with over 20 years of experience in data strategy, information management, data modeling, metadata management, and enterprise architecture. Her background is multi-faceted across consulting, product development, product management, brand strategy, marketing, and business leadership.

    She is currently the Managing Director at Global Data Strategy, Ltd., an international information management consulting company that specializes in the alignment of business drivers with data-centric

    technology. In past roles, she has served in key brand strategy and product management roles at CA Technologies and Embarcadero Technologies for several of the leading data management products in the market.

    As an active contributor to the data management community, she is a long time DAMA International member, Past President and Advisor to the DAMA Rocky Mountain chapter, and was recently awarded the Excellence in Data Management Award from DAMA International in 2016.

    Donna is also an analyst at the Boulder BI Train Trust (BBBT) where she provides advice and gains insight on the latest BI and Analytics software in the market. She was on several review committees for the Object Management Groups for key information management and process modeling notations.

    She has worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies worldwide in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa and speaks regularly at industry conferences. She has co-authored two books: Data Modeling for the Business and Data Modeling Made Simple with ERwin Data Modeler and is a regular contributor to industry publications. She can be reached atdonna.burbank@globaldatastrategy.comDonna is based in Boulder, Colorado, USA.


    Follow on Twitter @donnaburbankTwitter Event hashtag: #DAStrategies

  • Global Data Strategy, Ltd. 2018

    DATAVERSITY Data Architecture Strategies

    January - on demand Panel: Emerging Trends in Data Architecture Whats the Next Big Thing?

    February Building an Enterprise Data Strategy Where to Start?

    March Modern Metadata Strategies

    April The Rise of the Graph Database: Practical Use Cases & Approaches to Benefit your Business

    May Data Architecture Best Practices for Todays Rapidly Changing Data Landscape

    June Artificial Intelligence: Real-World Applications for Your Organization

    July Panel: Data as a Profit Driver Emerging Techniques to Monetize Data as a Strategic Asset

    August Data Lake Architecture Modern Strategies & Approaches

    Sept Master Data Management: Practical Strategies for Integrating into Your Data Architecture

    October Business-Centric Data Modeling: Strategies for Maximizing Business Benefit

    December Panel: Self-Service Reporting and Data Prep Benefits & Risks


    This Years Line Up for 2018

  • Global Data Strategy, Ltd. 2018

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  • Global Data Strategy, Ltd. 20185

    Data Strategy Across The Organization











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    Bridge the Gap: Satisfy IT & Data Workers

    Analysts need:Collaboration

    A way to share their work

    A way to ensure their work is based on trusted data

    A means to showcase their contribution of models and analyses

    A way for other analysts and teams to contribute back to their creations

    IT needs:Centralization

    A solution that empowers all users to easily work with data

    Visibility and controls for governance and compliance

    Reduced burden - domain experts manage domain data

    Insight into which data is most valuable so they can focus their efforts

    The organization needs:

    Socialized data access

    Awareness of what data and assets are being created and by whom

    All users working and collaborating in the same place

    Agility and governance in one solution

    Analysis is conducted based on trusted and certified information

    Consistency in models across groups, teams, enterprise

  • Global Data Strategy, Ltd. 20187

    Organizational Analytics Goals


    Bring teams together:

    Data scientists


    Data/ETL engineers











    Help analytic teams:

    Rapidly produce insight

    Operationalize that insight

    Continuously improve analytic operations & performance

  • Global Data Strategy, Ltd. 2018

    What Well Cover Today

    The majority of successful organizations in todays economy are data-driven, and innovative companies are looking at new ways to leverage data and information for strategic advantage.

    While the opportunities are vast, and the value has clearly been shown across a number of industries in using data to strategic advantage, the choices in technology can be overwhelming.

    From Big Data to Artificial Intelligence to Data Lakes and Warehouses the industry is continually evolving to provide new and exciting technological solutions.

    This webinar will help make sense of the various data architectures & technologies available, and how to leverage technology for business value and success.

    A practical framework will be provided to generate quick wins for your organization, while at the same time building towards a longer-term sustainable architecture.

    Case studies will also be provided to show how successful organizations have successfully built a data strategies to support their business goals.


  • Global Data Strategy, Ltd. 2018 9

    A Successful Data Strategy links Business Goals with Technology Solutions

    Top-Down alignment with business priorities

    Bottom-Up management & inventory of data sources

    Managing the people, process, policies & culture around data

    Coordinating & integrating disparate data sources

    Leveraging & managing data for strategic advantage

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    Aligning Business Strategy and Data Strategy

  • Global Data Strategy, Ltd. 2018

    How can we Transform our Business through Data?Business Optimization

    Becoming a Data-Driven Company Making the Business More Efficient

    Better Marketing Campaigns Higher quality customer data, 360 view

    of customer, competitive info, etc. Better Products

    Data-Driven product development, Customer usage monitoring, etc.

    Better Customer Support Linking customer data with support logs,

    network outages, etc. Lower Costs

    More efficient supply chain Reduced redundancies & manual effort


    Business TransformationBecoming a Data Company

    Changing the Business Model via Data data becomes the product.

    Monetization of Information: examples across multiple industries including:

    Retail: Click-stream data, purchasing patterns

    Social Media: social & family connections, purchasing trends & recommendations, etc.

    Telecom: location information, usage & search data, etc.

    Energy: Sensor data, consumer usage patterns, smart metering, etc.

    How do we do what we do


    How do we do something different?

  • Global Data Strategy, Ltd. 2018

    Basic Definitions


    Business & Data Strategies

    A BUSINESS STRATEGY is a medium to long term business plan which details the aims & objectives of a business and how it means to

    achieve them.

    A DATA STRATEGY is a medium to long term plan for the improvement, management & exploitation of data across a business, and how it is

    to be achieved.

  • Global Data Strategy, Ltd. 2018

    Business & Data Strategy the Interdependency


    Business Strategy Data Strategy

    Sets Requirements for

    Informs & Guides

    Business Strategy

  • Global Data Strategy, Ltd. 2018

    Getting it Wrong


    What can cause Business and Data Strategies to become Misaligned?

    Lack of a clearly articulated business strategy

    Absence of Business & IT senior leadership in strategy

    formulation & execution

    Business fails to take ownership of the data and

    hence the data strategy

    Data strategy is viewed as a technology roadmap, led by


    Lack of cross-business / IT collaboration & communication

    Complexity and lack of priority, focus & deliverable


    Not showing short-term results & benefits

    Lack of skills and expertise to realize the strategy

  • Global Data Strategy, Ltd. 2018

    Getting it Right


    The Key Features of an Effective Data Strategy

    ALIGNED Directly Connected to Business Drivers.

    ACTIONABLE with clear activities & milestones

    EVOLUTIONARY to meet changing business needs & new technology

    UNIQUE to the specific organization

  • Global Data Strategy, Ltd. 2018

    Consumer Energy Company

    For the consumer energy sector Big Data and Smart Meters are transforming the ways of doing business and interacting with customers. Moving away from traditional data use cases of metering & billing. Smart meters allow customers to be in control of their energy usage.

    Control over energy usage with connected systems Custom Energy Reports & Usage Smart Billing based on usage times

    As energy usage declines, data is becoming the true business asset for this energy company. While the Big Data Opportunity is crucial, equally important are the traditional data sources

    Data Quality critical for operational and analytic data Data Governance critical for analyzing data in relation to business processes & roles With high volumes of data, critical data elements prioritized

    Business Transformation through Data

  • Global Data Strategy, Ltd. 2018

    Increasing Restaurant Revenue through Menu Data

    An international restaurant chain realized through its digital strategy that: While menus are the core product that drives their business They had little control or visibility over their menu data Menu data was scattered across multiple systems in the organization from supply chain to kitchen prep to marketing,

    restaurant operations, etc. Menu data was consolidated & managed in a central hub:

    Master Data Management created a single view of menu for business efficiency & quality control Data Governance created the workflow & policies around managing menu data

    Process Models & Data Mappings were critical Business Process diagrams to identify the flow of information CRUD Matrixes to understand usage, stewardship & ownership


    Managing the Data that Runs the Business

    Product Creation & Testing

    Menu Display & Marketing

    Supply Chain Point of Sale & Restaurant Operations

  • Global Data Strategy, Ltd. 2018

    Optimizing Customer Experience through Data

    A major Retail Vendor wanted to become a data-driven company Enhancing the customer experience by mapping the Customer Journey to the Data Lifecycle Using IoT product data to improve product design & customer service Optimizing product supply chain & delivery

    Developing a Tactical Data Strategy determined that Data Architecture was needed to understand the data ecosystem: data flow diagrams, data models, process models, etc Data Governance was required to manage data across organizational siloes: product development, marketing, sales, etc. Master Data Management was needed to manage customer contact data throughout the Customer Journey.


    Using Data to Build Customer Loyalty & Increase Sales

    Customer SupportCustomer Discovery & Purchase

    Product Delivery & Tracking

    Product Usage Tracking Product Development

  • Global Data Strategy, Ltd. 2018

    UK Environment Agency

    The UK Environment agency worked with Global Data Strategy to develop Data Models & Data Standards in order to support Open Data publication of key environmental measures.


    Supporting Digital Transformation & Open Data Publication

    Land boundaries Air & Water Quality

    Fish & Wildlife populations Etc.

    Becoming a Data-driven organisation included: Digital Transformation all services online Open Data promoting data sharing with public

    Common Data Models & Standards helped create a common lingua franca across the organization:

    Establishing a standard is a really important step in bringing our information together so we can be better joined up, better integrated

    and work together more efficiently.- National River Basin Operations Manager, Environment Agency

    Saving time & money Supporting Regulation Enhancing public


    Improving data quality & consistency

    Increasing collaboration between teams

  • Global Data Strategy, Ltd. 2018

    Managed Care Organization: Telling the Data Story


    Data Drives Everything We DoCentered around Serving our Members


    Is Assisted by




    Community Living

    Visits an Emergency Room at

    Would like to transition to

    Needs an overnight stay in


    Has Availability for

    Is Assisted byIs Certified for

    Practices at

    Apply to

    Support & Certify


    Train & Inform

    Interacts with

  • Global Data Strategy, Ltd. 2018

    The Importance of MotivationFrom Cruise Ship to Life Raft

    With a common motivation, disparate skills, personalities and roles become an asset, not an annoyance

  • Global Data Strategy, Ltd. 2018

    Business Motivation Model


    Corporate Mission Corporate Vision

    Goals & Objectives

    To provide a full service online retail experience for art supplies and craft products.

    To be the respected source of art products worldwide, creating an online community of art enthusiasts.

    Artful Art Supplies ArtfulArt


    External Drivers

    Digital Self-Service Increasing Regulation Pressures

    Online Community & Social Media

    Customer Demand for Instant Provision

    Internal Drivers

    Cost Reduction

    Targeted Marketing 360 View of Customer

    Brand Reputation Community Building

    Revenue Growth


    Accountability Create a Data Governance

    Framework Define clear roles &

    responsibilities for both business & IT staff

    Publish a corporate information policy

    Document data standards Train all staff in data



    Quality Define measures & KPIs for

    key data items Report & monitor on data

    quality improvements Develop repeatable

    processes for data quality improvement

    Implement data quality checks as BAU business activities


    Culture Ensure that all roles

    understand their contribution to data quality

    Promote business benefits of better data quality

    Engage in innovative ways to leverage data for strategic advantage

    Create data-centric communities of interest

    Corporate-level Mission & Vision May already be created or may

    need to create as part of project.

    Project-level, Data-Centric Drivers External Drivers are what youre

    facing in the industry Internal Drivers reflect internal

    corporate initiatives.

    Project-level, Data-Centric Goals & Objectives

    Clear direction for the project Use marketing-style headings

    where possible

  • Global Data Strategy, Ltd. 2018

    The Role of the Data Professional in the Data-Driven Business

    In the current environment of data-driven business, Data Professionals have an opportunity to have a seat at the table

    Finding new opportunities to leverage data for business benefit Creating efficiencies & business process optimization Integrating data...


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