data aggregation gln ics filing freight forwarders

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Data aggregation GLN ICS filing freight forwarders. Eric Geers, Director Product Management, Maritime & EU Customs products . : DSGX : DSG. Descartes by the Numbers. 30 Years Serving the Logistics Industry. Financials $125M+ revenue run rate $600M+ market capitalization - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Data aggregation GLN ICS filing freight forwarders

Data aggregation GLNICS filing freight forwardersEric Geers, Director Product Management, Maritime & EU Customs products

Descartes by the NumbersFinancials$125M+ revenue run rate$600M+ market capitalization30 consecutive quarter of record adjusted EBITDA performanceScale8,000+ customers700+ employees globallyWorlds largest logistics messaging network164,000+ connected parties160+ countries30 Years Serving the Logistics Industry

Toronto, ON: DSGX : DSG

Atlanta, GAPittsburgh, PAUKTokyo, JapanShanghai, ChinaDenmarkSwedenSuzhou, ChinaSilver Spring, MDNetherlandsWaterloo, ON (Corporate HQ)BelgiumMiami, FLFranceSpainSlovakiaSlovenia

Descartes Logistics Technology PlatformThe Fusion of:The Global Logistics NetworkThe industrys most comprehensive logistics, regulatory and commercial messaging networkThe Logistics Application SuiteThe industrys broadest array of modular interoperable web and wireless logistics management solutionsThe Global Logistics CommunityThe worlds most extensive global multi-modal logistics communityDescartes Logistics Technology Platform


Descartes Global Logistics Network (GLN)

DocumentExchange ServicesConnectivityData TransformationReporting ServicesImaging & ArchivingData Quality MonitoringDescartes GLNRail CarriersRegulatoryAgenciesGroundCarriersOceanCarriersAirCarriers3PLs, NVOCCs & ForwardersManufacturers, Retailers, DistributorsCustoms, Brokers & Border CrossingMobile ServiceProviders

4Data consolidation & visibility servicesCustomer applications Single Window applicationsCSDContainer Security Device

Ocean Carrier


Descartes Global Logistics Network

Data source aggregration GLNContainerStatusContainerStatusShipmentHouse B/LPOPacking listInvoiceTerminaleFreight Common framework messages: SDM (Security Data Message Format) TS (Transportation Status)- CRS (Common Reporting Scheme)


AIS provider

Sailing schedules providerContainerStatusB/LVessel StatusCOMCIS

Subscription Management

5GLN Data aggregation

COMCIS aggregation services (1)

Main aggregation services in COMCIS:CSD serviceOcean carrier status serviceTarget groups:Freight forwarders & 3PL/4PL, both large companies and SMEsInternational shippersSAAS business model:Fee per transaction and per serviceExact fee determined by volumes and data providers

COMCIS aggregation services (2)

End user benefits:Different data sources available via standardized messagesLower set-up and operating costs by using an existing shared platform instead of point-point EDI linksScalability and quick on- boarding by re-using existing connections to data sources (e.g. carriers, CSD providers)Sustainability and flexibility GLN has a track record of robust and fast communication, processing more than 4,5 billion messages a year

ICS-SEAP solution forwarders

ICS Entry Summary Declaration (ENS): Customs declaration for risk analysis on safety & security (24 hour before loading in case of deep sea)Currently ICS filing mainly sent by ocean carriers, demonstrated in Smart CMWithin COMCIS we demonstrated automated ICS freight forwarder filing for ocean transportChallenges for the forwarder:27 different EU country systemsKnowing the Customs filing country, office of first & subsequent entry & ETAKnowing the route of the vesselAdvantages of forwarder filing:Better quality data for risk analysis Customs -> condition for facilitations (e.g. pre- release)Forwarder is in control of the process

Ocean ProcessorGlobal FilerDBShipment FileFilterInput ENSOutput ENSSailing SchedulesDBTranslation Tables e.g. UNLOcode into customs office codeDHL SeaInput formatData flow and architecture


Uploaded in the ICS Global Filer

ICS-SEAP solution forwarders

Target groupFreight forwarders: large and medium freight forwardersSAAS business modelTransaction fee per declaration, determined by volumeEnd user benefits:Easy to use ICS solution in more than 20 EU Member StatesData aggregation and enrichment (sailing schedules)Better quality information for risk analysis & Customs facilitations (green lanes, pre-release)Potential cost savingsFrontrunning multiple filing discussions EU