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53 West 105th Street, APT#6, New York, NY 10025HOME:(212)663-7237CELL:(646)752-1257cardinalhayesman@yahoo.com

EDUCATION: Fordham University, Bronx, NY; B.S. candidate, Computer Information ScienceIT SKILLS: AMS 360, MS Office(Excel, Word, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express)


Elder Caregiver New York, NY January 2013 - October 2015Provided daily care to my terminally ill mother prior to her death; maintained home and financialobligations

FAIRMONT INSURANCE BROKERS, LTD. Brooklyn, NY January 2006 January 2013Truckers Insurance Client Service Assistant/Scanner - Issued Certificates of Insurance on Accord Forms for trucking companies listed as clients requesting proof of insurance coverage for companies whom the insureds were hired for construction jobs; ran MVRs(Motor Vehicle Reports)at the request of insureds on drivers seeking employment to drive their trucks; scanning and attaching both endorsements, and Commercial Auto/Cargo/General Liability/Workers Compensation policies into the companies AMS 360 database system; ordered loss runs for insureds Auto/Cargo/GL/Workers Comp. policies from insurance companies where Fairmont was listed as the Broker of Record for each policy; sending FEDEXs of hard copies of insureds policies and Auto ID Cards to insureds corporate businesses or check payments for insureds policies to finance companies; and calling insurance companies to check on current status of insureds policies

REIS REPORTS, INC. New York, NY November 1999 - January 2001Real Estate Data Information Collector: - Accomplished Internet research on commercial real estate companies throughout North America, entering the names of both real estate companies, their broker employees, their titles, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses on Excel spreadsheets via both cutting from their websites and pasting onto the spreadsheets; updating all broker information into the companies' GOLDMINE database; and using GOLDMINE to perform database research to retrieve previous broker information

UNISCRIBE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES, INC. New York, NY May 1999 - September 1999Document Computer Coder: - Accomplished both extracting and coding information from legal documents sent by law firms, contracted as clients seeking the services of Uniscribe Professional Services, which serves as a national provider of document information management services to law firms and corporate legal departments through litigation support services such as photocopying; electronic printing; document imaging and scanning; document coding of legal documents into computer databases; and database creation, search and retrieval

THE CANTOR CONCERN New York, NY September 1996 - February 1997Computer Systems Administrative Assistant: - Accomplished both inputting and revising all information fromresumes of clients(including their current salaries, and geographical preferences for employment) seeking permanent or temporary positions involving public relations, public affairs, corporate communications, and investor relations exclusively through the executive search consultant firm's QUICK SEARCH SYSTEMS computer database confidential records on more than 8000 executives; and both typing and mailing letters to those clients registered with the firm, but whose resumes were not currently on file

THE BOND BUYER New York, NY September 1989 - March 1990 Computer Operator - Accomplished inputting on Telex Systems mainframes information on municipal bonds for dealers, issuers, investors, and others who were involved in state and city capital finance, such as the bond's amount, its sale date, the bond's type(taxable or untaxable), and the length of the bond's extension period

LAURENCE, CHARLES, FREE, & LAWSON New York, NY July 1987 - September 1987Computer Network Specialist - Accomplished inputting both present and future ratings for ABC, CBS, and NBC present and future network television programs for earlymorning, daytime, primetime, and latenight periods; inputting the age groups of those viewers watching these programs; and printing overnight schedules

SENDOR BINDERY New York, NY May 1986 - August 1986Computer Data Entry Operator - Accomplished inputting both the jobs of each employee and the number of hours which each employee was working on that present job on IBM PC's; printing each day's job output; and revising files of each day's jobs by inputting additional jobs which each employee had previously worked on