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  • Dark Horse Espresso Bar

    Digital Marketing Strategy

    Jonah Sherman-Waterman 040-578-965

    James Chiang 036-859-114

    Amy Girvan 036-769-149

    Lucas Perri 047-400-114

    Jessica McEachern 056-493-141

  • Key Goals

    Expand awareness of the brand throughout Toronto

    and the GTA

    Continue to build more store locations

    Become known as one of the best coffee shops in

    all of the GTA

  • Company Overview

    Dark Horse is a small coffee bar business that

    resides locally in Toronto

    Currently have 4 shops open (Queen St. East,

    Queen St. West, John St. , Spadina Ave) and a

    new one being built on Geary Ave.

    They offer coffee and espresso as well as soups,

    sandwiches, pastries and other snacks

    Their current digital ecosystem is not extensive;

    Only a few relationship and reach channels

    (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, website, word of


  • Competitive Analysis

    Very easy to find

    Located at busy intersections, and even in some less high traffic


    Website is extremely informative and easy to navigate; provides

    ample info about in-store events, promotional offers, community

    involvement, etc.

    Loyalty program

    2 mobile apps (one for Android, one for Apple)

    Utilizes several reach & relationship channels (social media, word of

    mouth, etc).



  • Competitive Analysis

    Very easy to find, most common coffee shop

    Website is informative and easy to navigate; provides info about

    products, promotional offers, locations, live Twitter feed etc.

    Loyalty program

    2 mobile apps (one for Android, one for Apple)

    Advertises thoroughly: TV, print, YouTube

    Tim Hortons

  • Competitive Analysis

    Internationally recognized

    Website is informative and easy to navigate; provides info about in-

    store events, charity work, menu and products, nutritional info, etc.

    Loyalty program

    Mobile apps restricted to USA

    Limited number of reach channels used (Twitter, Instagram,



  • Culture/Trend/Landscape

    Analysis Digital Experience:

    -Minimalist design/maps

    -Yelp reviews/other blog reviews

    Social Media:

    -Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

    Main Website:

    -Very limited info; live feed of social media sites &

    directions to locations.

  • Starbucks/Second Cup

    -Already have brand awareness

    Local Shops/Emerging Shops

    -Needs to have information available in order to

    attract potential customers



  • Consumer Analysis

    Our target audience is younger adults aged 18-35 who reside in the Greater Toronto

    Area .The demographics of this target audience consists mainly of students and people

    who are earning lower incomes, they will most often purchase cheaper brands of coffee.

    They are people who purchase at least a moderate amount of coffee and typically have

    a routine or time of day in which they prefer to purchase it

    They prefer that a coffee shop offers alternative beverages and meals but not to the

    point where the coffee shop environment becomes a fast food restaurant such as

    McDonalds and Tim Horton's

    Our target audience enjoys a quiet and relaxing environment with comfy seating and

    work space. Having Wi-Fi internet is essential as well since most of the target audience

    consists of people who are actively using laptops and mobile devices for educational,

    business, and personal use.

  • Strategy Statement

    Our strategy is to increase the awareness and

    popularity of Dark Horse Espresso Bar within a one

    year time span.

    We will successfully complete this mission by

    improving how the company utilizes their digital

    marketing reach channels.

    Dark Horse Espresso Bar will also continue to

    establish more store locations all around the GTA.

  • Recommended Tactics

    Create and share more social media content to


    Make Usability adjustments to the company


    Offer incentives for consumers to follow the coffee

    shop on social media and visit one of the store

    locations on a weekly basis

  • KPI Framework

    Goal: Give customers a

    reason to want to visit

    Dark Horse Espresso


    Tactic: Increase amount of

    information on website

    Partner with social

    media sites

    KPI: Amount of time spent

    on website

    Number of social


    Page views per visit

    Number of website

    visits through ads

    Program Goal: To increase revenue in our businesses and expand into the GTA

    Awareness Consideration PurchasePost Purchase /


    Goal: Increase media

    coverage to more

    networks and


    Tactic: Print and Online


    Provide more

    information on the

    company website

    KPI: Social mentions

    Digital flyer click


    Print flyer delivery

    Goal: Increase sales

    revenue through

    increased awareness

    Tactic: Create promotions

    Hand out coupons in-

    store to bring


    Provide menu info on


    KPI: Number of



    Number of walk-ins

    Product page views

    Number of store

    locator clicks

    Goal: Increase number of loyal

    customers to allow

    expansion throughout


    Tactic: Create loyalty program

    Send out email

    newsletters with info

    regarding promotions,


    and events/news

    Offer option to purchase




    Number of redeemed

    rewards from loyalty


    Number of clicks on email


    Number of online sales of


  • Dark Horse Espresso BarDigital Marketing Strategy