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Darjeeling The Queen of Hills, a Victorian town on Eastern Himalaya of West Bengal, India. Producer of world famous Darjeeling Tea. Travel by UNESCO Heritage toy train on the mountains and explore, adventure, dine, shop, mix. Fascinate with the view of panoramic eastern Himalaya with the third highest peak of the world mount Kanchenjunga. A honeymooners paradise and the most popular hill station in whole Asia. One of the best mountain adventure sports destination in the world.


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2. Queen of Hill Station A Victorian Hill Station on Eastern Himalaya in West Bengal, India 3. Darjeeling Tea Plantations Producing World famous Darjeeling Tea 4. Darjeeling TeaWorld famousDarjeeling Tea 5. Kanchenjunga The third highest peak in the world 6. Toy Train Darjeeling Toy Train is a UNESCO Heritage mountain railway 7. Rock Climbing One of the most popular rock climbing destination 8. Moving Against the TideRafting on himalayan river 9. Adventures Enjoy Darjeeling town from the sky 10. Meet the Snow Leopards Darjeeling is the home to Snow Leopard, Red Panda and etc. Endangered species. 11. Enjoy GolfPlaying Golf on the hilly course 12. Taste Dumling Tasty Dumling with various spice and sauce 13. Meet the Yeti Explore trekking routes around Darjeeling and can meet the Yeti (Snow big foot) 14. Darjeeling Pocket Travel Guide Collect Darjeeling Travel Guide Kindle Edition http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00G2OZXB4PDF Edition http://www.tripsmaker.in/dtg https://www.facebook.com/bluworldsWeb http://www.bluworlds.com