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<ul><li><p>DarcleeWarshoffMugshot </p><p>Follow the Driving Tips and Enjoy Safe </p><p>Driving </p></li><li><p>Safety is a thing that comes as the first priority to every person, </p><p>everywhere. But when it comes to the driving, it becomes more essential </p><p>to be cautious for every driver. Driver safety has always been a hot topic </p><p>on the roads of the United States and the idea of being faced with a </p><p>Mugshot event is a scary thought. The old saying goes it is better to be safe than sorry. Many times you may fall victim of the accidents due to a slight carelessness. It is also equally true that you may be caught in an </p><p>accident, you are not responsible for. Darclee Warshoff brings to light </p><p>that Mugshots are best avoided. As a citizen of the USA, she wants you </p><p>to be careful to avoid such incidents. By implementing some driving tips </p><p>for safety, you can minimize the risk of an accident. </p></li><li><p>Look ahead on the road and be alert. If you have a keen eye on what is in front of your vehicle, you will certainly be aware of the dangers and thus more likely you would have ample time to react. And in need, you can respond and even stop your vehicle in time. </p></li><li><p> Sometimes the mistakes can be done from the other side. And inspite of </p><p>not being your fault, you can be blamed for the accident. Darclee </p><p>Warshoffs Mugshot blogs stresses that you should be aware of such types of accidents for which you are not responsible, but can have a bad </p><p>experience of going to jail. </p><p>Accept the worst in other drivers coming towards you. If you keep it in </p><p>your mind that they have not noticed you, you will drive more </p><p>defensively to avoid unwanted accidents. Anticipate complications by </p><p>keeping a keen eye on other drivers, and in this way you might find that </p><p>you can predict amisfortune before it happens. </p></li><li><p> While driving, use the mirrors that are there for a particular reason and </p><p>help you see what is around you. Never fail to make sure that,being a </p><p>driver, you use all your mirrors inserted in your vehicle rather than just </p><p>peeping out of windows. </p><p>Staying aware is must for safe driving. If you are fresh and good in mood, </p><p>you will less likely to be a victim of accident. If you are on a long drive, </p><p>make sure that you are fresh. In case, you are feeling tired or are troubled </p><p>with fatigue, it is better to stop and have a power nap for getting freshness </p><p>for safe driving. </p></li><li><p>Always learn from the mistakes you have committed </p><p>in the past by misjudging the situation. And try to </p><p>predit other drivers oveet o the asis of your prior experience, so that you may not fall victim of the </p><p>incidents what are caused by the mistake of others. </p></li><li><p> THANK YOU </p></li></ul>