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<ul><li><p>GNOSTIC ANTHROPOLOGY</p><p>THE NINEDANTESQUE</p><p>CIRCLES</p><p>BEYOND CONCEPTS</p></li><li><p>THE NINEDANTESQUE</p><p>CIRCLES</p><p>GNOSTIC ASSOCIATION FORANTHROPOLOGICAL, CULTURAL</p><p>AND SCIENTIFIC STUDIES</p></li><li><p>We either live theBook of Revelation</p><p>individually andachieve the Golden</p><p>Fleece of the ancient,or we will have to liveit collectively with the</p><p>great worldApocalypse and enter</p><p>the Hell worlds.</p><p>Samael Aun Weor</p></li><li><p>5THE SEVEN COSMOSES</p><p>In the Non-manifested Absolute, the Three Primary Forces con-stitute an indivisible and Self-Conscious Unity in an integral form.</p><p>During the Cosmic Manifestation the Three Primary Forcesseparate and unite themselves and, in the points where they meet,phenomena, worlds and universes are formed.</p><p>These Three Forces in the Ray of Creation look like three wills,three consciousnesses, three units. Each of these Three Forces con-tains in itself all the possibilities of those Three. However, in theirmeeting point, each of them expresses only one fundamental principle:the positive, the negative, or the neutral.</p><p>It is very interesting to see those Three Forces in action: theyseparate themselves, move away and then meet again to form newdifferent Trinities that give birth to new worlds, to new cosmic crea-tions.</p><p>In the Absolute those Three Forces are the only Logos, thevariety within the total unit, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spiritforming an Omniconscious and All-Merciful whole.</p><p>The Ray of Creation begins in the Absolute and ends in theNetherworld.</p><p>Christmas message 1965-66 by Samael Aun Weor</p><p>It is urgent and essential to clearly and precisely know the placewhere we are in the living Ray of Creation.</p><p>First of all, respected gentlemen, distinguished ladies, I insistentlybeg you to follow my speech with infinite patience.</p><p>I want you to know that there are seven Cosmoses:</p><p>1st PROTOCOSMOS2nd HAGIOCOSMOS3rd MACROCOSMOS4th DEFTEROCOSMOS5th MESOCOSMOS6th MICROCOSMOS</p><p>36</p><p>A.: Well, the mind is cunning. Those are games of the mind.Incontestably, it would apparently be so if the Law did not exist, that is,the wicked in the Ninth Circle would disintegrate very fast and then beout. This would be as if someone who had committed a horrible crimewere to be imprisoned and immediately afterwards would get out (itwould be something like this), but the Law is Law.</p><p>So it happens that such extremely evil persons of the Ninth Circle,who once entered in the Ninth Circle, will have to live there until they havepaid the whole of their Karma, because all this is directed by the Judgesof the Law. None of this is working according to chance. They take theresponsibility of applying the corresponding punishment to each person.Therefore it is not necessary to rack ones brains so much.</p><p>The teachings contained in this booklethave been entirely extracted from the</p><p>spoken and written works by Dr. SamaelAun Weor, a contemporary anthropolo-gist and philosopher who has gathered</p><p>and unveiled the most valuable treasuresof Universal Wisdom.</p><p>NB: In spite of the fact that the content of this booklet has beenextracted almost entirely from the work Yes there is Hell, yes there isDevil, yes there is Karma, by Samael Aun Weor, we have had tosummarize its content with the purpose of adjusting it to the space of thispublication. For this reason we suggest that all those who wish to studythoroughly this topic should consult that book.</p></li><li><p>67th TRITOCOSMOS</p><p>Undoubtedly, the first one is formed of uncounted SPIRITUALSUNS, Transcendental and Divine</p><p>There has been much discussion about the ABSOLUTE SACREDSUN, and it is obvious that any Solar System is governed by one of theseSpiritual Suns. This means that our Ensemble of Worlds has its ownAbsolute Sacred Sun, as the other Solar Systems from the unchange-able infinite also do.</p><p>The second order of Worlds is truly formed of millions of SUNS andPLANETS that travel within the space.</p><p>The third Ensemble of Worlds is formed of our GALAXY, of thislarge MILKY WAY that has its central cosmic capital the Sirius Sun</p><p>The fourth Order is represented by ORS, our SOLAR SYSTEM.The fifth Order corresponds to the PLANET EARTH.The sixth Order is the MAN MICROCOSMOS.The seventh Order is located in the INFERNAL WORLDS.Let us detail a little bit this explanationI want you to fully under-</p><p>stand what really the first order of the worlds is: extraordinary SpiritualSuns shining with infinite beauty in space. Radiant spheres that theastronomers would never be able to perceive with the help of theirtelescopes.</p><p>Now think about what the billions and trillions of worlds and starsthat populate the endless space are. Remember now the galaxies; eachof them, separately taken, is surely a Macrocosmos, and our galaxyThe Milky Way is not an exception.</p><p>What can we say about the Defterocosmos? Incontestably, anySolar System, regardless of the galaxy to which it belongs and whethersuch a galaxy is made of mater or of antimatter, is surely a Defterocosmos.</p><p>The lands from space are as numerous as the sands of theimmense sea. Undoubtedly, any of these, any planet, regardless whichis its Cosmic Gravity Center, is by itself a Mesocosmos.</p><p>Many things were said about the Man Microcosmos. We empha-size the transcendental idea that each of us is an authentic andlegitimate Microcosmos. However, we are not the only inhabitants of theinfinite. It is clear that there are many inhabited worlds. Any inhabitant of</p><p>35</p><p>Devil, Yes there is Karma, but in a second edition of this book, I willelaborate on this aspect that is quite important.</p><p>Q.: Master, the wicked people are in the Ninth Dantean Circle, butwhat is it like there, where the Ego turns into cosmic dust? Must the Iof everyone as well descend from sphere to sphere, like the Ego of otherlost souls?</p><p>A.: Well, according to Law of the Worlds Gravitation, we know thateverything descends towards the center of gravitation of the Earth.Therefore, if anyone enters, for example, the First Dantean Circle, he willdescend little by little, from sphere to sphere, until he reaches the NinthCircle, and it is there where he turns into cosmic dust, where he passesthrough the Second Death of which the Apocalypse of Saint Johntalks about.</p><p>Incontestably, in the Eight Circle already begin the more severeprocesses of the Egos destruction. In this there is a miracle thatamazes: we were told that the devil has tail; well, this we must knowhow to understand....</p><p>The Abominable Kundabuffer Organ is for sure the fire that de-scends from the coccyx down to the atomic infernos of man, but whenwe analyze this type of fohat, we discover something amazing, which isthe fact that the Divine Mother, in the underground world, polarizesHerself in a negative way (that is something horrible!) and manifestsHerself in the famous tail of the demons in the Eight Circle. See TheDivine Comedy; there you will find documentation.</p><p>This serpent that forms the tail of the demons swallows the lostentity, gives herself a banquet, devours it to destroy its Ego, to transformit into cosmic dust, and it completely destroys it in the Ninth Circle: therethe mentioned processes of the total destruction take place. Moreover,why should they be totally destroyed? So that the Essence, or, let us say,the child, may exit from there. She takes this shape in order to save itscreatures.</p><p>Q.: If the evil go straight into the Ninth Circle, does this imply ashorter stay, or a shorter period in the Infernos, than with those lostsouls who start their immersed involution by the First Circle?</p></li><li><p>7the Cosmos, or of the cosmoses, is an authentic Microcosmos.Finally, we must know that inside each planet is the Immersed</p><p>Mineral Kingdom with its own Atomic Infernos. The later are alwayslocated in the interior of each planetary mass and in Natures Infra-dimensions, beneath the Three-Dimensional Zone of Euclid.</p><p>Therefore, it is to be understood that the First Order of Worlds iscompletely different from the Second one, and each Cosmos is abso-lutely different, completely distinct</p><p>The First Order of Worlds is infinitely Divine, ineffable. There is notany mechanic principle in it; it is ruled by the Only Law.</p><p>The Second Order of Worlds is undoubtedly controlled by thoseThree Primary Forces that regulate and rule any Cosmic Creation.</p><p>Six Laws undoubtedly control the Third Order of the Worlds, ourGalaxy, any galaxy of the Sacred Space.</p><p>The Fourth Order of the Worlds, our Solar System, or any SolarSystem of the Infinite Space, is always controlled by 12 laws.</p><p>The Fifth Order, our Earth or any Planet similar with ours thatrotates around any Sun is absolutely controlled by 24 Laws.</p><p>The Sixth Cosmic Order, any Human Organism is after all control-led by 48 laws and we can see this fully proved by the human germinalcell which, as we already know, is made up of 48 chromosomes.</p><p>Finally, the Seventh Order of the Worlds is under the control of 96Laws in total.</p><p>I want you to clearly know that the number of laws in the AbyssalRegions terribly multiply themselves.</p><p>It is obvious that The First Dantean Circle is always ruled by 96Laws, but in the Second Circle this quantity is doubled, giving 192 Laws.In the Third Circle it triples; in the Forth Circle it quadruples in suchmanner that the quantity of 96 may be multiplied as follows; 96 x 2, x 3,x 4, x 5, x 6, x 7, x 8, x 9. Thus, in the Ninth Circle, multiplying 96 by 9 wewill have 864 Laws</p><p>If you profoundly reflect upon the First Cosmos, you will see thatthere is the most complete freedom, the absolute happiness becausethe Only Law rules everything.</p><p>In the second Cosmos, the complete happiness still exists be-cause this Cosmos is totally controlled by the Three Primary Forces of</p><p>34</p><p>already said, is reduced to cosmic dust.Once the Essence is emancipated, it adopts a most beautiful child-</p><p>like figure, filled with radiant beauty. The Devas of Nature examine theliberated Essence in this solemn instant.</p><p>After they have checked to satiation that it no longer possesses anysubjective, infrahuman element, they give it the ticket of freedom. By thisI mean that they grant the soul the joy of liberation.</p><p>Happy instants are those when the soul of the dead personpenetrates through certain luminous atomic doors which immediatelyallow it to exit into the light of the sun.</p><p>Once set free on the epidermis of our world, the Creature reinitiatesa new evolution. Then it becomes a Gnome, or Pigmy, of the MineralKingdom; it will continue later on its Evolution, ascending on thevegetable and animal scales, until it re-conquers, in a faraway day, thestate of intellectual humanoid that it had once lost.</p><p>Q.:The persons who still live in the Three-dimensional Region butwho are already in the Infernal World go in the First Circle and thendescend into the next ones, or do they go directly into the Fifth, the NinthCircle, or any other Circle?</p><p>A.: Well, one enters directly into the region for which one has moreaffinity. I know a certain lady, whose name I shall not mention, who hasa good heart but she has already completed those 108 existences, andnow she is located in the First Region, the sub-lunar one, the First Infra-dimension, or First Dantean Circle.</p><p>She likes the things of the world, of course, and indeed identifieswith that Circle, because there the life is similar to the life here, on thisphysical world.</p><p>I know another case, very different, of an excessively angry personwho has a tendency to quarrel all the time, who has made money hisreligion and who never aspires to any spiritual principles. Now, thisperson is located in the Fifth, or Sub-Martian, Region, in the FifthDantean Circle.</p><p>Thus, other persons also are so wicked that they penetrate directlyinto the Ninth Circle (these are the evil ones). I was not able to explainvery well this detail in my book titled Yes there is Inferno, Yes there is</p></li><li><p>8the entire Creation.However, in the Third Cosmos a mechanic element is already</p><p>introduced, because these Three Divine Primary Laws, by dividingthemselves in themselves, become six. It is no doubt that here is alreadya certain cosmic automatism. Already it is not only the three uniqueForces that work, because by dividing themselves in themselves, theyhave given birth to the mechanical ensemble of any Galaxy.</p><p>You see what a Solar System is. In it the 6 Laws clearly have alreadydivided themselves again to become 12, increasing the mechanicity, theautomatism, and the complication.</p><p>Let us confine ourselves now to any Planet from the infinite and ina very special way to our terrestrial world. Obviously, it is moreheterogeneous and complicated because of the fact that those 12 Lawsof the System have become 24</p><p>Let us see now in a sincere way the Man Microcosmos; let usexamine the germinal cell, and we will find the 48 chromosomes, aliving representation of the 48 Laws that rule our entire body.</p><p>Obviously, these 48 Laws, by dividing themselves in themselvesand by themselves, give birth to the 96 Laws of the First Dantean Circle.</p><p>Therefore, I want you to understand the place that we take in theRay of Creation.</p><p>Somebody said that the word inferno [hell] comes from the wordinfernus, which in Latin means Inferior Region. Thus, he emphasizedthe idea that the place that we take in the Three-Dimensional Region ofEuclid is inferno, because such a place, according to him, is the inferiorplace of the Cosmos</p><p>Unfortunately, he who made this unusual statement was really notaware of the Ray of Creation. If he had had more information, if he hadstudied the Seven Cosmoses, he would have realized that the InferiorPlace is not this Physical World in which we live but the SeventhCosmos, which is precisely situated in the interior of this planet Earth,in natures Infra-Dimensions, beneath the Three-Dimensional Zone ofEuclid.</p><p>33</p><p>A FEW QUESTIONS OF INTEREST</p><p>Long before the emergence from within Chaos of the lunarchain in one of those worlds</p><p>At that time, I was merely a poor Intellectual Animal condemnedto the sorrow of living. I openly confess that my Nature Mother workedin vain creating bodies; I always destroyed them with my vices andpassions. Obviously, I had hurled myself down the descending,involutionary path.</p><p>It is said that Buddhas necklace has one hundred and eightbeads and this indicates to us the number of lives that are assigned toany Soul...</p><p>I must make some emphasis in saying that the last of these 108existences was for me something definitive... It was then that I enteredInvolution in the Submersed Mineral Kingdom.</p><p>Life in the mineral entrails of this planet obviously seamed to meexcessively boring I became frightfully debilitated, falling brokeninto pieces and dying painfully; I was disintegrating with hideousslowness...</p><p>I no longer had even the strength to think and it was better thisway. At last the Second Death came, about which Saint John spoke inthe Apocalypse; I exhaled my last breath</p><p>What Happiness My God! How great is the mercy of God..! TheEssence liberated from the EGO is completely innocent and pure.Within the bowels of that world, the I had turned into cosmic dust.</p><p>How long did I live in the Infernal Worlds? I do not know:possibly eight...</p></li></ul>