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<ul><li><p>8/13/2019 Dance School Summer Events Application Form (1)</p><p> 1/8</p><p>Application FormUK Summer Events 2014</p><p>Please return completed form by mail, fax or email to:</p><p>Training Department</p><p>Royal Academy of Dance</p><p>36 Battersea Square, London SW11 3RA</p><p>fax: +44 (0)20 7924 3129</p><p>email:</p><p>Event Information (please complete in block capitals)</p><p>Please state the Summer Event, location and date of the event you would like to attend</p><p>(e.g. Summer School, London, 2126 July):</p><p>Summer Event:</p><p>Location:</p><p>Date and time:</p><p>Participant Information</p><p>Family name:</p><p>First name:The above names will be printed on the participants name badge and used in other correspondence.</p><p> Male Female</p><p>Age on the rst day of event Date of birth (DD/MM/YY) / /</p><p>Correspondence Information</p><p>Parent/Guardian name:</p><p>Relationship to participant:</p><p>Address:</p><p>Country: Postcode/Zip code:</p><p>Daytime phone (include country code):</p><p>Mobile: Fax:</p><p>Email:</p><p>You must provide an email address so that information packs and conrmation details can be emailed to the named</p><p>parent or guardian at the email address provided.</p></li><li><p>8/13/2019 Dance School Summer Events Application Form (1)</p><p> 2/8</p><p>Please complete the following information as accurately and fully as possible, so that participants can be</p><p>allocated to classes of a suitable standard:</p><p>1) Last ballet examination passed and date (if applicable):</p><p>2) Level of ballet that you will be studying at the time of the course (if applicable):</p><p>3) Other dance experience:</p><p>4) Name of dance teacher and dance school (optional):</p><p>5) How did you nd out about RAD Summer Events?:</p><p>6) Please indicate your level of English (beginner/conversational/uent):</p><p>Please provide details of any medical conditions, existing injuries , dietary needs or other special requirements:</p><p>Accommodation (Available for London Summer School, Dartington Summer School andPerformance Course)</p><p>I require accommodation for the London Summer School</p><p> Week 1 (2026 July) Week 2 (27 July 2 August) Week 3 (39 August)</p><p> I require accommodation for the Dartington Summer School (1723 August)</p><p>I require accommodation for the Performance Course (1023 August)</p><p>If you would like to request a room with/near to another participant, please provide their name:</p><p>Requests cannot be guaranteed and applications must be sent together.</p><p>In providing the Royal Academy of Dance Group with your contact details you give us permission to contact you in relationto the business of the Academy, and we will not disclose your information to any third parties except where legally requiredto do so.</p><p>If you do not wish to receive any information about or from the Royal Academy of Dance please tick here</p><p>We may, from time to time, contact you individually about other carefully selected third party services which we think maybe of interest to you.</p><p>If you wish to receive information from the Royal Academy of Dance about carefully selected third party services pleasetick here</p><p>The Royal Academy of Dances full data protection statement is available at</p></li><li><p>8/13/2019 Dance School Summer Events Application Form (1)</p><p> 3/8</p><p>How to Pay (please tick the box next to the course you would like to attend)</p><p>To see if you qualify for a discount on tuition fees, please refer to the Terms &amp; Conditions overleaf.</p><p>CHILDRENS SUMMER CLASSES (EVENT CODE WEEK 1: CSC1 / WEEK 2: CSC2)</p><p>London RAD headquarters 98.00 / 130.00</p><p>SUMMER SCHOOLS (EVENT CODE WEEK 1: LSS1 / WEEK 2: LSS2 / WEEK 3: LSS3)</p><p>London RAD headquarters</p><p>Tuition</p><p>Any 1 week 364.00 / 484.00</p><p>Any 2 weeks (consecutive or non-consecutive) 655.00 / 871.00</p><p>Accommodation (including coach transfers) please indicate which week(s) you require</p><p>Any 1 week 415.00 / 552.00</p><p>Any 2 consecutive weeks 898.00 / 1,194.00</p><p>(Including weekend accommodation, lunches and transport)</p><p>Any 2 non-consecutive weeks 825.00 / 1,097.00</p><p>Dartington, Totnes (EVENT CODE: SWT3)</p><p>Tuition</p><p>1 week 280.00 / 372.00</p><p>Accommodation</p><p>1 week 340.00 / 452.00</p><p>RAD Associate Summer School, Birmingham (EVENT CODE: ASS2)</p><p>Tuition</p><p>1 week (RAD Grades 25: mornings) 170.00 / 226.00</p><p>1 week (RAD Grades 68, Intermediate Foundation Adv. 2: afternoons) 170.00 / 226.00</p><p>PERFORMANCE COURSE (EVENT CODE: PFC1)</p><p>London RAD headquarters</p><p>Tuition</p><p>2 weeks 685.00 / 911.00</p><p>Accommodation (including coach transfers) 869.50 / 1,156.00</p><p>SUMMER INTENSIVE EXAMINATION SYLLABUS COURSE (EVENT CODE: INT1)</p><p>London RAD headquarters 187.00 / 249.00</p><p>MAT-BASED PILATES (EVENT CODE: MBP1) 67.00 / 89.00</p><p>(please indicate preferred time slot under Event Information section, 9.45am or 2.00pm)</p></li><li><p>8/13/2019 Dance School Summer Events Application Form (1)</p><p> 4/8</p><p>ADULT SUMMER COURSE (EVENT CODE: ASC1)</p><p>London RAD headquarters</p><p>Two-class package</p><p>Level 1 (Beginners)</p><p>Ballet and Pilates 120.00 / 160.00</p><p>Ballet and street jazz 120.00 / 160.00</p><p>Pilates and street jazz 120.00 / 160.00</p><p>Level 2 (Improvers)</p><p>Ballet and Pilates 120.00 / 160.00</p><p>Ballet and street jazz 120.00 / 160.00</p><p>Pilates and street jazz 120.00 / 160.00</p><p>Level 3 (Advanced)</p><p>Ballet and Pilates 135.00 / 180.00</p><p>Ballet and street jazz 135.00 / 180.00</p><p>Pilates and street jazz 120.00 / 160.00</p><p>Three-class package</p><p>Level 1 (Beginners)</p><p>Ballet , Pilates and street jazz 160.00 / 213.00</p><p>Level 2 (Improvers)</p><p>Ballet , Pilates and street jazz 160.00 / 213.00</p><p>Level 3 (Advanced)</p><p>Ballet , Pilates and street jazz 170.00 / 226.00</p><p>Total amount </p><p>A combination of two or three different classes may be chosen across onelevel. Once the course has started, anychange of level will be at the discretion of the Training Department and may incur an additional fee.</p><p>Participants who have been awarded a tuition award from a previous Summer School or Performance Course and</p><p>who wish to use it against their fees should enclose a copy of the award letter. The balance of any further payment</p><p>should be enclosed with the Application Form.</p><p>Ofce use only</p><p>- -</p><p>- -</p><p>- -</p></li><li><p>8/13/2019 Dance School Summer Events Application Form (1)</p><p> 5/8</p><p>Terms &amp; Conditions (please keep for your reference)</p><p>1. Bookings</p><p>a) All bookings will be dealt with in order of receipt. Payment will normally be processed within ten</p><p>(10) working days on receipt of application, unless during busy periods.</p><p>b) Acknowledgement of your booking will be sent on receipt of application. You are advised not to</p><p>book travel unless you have received written conrmation of a place, which will be sent out to you</p><p>after the next deadline or nal closing date of a course.c) Written conrmation of your place will be sent within ten (10) working days of the next deadline or</p><p>nal closing date.</p><p>d) Bookings are non-transferable to either another course or another participant.</p><p>2. Cancellation of a Course</p><p>Courses may be cancelled by the Royal Academy of Dance if they fail to attract a viable number of</p><p>participants. Full refunds of both tuition and accommodation (where applicable) will be made in these</p><p>circumstances.</p><p>3. Withdrawals and Refunds</p><p>3.1 Tuition fees</p><p>Participants who withdraw will have their tuition fees refunded, subject to the clauses below:</p><p>a) Withdrawal notication received before the nal closing datewill incur a 10% administration</p><p>charge.</p><p>b) Withdrawal notication received on thenal closing date and up to eleven (11) working days prior</p><p>to the start of the coursewill incur a 20% administration charge, unless a medical certicate is</p><p>produced. In this case a 10% administration charge will apply.</p><p>c) Withdrawal notication received during the ten (10) working days prior to the start of the course</p><p>will incur a 50% administration charge, unless a medical certicate is produced. In this case a 10%</p><p>administration charge will apply.d) Once the course has commenced,there will be no refunds for withdrawals. Reasons for</p><p>withdrawals can include injury/illness, homesickness, personal or family reasons inter alia.</p><p>e) Participants who have booked for more than one course and subsequently decide to withdraw from</p><p>one and attend the other wil l be treated as if they have booked each course separately. The payer</p><p>must repay the Multiple Booking Discount applied to the tuition fees and clauses 3.1 a), b) and c) will</p><p>be applied, as the case may be.</p><p>f ) If a discount has been given for two or more members of the same family to attend a course, and if</p><p>one sibling withdraws, the discount must be repaid by the remaining sibling.</p><p>g) In addition to the charges listed above, there will be an extra charge up to a maximum of 20 for</p><p>any refunds made by bank transfer.</p><p> 3.2 Accommodation Refunds</p><p>a) A 25% refund of the accommodation fee will be issued for withdrawals between six (6) and three</p><p>(3) monthsprior to the start of the course. No refunds will be made for withdrawals received less</p><p>than 3 months prior to the star t of course.</p><p>b) Accommodation cannotbe booked by the Training Depar tment on Saturday 9 August, for</p><p>participants attending both the London Summer School Week 3 and the Performance Course.</p><p> 3.3 Notice of Withdrawal</p><p>Notication of withdrawal must be put in writing and sent to the Training Department, after</p><p>which acknowledgement will be issued. Refunds will be based on the date of receipt of withdrawal</p><p>notication. Date of receipt will be the date on which the email or letter is received by the TrainingDepartment. The Training Department takes no responsibility for non-receipt of email or postage</p><p>notications.</p></li><li><p>8/13/2019 Dance School Summer Events Application Form (1)</p><p> 6/8</p><p>4. Insurance</p><p>Participants are advised to consider taking out insurance against withdrawal due to injury/illness orrequiring medical treatment or hospitalisation; or due to personal or family reasons which might prevent</p><p>them completing the course. Participants with an existing injury attend the course at their own risk.</p><p>5. Additional Charges Any charges incurred by the Academy on the behalf of a participant will be passed on to theparticipants Parent/Guardian, who will be liable to reimburse the full amount, e.g. lost key card.</p><p>6. Waiver</p><p>Physical contact may be necessary by members of the teaching faculty. If you would like to discuss this</p><p>matter please contact the Training Department.</p><p>7. Content</p><p>The Academy reserves the right to alter the advertised programme and/or faculty without prior notice.</p><p>The information in this and other printed or electronic brochures/notices was correct at the time of</p><p>print or going online.</p><p>8. Discounts (not applicable to Adult Summer Course)</p><p> To qualify for discounts, application forms must be sent at the same time, packaged together and arr ive</p><p>at Academy headquarters before the closing date. Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with each</p><p>other; only one discount will be applied to each booking. Please note discounts will not be appliedretrospectively.</p><p>8.1 Sibling Discounts</p><p>a) Two siblings: 10% off total cost of tuition fees; both siblings must be booked on to the same course.b) Three or more siblings: 20% off total cost of tuition fees; all siblings must be booked on to the same</p><p>course.</p><p>8.2 Group Discount</p><p>A 10% discount will be applied to the total cost of tuition fees for each group of ten (10) or more</p><p>participants applying for the same event. Sibling discounts will not be applied if part of a group.</p><p>8.3 Multiple Booking Discount</p><p> A 10% discount will be applied to the total cost of tuition fees for any single participant booking for two</p><p>or more summer events, on the same application form, except for tuition awards winners.</p><p>9. Code of Conduct</p><p>All participants will receive a Code of Conduct in their conrmation pack and/or will attend aninduction at the beginning of the course at which the Code of Conduct will be explained to them.</p><p>Failure to observe the Code of Conduct may result in participants being asked to leave. The Academyreserves the right, at its discretion, to refuse admission to any participants prior to, or during the</p><p>course. In this instance no refund will be given.</p><p>10. Eligibility</p><p>Participants must be of the age and/or level stated in the relevant course information in order toparticipate on the chosen course. The Academy reserves the right to return applications which do not</p><p>meet the age or level required.</p><p> 10.1 London Summer SchoolsLondon Summer Schools are open to participants aged between 818 years. Participants must be aged</p><p>9 years to apply for residential accommodation.</p><p>Terms &amp; Conditions (contd please keep for your reference)</p></li><li><p>8/13/2019 Dance School Summer Events Application Form (1)</p><p> 7/8</p><p>Payer Details (This information helps us to track your payment)</p><p>Payment will be taken in full on receipt of this application form, providing a place on the course is available.</p><p>Family name:</p><p>First name:</p><p>Address (complete if different to Correspondence Information):</p><p>Country: Postcode/Zip code:</p><p>Daytime phone: Mobile:</p><p>Fax: Email:</p><p>CREDIT/DEBIT CARD: Please debit my account, which should be charged as per the card details below:</p><p> Amount: (Euro amounts will be charged at the prevailing sterling rate)</p><p>Card type: Visa MasterCard Amex Maestro (UK only)</p><p> Card number</p><p>Expiry date (MM/YY) / Star t date (MM/YY) /</p><p>Card security code Issue number (Maestro only)</p><p>Card security code for AMEX a four-digit number which can be found on the front of the card above theembossed card number; for all other cards a three-digit number can be found on the back signature strip.</p><p>The card security code will be made illegible once the transaction has been processed.</p><p> Cardholders name:</p><p>CHEQUE:I enclose a cheque/bank draft for or made payable to:</p><p>Royal Academy of Dance. Please write the participants name on the back of the cheque.</p><p> BANK TRANSFER:I have arranged for or to be transferred to: For sterling transfers For euro transfers HSBC Bank plc HSBC Bank plc</p><p> Account name: Royal Academy of Dance Account name: Royal Academy of DanceAccount No. 81783521 Account No. 57596782</p><p> UK Sort code: 40-03-28 BIC Code: MIDLGB22 OR</p><p> SWIFT code: MIDLGB22 IBAN GB03MIDL40051557596782</p><p> IMPORTANT: Copies of transfer documents MUST arrive with the application form. The participants name,membership number (if known) and four-digit event code should be quoted on the transfer document, NOT thepayer name. If we do not receive the transfer document bearing these details and accompanying the application</p><p>form, we cannot guarantee a place on the event.</p><p> I agree to abide by the Academys Terms &amp; Conditions (as shown overleaf )</p><p>Signature Date (DD/MM/YY) / /</p></li><li><p>8/13/2019 Dance School Summer Events Application Form (1)</p><p> 8/8</p><p>DIRECTORS</p><p>Chief Executive Luke Rittner</p><p>Director of Finance and Administration Richard Thom BA (Hons) FCA</p><p>Director of Fundraising, Development and Special ProjectsMatthew Cunningham</p><p>Director of Education Anne Hogan BA MA PhD</p><p>Director of Examinations Andrew McBirnie BA MMus PhD LTCL</p><p>Director of Marketing, Communications &amp; Membership Melanie Murphy BA (Hons) Dip IPR MCIPR</p><p>Artistic Director Lynn Wallis FISTDDirector of The Benesh Institute Liz Cunliffe Fl Chor ARAD</p><p>ROYAL ACADEMY OF DANCE, RAD, RAD PRE-PRIMARY IN DANCE and RAD PRIMARY IN DANCE are registered trademarksof the Royal Academy of Dance. RAD INTERMEDIATE FOUNDATION, RAD INTERMEDIATE, RAD ADVANCED FOUNDATION,RAD ADVANCED 1, RAD ADVANCED 2, RAD CLASS AWARD, RAD SOLO PERFORMANCE AWARD, CBTS an...</p></li></ul>