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<p>Strawberry plants grow all around. let them grow unless they are directly in the way of something important. the most efficient way to grow strawberries, but they are so superior in flavor to anything you can buy from a grocery, I think it is worth it to let them continue to live where they please. When I need more of the real thing, I pick them up from a farmstand, which I did to supplement my handful of home-grown strawberries for this recipe such as char fillet. Freshly-picked strawberries are softer and sweeter than the varieties that you typically find in a grocery store, they also work really well in these pops. They do not turn into fruit rocks when frozen, and they are sweet enough that you dont need a lot of added honey in the chocolate base. If you dont have access to home grown or farmstand berries, I would suggest two changes for using grocery-store berries.Ingredients1 can of full-fat coconut milk (13-15 ounces)1 large, ripe banana1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract cup honey cup cocoa powder1 pint strawberries, hulled and sliced</p>