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<ol><li> 1. Daimler Trucks at a Glance Edition 2008 </li><li> 2. ContentsTrucks for the World! Daimler Trucks is in a better position today than ever before: Despite a signicant decline in important markets, in 2007 we reached an EBIT of 2.1 billion and boosted our Return on Sales to 7.5% the best result in Daimler at a Glance 2 history. And our perspectives for 2008 are good: We expect our sales to grow, and we intend to set Daimler Trucks to a sustained industry benchmark Organization of Daimler Trucks4 through our Global Excellence program.Key gures of Daimler Trucks6 Thanks to our ve strong truck brands Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner, Western Star, Sterling, and Mitsubishi Fuso as well as the American Global brand variety of Daimler Trucks 10 school bus manufacturer Thomas Built Buses, we are ideally positioned to achieve this goal. Global Excellence14 Our customers all over the world benet from our international network of Shaping Future Transportation16 development and production locations, where we generate the best vehicle concepts and solutions. Our trucks are tailored to meet the transport needs Highlights 2007/2008 18 of our customers with innovative technologies for even higher levels of reliability, eciency, and safety. We are also a global leader when it comes Main locations worldwide 22 to protecting the environment. Today we already have the worlds largest eet of environmentally friendly commercial vehicles in use by customers. Powertrain and vehicle engineering 32 Through our Shaping Future Transportation initiative we will continue to ensure sustainable mobility in the transportation sector. We impressively Daimler Trucks Product range 34 demonstrated that once again in January this year, when we became the rst manufacturer to launch hybrid trucks on the road in Europe. Contacts of Daimler Trucks 66 We also have many plans for the future. In all our activities the main focus is Brands of Daimler72 on the benets to our customers. For this we work with passion and commit- ment on a daily basis worldwide to produce Trucks for the World!Sincerely,Andreas Renschler Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Head of Daimler Trucks Division </li><li> 3. Daimler at a Glance Daimler AG, Stuttgart, with its businesses Mercedes-Benz Cars, DaimlerAmounts in millions of EUR20072006Trucks, Daimler Financial Services, Mercedes-Benz Vans and Daimler Buses,is a globally leading producer of premium passenger cars and the largestEBIT 8,710 4,992manufacturer of commercial vehicles in the world. The Daimler Financial Value Added1,380 631Services division has a broad oering of nancial services, including Net Prot3,985 3,783vehicle nancing, leasing, insurance and eet management.Earnings per share (in EUR)3.833.66Investments in property, plant and equipment 2,927 3,005Daimler sells its products in nearly all the countries of the world and has Research and development expenditure 4,148 3,733production facilities on ve continents. The companys founders, GottliebDaimler and Carl Benz, continued to make automotive history following theirinvention of the automobile in 1886. As an automotive pioneer, DaimlerRevenuesand its employees willingly accept an obligation to act responsibly towards Total99,99,399 99,222society and the environment and to shape the future of safe and sustain-able mobility with groundbreaking technologies and high-quality products. By regionsWestern Europe 49,289 46,999The current brand portfolio includes the worlds most valuable automobilethereof Germany 22,582 21,652brand, Mercedes-Benz, as well as smart, AMG, Maybach, Freightliner, NAFTA23,499 27,857Sterling, Western Star, Mitsubishi Fuso, Setra, Orion and Thomas Built thereof United States 20,270 24,943Buses. The company is listed on the stock exchanges in Frankfurt, New YorkOther markets26,611 24,366and Stuttgart (stock exchange abbreviation DAI). In 2007, the Group sold2.1 million vehicles and employed a workforce of over 270,000 people; By divisions and operating unitsrevenue totaled 99.4 billion and EBIT amounted to 8.7 billion. Daimler is Mercedes-Benz Cars 52,430 51,410an automotive Group with a commitment to excellence, and aims to achieveDaimler Trucks 28,466 31,789sustainable growth and industry-leading protability. Daimler Financial Services 8,711 8,106Vans, Buses, Other 14,123 13,151 20072006 Employees (Dec. 31)Total 272,382274,024Germany 166,679166,592United States24,053 27,629Rest of World81,650 79,803By divisions and operating unitsMercedes-Benz Cars 97,526 99,343Daimler Trucks 80,067 83,237Sales Organization 48,078 46,952Daimler Financial Services 6,743 6,813Vans, Buses, Other 39,968 37,679Source: Annual Report 20072 Daimler at a Glance Daimler at a Glance 3 </li><li> 4. Organization of Daimler Trucks Andreas Renschler Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Head of Daimler Trucks Division Hubertus TroskaChris Patterson Harald Blstler Georg Weiberg Dr. Michael Dostal Dr. Albert Kirchmann Stefan E. Buchner responsible forresponsible for the responsible for the responsible for responsible forresponsible forresponsible for the Europe/Latin NAFTA Region andAsia Region and Truck Product Truck Powertrain Finance &amp;Procurement America Region and the vehicle brandsthe vehicle brand Engineering Operations &amp; Controlling, Trucks &amp; Buses the vehicle brandFreightliner, Sterling, Mitsubishi Fuso ManufacturingBusiness- &amp; Product Mercedes-BenzWestern Star andEngineeringPlanningThomas Built Buses 4 Organization of Daimler TrucksOrganization of Daimler Trucks 5 </li><li> 5. Key Figures of Daimler TrucksDaimler TrucksDaimler Trucks 200520062007 ChangeUnit SalesEBIT (in millions of EUR)1,564 1,8512,121+ 15 % (in units) Mitsubishi Fuso178,946 186,577Revenues (in millions of EUR) 29,92231,789 28,466- 10 %Truck and Bus Corporation188,719118,061Total sales (in units) 509,299 516,087 467,667-9%Western Europe82,17985,572 87,665 +2%thereof Germany 36,91238,780 41,006 +6% 2,594182,369 187,406 Daimler TrucksNAFTA183,000 187,797 114,049 - 39 % 152,354 119,025North America LLCthereof United States158,995 163,728 94,649- 42 %119,316Latin America (without Mexiko)39,15439,723 53,017+ 33 %Japan 59,17671,066 53,992- 24 %Mercedes-BenzRest of World145,790 131,929 158,944 + 20 % 137,393 147,984 142,104159,923110,486Sales by brands (in units)Daimler Trucks North America LLCTotal 232,396 Total407,808 Total509,299 Total516,087 Total467,667(incl. Freightliner, Western Star, 2003 2004200520062007Sterling, Thomas Built Buses)182,369 187,406 119,025 - 36 % Mercedes-Benz147,984 142,104 159,923 + 13 %Daimler TrucksMitsubishi Fuso Truck and178,946 186,577 188,719+1% RevenuesBus Corporation(in millions of EUR)Asia/Australia 15,714 Africa 1,193 Total workforce200780,067200683,237 Europe 31,48218,48925,20729,92231,78928,466Change-4% 2003 2004200520062007NAFTA 21,168Latin America 10,510 Source: Annual Report 20076 Key Figures of Daimler TrucksKey Figures of Daimler Trucks 7 </li><li> 6. Truck volumes worldwideMarket positionMedium-Duty Trucks/Heavy-Duty TrucksShare of world market Share of world market 2007 (in %)(MDT/HDT) &gt;6t GVW in thousands of units / in %in thousands of units / in %2006 2007MDT/HDT Western EuropeMDT/HDT Brazil Daimler Trucks 391.317.2% 35015.0% 21.730.9 Mercedes-BenzVWVolvo Global Trucks193.88.5%1767.5% 16.5 30.7(Volvo, Renault, Mack) MANMercedes-BenzTata Motors185.48.2%166 *7.1% 13.6 17.6 IvecoFordDongfeng 128.45.7%1626.9% 13.1 8.6 DAFVolvoFAW122.35.4%1556.6% 11.5 7.1 VolvoScaniaPaccar Group 166.87.4%1305.6% 10.5 ScaniaNavistar 151.26.7%1054.5%9.9 RenaultMAN Commercial vehicles 79.83.5%76 3.2% Iveco 67.03.0%71 3.0%Class 5 - 7 NAFTAClass 8 NAFTA Toyota/Hino 68.13.0%62 2.7% 23.9 32.7 International (Navistar) Daimler Trucks North America LLCScania59.32.6%61 2.6% 23.8 21.2 Ford International (Navistar)Isuzu Motors62.32.7%60 2.6% 22.717.1 Daimler Trucks North America LLC KenworthWorld Market 2,268,3532,339,411(Registrations)14.9 11.1 GMC/ChevroletPeterbiltSource: Daimler Trucks* from 2007 without Daewoo 9.3Volvo7.3MackBuses Japan Trucks Japan 33.5 29.3 IsuzuHino23.626.2 Mitsubishi FusoMitsubishi Fuso 21.9 14.6 Hino Toyota8.913.0 Toyota Isuzu7.1 10.8 Nissan-DieselNissan6.1Nissan-Diesel Source: Daimler Trucks8 Key Figures of Daimler Trucks Key Figures of Daimler Trucks 9 </li><li> 7. Commercial Vehicles Global brand variety of Daimler TrucksComponentsGlobal brand variety of Daimler Trucks 11 </li><li> 8. Daimler Trucks has six strong brands under its umbrella. Our products en-The yellow school buses of Thomas Built Buses are a common sight onable us to oer tailored solutions and sustainable technologies worldwide. North American roads. North Americas leading school bus manufacturer can look back on a long history, as Thomas Built Buses has been the em- bodiment of innovative design, safety and top quality since 1916.Trucks Europe/Latin AmericaThe Mercedes-Benz brand represents Daimler Trucks in Europe and LatinAmerica, where it is a synonym for top quality, eciency, reliability andTrucks Asiasustainability. The brand Mercedes-Benz oers individual and reliableThe Mitsubishi Fuso brand is renowned in Asia, the Middle East, Africasolutions in medium and heavy-duty trucks for long distance transport, and around the world as a manufacturer committed to quality. With a clearconstruction sites or short-radius distribution. For many decades now, the focus on quality, eciency and hands-on usability, Mitsubishi Fuso designspioneering spirit at Mercedes-Benz Trucks has brought forth groundbreak- and delivers vehicles that customers can trust, day after day. Mitsubishiing innovations, ranging from alternative drive trains to active and passive Fuso trucks and buses are backed by a broad parts and service commit-safety systems.ment that goes the extra mile.Today, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation is an integral part ofTrucks NAFTA Daimler Trucks and plays a principal role as its Asia pillar and as a compe-Freightliner Trucks, the largest division of Daimler Trucks North America, tence center for light-duty trucks and advanced hybrid technology.manufactures Class 5-8 trucks that serve a wide range of commercial vehicleMitsubishi Fuso is All for You.applications. Its commitment to innovation, technology and responsivecustomer relationships allow customers to Run Smart. The Sterling brand is the epitome of reliability. The product lineup extendsfrom light-duty Class 3 vehicles to heavy-duty Class 8 trucks, and therange of applications is similarly diverse. The trucks are used for regionaltransport, construction work, municipal applications, and delivery runs. Thenature of Sterling is succinctly expressed by the brands advertising slogan:All day. Every day. The Western Star brand oers premium-class heavy-duty trucks, primarilyfor use by owner-operators or small eets. Western Star serves market nichessuch as special and construction site applications as well as long-haultransport. With their striking exteriors and preference for o-road applica-tions, the vehicles are without a doubt serious trucks for serious truckers. 12 Global brand variety of Daimler Trucks Global brand variety of Daimler Trucks 13 </li><li> 9. Global Excellence Management of Market CyclesThe rst initiative Management of Market Cycles is designed to buerthe impact of cyclical developments typical for the sector on DaimlerTrucks, thus ensuring the divisions long-term protability. The commercialvehicle sector is subject to particularly strong cycles which vary accord-ing to the specic use of the vehicles for business purposes, vehicle eetlife cycles exchange rate eects, the development of the global economy,and emissions legislation. The goal is to ensure sustained protability in allmarket situations in the future by managing the uctuation of market cyclesGlobal Excellenceand the continued pusuit of the policy for prot margins instead of salesThe Global Excellence program has been part of the Daimler Trucks stra-volume.tegy since 2005. The program focuses on short-, medium-, and long-termobjectives, which are primarily aimed at increasing eciency and exploitingOperational Excellenceeconomies of scale. The program comprises four initiatives: ManagementThe second initiative Operational Excellence concentrates on theof Market Cycles, Operational Excellence, Growth and Market Penetration,rigorous reduction of material expenses and xed costs, as well as on theand Future Product Generations and Technologies. The focus in recentoptimization of global processes and increased exibility of productionyears has been on the strategic pillars Management of Market Cycles andplants. As the worlds largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, Daimler isOperational Excellence. The success of the Initiatives is demonstrated byintensifying its eorts to generate further synergy eects and economies ofthe record earnings in 2007.scale by further networking its individual functions and embedding its pro-ducts in an intelligent component-sharing strategy. As a result, future truckIn 2008 and the years to follow, the implementation of the Global Excel-generations will be equipped not only with a common heavy-duty enginelence program will be focused more intensively on the initiatives Growth andplatform, but also will a common electrical and electronic architecture andMarket Penetration and Future Product Generations and Technologies.standardized axle components. Growth and Market PenetrationGlobal Excellence The objective of the third initiative is to further consolidate Daimler Trucks Business Model Strategy Initiative includes measures relative to:strong global position as the world market leader for trucks. This includes (Management of Cycles)1. Portfolio Optimization 2. Management of Cyclesexploiting new markets including India, China, and Russia, which are dis-Operational Excellence 3. Business Model Optimizationplaying above-average growth rates. We utilize dierent market penetration1strategies which are suited to the respective market situations. On markets Initiative includes measures relative to:Growth and market exploitationwhere we are already active, we want to further strengthen our presence 1. Efficiency Programs 2. Commonalities and become more thoroughly aligned to the customers needs. 3. Further Fuso IntegrationFuture product generations 4. Truck Operating System (TOS)2Future Product Generations and TechnologiesAchievements up to now are mainly based on successful Ensuring that future product generations will oer innovations and evenimplementation of Global Excellence initiatives 1 &amp; 2 more value our customers is the strategic goal of the fourth initiative ofGlobal Excellence. In this way, Daimler Trucks is underscoring its leadershipGlobal Excellence Initiative includes measures relative to:in the eld of new technologies. This is clearly evidenced in the new prod- Business Model Strategy (Management of Cycles)1. Global Matrix 2. Leverage Promising Markets:uct generation of the Mercedes-Benz Actros. Daimler places a major focusRussia, China,...</li></ol>