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  • 1. Daily Reportfor big movementnot to neglect people
    Level 7 incident
    at Fukushima Daiichi NPP
  • 2. No Japanese?
    So you will neglect these peoplebecause most information on live is not in English?
    Please Google Translate at 1st.
    Then if you think that you should know it, and cannot find out information in English, please let me know.I will do best to do.
  • 3. Message
    For those who speaks English,
    please share this information and spread out there as a big influencer.
    This is not just a lesson in classroom, but issue you need to work on.
    (Maybe this sound arrogant, but I dont mean that. Im sorry for that.I just want you to get on board to help people!)
    Personally I want AC (Anderson Coopers) back here again.
    Because the truth is here, and its underneath the peace.
  • 4. Disclaimer
    Im sorry but I couldnt spend much time on this work.
    I will confirm and update information here.
    I want delete this disclaimer page soon!
  • 5. TOC
    Daily Report
    2011/05/18 - topics of today
    2011/05/12 - topics of today
    2011/05/11 - initial
    Fixed Topics(apart from Daily Topics)
  • 6. 2011/05/18
    Big doubt on information from public source in Japan?
  • 7. 1. Big doubt on information from public source in Japan?
    Interview with Akira Tokuhiro, Nuclear Engineer:
    Fukushima and the Mass Media
    Vivian Norris
    @ 2011/05/12
  • 8. 2011/05/122 months + 1 day
    Reality might more serious / Unit#1
    about 10mSv exposure for year / Children
  • 9. 1. Reality might more serious / Unit#1
    Malfunction in measurement hardware found and repaired
    So now what can be found newly?
    fuel rod : about 4m
    Originally reported 1.5m out, left 2.5m in water
    Now that repaired hardware show that water is 5m below from top of fuel rod. So completely out of water!
    If not in water, should generate high temp, right?
    But now showed 100 - 120C degree.
    So estimated that fuel rod got melt down and dropped down to PV (Pressure Vessel) bottom.
    Source ;
    @ 2011/05/12
  • 10. 1. Reality might more serious / Unit#1
    TEPCO admit that water is leaking from NPP,
    as a result of estimation that fuel rod is out of water completely.
    Source ;
    Maybe original source can be found in TEPCO website.So I gonna follow up.
    @ 2011/05/12
  • 11. 2. about 10mSv exposure for year / Children
    MEX reported.
    For Children in Fukushima-pref,
    accumulated radioactive exposure
    in average 9.99mSv for one year since the incident.
    Calculation model :
    Weekday 24h
    >> 06h ;
    01h ; Go to school
    02h ; stay outside at ground
    03h ; play outside after school
    >> 18h ;
    05h ; inside school building / concrete
    13h ; house / wood
    Weekend 24h
    >> 08h ; outside
    >> 16h ; house / wood
    * Estimated 2.56mSv accumulated for 34 days since 3.11,
    @ 2011/05/12
  • 12. 2. about 10mSv exposure for year / Children
    According to survey with geiger counter, conducted by school teachers, from April 27th to May 8th,
    0.22mSv /h (Ave) 0.98mSv /h (Max) 0.03mSv /h (Min)
    Source ;
    Maybe original source can be found in MEXT website.So I gonna follow up.
    @ 2011/05/12
  • 13. 2011/05/112 months past, but no big progress
    New Leak reported at Unit#3
    Leak not-controlled at Unit#2
    Tea Leaves contaminated in Kanagawa-pref
  • 14. Before going into topics.
    2 months past,
    but no big progress.
    So. forget this?
    Now is not the time to cool down discussion and your commitment.
    @ 2011/05/11
  • 15. 1. New Leak reportedat Unit#3.
    Cesium 134
    Reported so high.
    No actual Bq is described.
    Iodine 131
    96Bq / 1cc
    Leak was confirmed around 10:30am, recovered 18:45
    Source ; http://www.asahi.com/national/update/0511/TKY201105110351.html
    Maybe original source can be found in TEPCO website.So I gonna follow up.
    @ 2011/05/11
  • 16. 2. Leak not controlledat Unit#2
    As you know it well, some time ago, leak of contaminated water at Unit#2.
    This is different from the incident that NPP released it intentionally.
    It look like that could not hold contaminated seawater with siltfence.So most are supposed to be released into pacific ocean.
    Source : http://www.asahi.com/national/update/0511/TKY201105110215.html
    I gonna follow up.
    @ 2011/05/11
  • 17. 3. Tea Leaves contaminated / Kanagawa-pref
    • Tea leaves got contaminated.
    Tested twice. 550Bq and 570Bq.
    Reguration : below 500Bq / kg
    Kanagawa-pref requested farmers not to ship tea leaves this year season. This is not an order but just request for self-restraint.
    What they will do next
    Check once a week. If it is below level for 3 times successively, it will be cancelled.
    @ 2011/05/11
  • 18. 3. Tea Leaves contaminated / Kanagawa-pref
    Minami Ashigara-city, Kanagawa-pref
    about 280km from Fukushima Daiichi NPP
    Right next to Hakone town.
    captured May 9th
    Original Source : Minamiashigara city, Kanagawa-prefhttp://www.city.minamiashigara.kanagawa.jp/index.jsp (Japanese)
    @ 2011/05/11
  • 19. Fixed Topics(apart from Daily Topics)
  • 20. Is 20mSv safe enough?
    Originally only those who work in NPP.
    But now this is for all, including children.
    Then 100mSv
    This index is also mentioned in many news, with phrase that 20mSv is nothing.
    *Of couse, nothing can be said safe.Yes, its the risk.But can you take such risk to your children?Please tell me your opinion.
  • 21. Misc
  • 22. Revised
  • 23. FYI
    TEPCO (TOKYO ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY)http://www.tepco.co.jp/en/nu/fukushima-np/index-e.html
    Live cam from Fukushima Daiichi NPP
    Left : Unit 2
    Center : Unit 3
    Right : Unit 4
    With steam and smoke
    Japan Geigermap: At-a-glance (public source, citizens and so on)
    Radiation Monitoring (04/29-05/16) (by citizens)
    I believe that most of you know these but FYI just in case.
  • 24. Masayuki Otani
    Thank you very much.
    Facebook ; https://www.facebook.com/masayuki.otani
    Linkedin ; http://jp.linkedin.com/in/masayukiotani
    Twitter ; @motani_kamakura
    Gmail ; masayuki.otani@gmail.com
    Blog ; http://kamakura.wordpress.com/
    Slideshare ; http://www.slideshare.net/motani_kamakura/
    * Not good to expose so much personal information?
    Yes, but I think its worth for risk, if you can help us!


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