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  • School Visit Bournemouth June 10th, 2014

    Hernn Rojo VzquezAlberto Vidal Fueyo

  • The city

  • Taking the bus

    The second day in Bournemouth, we take the bus alone.

    We get lost.

    In the city centre, we havent found the school and we arrive to late.

  • In the school

    4 hours of school!!!That was a lot, but it wasnt a normal classroom, it was better because the chairs was very confortable and we have made a lot of games

  • Shopping time!!!

    We have had lunch at the school and then Free time!!!

    Everyone, wasting their pounds there in teddy bears, t-shirts, sun glasses

    The things were very expensive, but people dont care.

  • Bowling

    In the afternoon we went to a bowling alley!

    It was our first time and we were very excited.

    It was amazing.

  • At home

    The best thing was when weve arrived home.

    Weve went to the garden and we have had some nice time with the family



    SEE: Today, weve seen the city centre and the beautiful streets of Bournemouth

    THINK: We thought Bournemouth roads are confused

    WONDER: we wonder why the buses are so confusing routes

  • Gijn-Bournemouth

  • ClimateThe temperatures, are similar and the same with the weather.

    In the two citys are usually cloudy and confortables temperatures.

  • SportsIn Gijon the football team (Sporting) is in the second league, the team from Bournemouth (AFC Bournemouth) is better because is in the first league