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Czech Republic. The flag. Our flag has got three colours: White, red and blue. It is called a tricolour. White colour symbolizes cleanness. Red colour symbolizes blood. Blue colour symbolizes a cloudless sky. The S ymbol of the C ountry. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Czech RepublicThe flagOur flag has got three colours: White, red and blue. It is called a tricolour. White colour symbolizes cleanness.Red colour symbolizes blood.Blue colour symbolizes a cloudless sky.

The Symbol of the Country

The Coat of Arms of the Czech Republic (In Czech: Sttn znak esk republiky) displays the three historical regions which make up the nation.

The symbols are: * Lion for Bohemia * Black eagle for Silesia * White and red eagle for Moravia

The Geographical Position

4Where is the Czech Republic?

... and this is the city where we live - Brno. Its the second largest city in the Czech republic.Here, in the middle of Europe, is our country, the Czech Republic, Here we are again

6The Regions of the Czech Republic

7The Capital cityThe Capital city of the Czech Republic is Prague. There are a lot of historical buildings. For example: Charles Bridge, Charles University, Prague Castle, etc.The Population of Prague: There are about 1 233 211 inhabitants.

Prague (Praha)The capital city is Prague (Praha).

The population of the Czech Republic is 10 467 542 people

9Greetings in the Czech languageGood morning = Dobr rnoGood afternoon = Dobr odpoledneGood night = Dobrou nocHow are you? = Jak se m / mte?How is the climate? Four seasons change in our country : -Spring -Summer -Autumn -Winter

Hows the climate? This is spring we call it jaroAverage temperatures are about 15C

12Hows the climate?This is summer we call it ltoAverage temperatures are about 20C

13Hows the climate?This is winter we call it zimaAverage temperatures are about -2C

14Hows the climate?This is autumn we call it podzimAverage temperatures are about 15 C

15A landscape that you love

This is the national park called esk vcarsko (Czech Switzerland).The typical view on vineyard. The beloved landscape This is Petrov (St. Peter and Pauls Cathedral) (in Czech Katedrla sv. Petra a Pavla).You can find it in Brno.

17A product of your countryThe best product of our country is BEER.

And the second best product is Czech Garnet esk granty.

A product of our countryThis is the awesome beer from Brno City;-)


Car koda auto

Costume jewellery

Popular Czech products20Traditional Proverbs that we like"Bez prce nejsou kole." Translation: There are no cakes without work.

"Bo mlny melou pomalu, ale jist. Translation: God's mills mill slowly, but surely.

"Dvuj, ale provuj." Translation: Trust, but verify

"Dvakrt m, jednou e." Translation: Measure twice, cut once.

"Darovanmu koni na zuby nekoukej" Translation: Don't look at a gifted horse's teeth.

21A modern proverb that we likeCo me udlat dnes, odlo na pozt, zsk tm dva voln dny.

Put off everything what you can do today to the day after tomorrow and you will gain two free days

Roman EBRLE A Famous PersonAn excellent athlete.He has won several decathlon competitions and he used to be called the World's Greatest Athlete"In 2001 he became the first decathlete ever who had achieved more than 9,000 points.

23A famous personPetr ech

Petr ech is the most famous football player who comes from the Czech Republic. He was born on 20th May 1982 in Pilsen (Plze). He started playing football when he was 7 years old. When he was 21 he used to play in a football team representing the Czech Republic abroad.

Jaromr Jgr (an ice-hockey player)Karel Gott (a singer)

Other famous people25