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Czech Republic. Where is the Czech Republic?. Why the Czech Republic?. Brian. Toni. Grandma DeCanio (Kubica) is from the Czech Republic Grew up on dishes like Chicken Paprikash, goulash, and Kolaches! Is ¼ Czech . Is 1/4 percent Czech Maiden name was Jirinec - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Where is the Czech Republic?Brian Grandma DeCanio (Kubica) is from the Czech Republic Grew up on dishes like Chicken Paprikash, goulash, and Kolaches!Is Czech Is 1/4 percent CzechMaiden name was JirinecWas interested in the Czech Republic because of my family history.Why the Czech Republic?ToniThe population speaks?

Czech is a West Slavic language. It is spoken by 96% of the populationInflection determines the meaning of words (12)In the Czech Republic

Religion in the Czech RepublicPrior to 863 A.D. the region of the Czech Republic was Pagan

After 863 A.D. the predominant religion became Christianity

During the Communist rule religion was outlawed, and as a result much of the population still consider themselves atheist. (3)

Atheist=39.8%Roman Catholic=39.2%Protestant=7.6%Undecided=13.4% (3)With much of the population being Catholic traditional religious celebrations include:ChristmasEasterLent

Food items are what we as Americans normally see during the holidays.Lent is often associated with not eating meat on Fridays for the duration of the holiday.Religion ContinuedLife expectancy of Czech males is 75 year (4)For Czech women life expectancy is 81 years (4)Death from coronary heart disease are 33.6% (4)Death from diabetes are 2.3% (4)Obesity prevalence among the population 18 and older is 18.4% (5)

Health conditions of the Czech RepublicCardiovascular disease is very high among the Czech Republic. (13)As health professionals we must be aware of this issue and suggest variations to the current diet of the Czech RepublicModifying the use of lards, butter, and cream may be one suggestion.

Health and NutritionTraditionally the people of the Czech Republic make use of creams, lard, and butter in their dishes. (6)The main dish will have a generous portion of proteinSoups are very popular among the Czech RepublicDumplings are a staple of the diet, which originated from the ruling Habsburg family who called the dumplings Halusky (2)Czech Republic Cuisine

Caraway could well be one of the most common Czech spices. Its used in breads, to flavor boiled potatoes, and there is even a caraway soup (kmnov polvka) (10) Caraway seeds are part of what family? PARSLEY! Which also includes: fennel, dill, aniseCaraway has anti-oxidants such as lutein.It is also an excellent source of minerals such as; iron, calcium, selenium, zinc, and magnesium. (11)

Caraway SeedsCaraway has a distinct savory flavor.Used most commonly in Rye bread

Also in soups and GOULASH Origination is widely unknown because it has appeared in Greece, Latin countries, and Arabic countriesCaraway seeds

Beef Goulash is also a very popular dish in the Czech RepublicWhen the Hungarians took over the Great Moravian Empire they brought with them their own cuisine, including goulash (1) The recipe dates back to approximately 896 A.D. when Hungarian herdsmen would try to find better pasture for their animals. They would build a big fire and slaughter the weaker animals for a meal.Beef GoulashThe Czechs version is much meatier than the Hungarian goulash, and is also sometimes made with beer!It is often served with dumplingsBeef Goulash

1 tablespoon vegetable oil1 lb stew beef or boneless bottom round steaks, cut in 1-inch cubesKosher salt, to taste1/4 teaspoon black pepper1 large onion, chopped1 red bell pepper, chopped1/4 cup all-purpose flour + more for dredging2 garlic cloves, minced3 tablespoons paprika1 teaspoon caraway seeds4-5 small new potatoes, cut in 1/2-inch rounds2 2/3 cups beef broth1 cups low-sodium chicken stock or water1 cup tomato pureesour cream (for garnish)

Beef Goulash RecipeThe taste of this goulash is savory, however, with the added sour cream it balances the sweet and salty flavors together just right. It has the appearance of a stew with a little more broth than a typical stew. To cook this recipe we used a crock pot, but it can also be slowly cooked in a pot on the stove top. Beef Goulash1 tablespoon light flavored olive oil1 lb stew beefKosher salt teaspoon black pepper1 large onion chopped1 red bell pepper chopped cup almond flour2 garlic cloves3 tablespoons paprika1 teaspoon caraway seeds2-3 sweet potatoes (white)2 2/3 cups low sodium beef broth (GF)1 cups low sodium chicken stock (GF)1 cup tomato puree Greek yogurt (unflavored) (GF)

Gluten Free GoulashCalories: Original= 356, Healthy = 370 (almond flour is more caloric than white flour)Protein: O = 27. 6 grams; H = 29.9 gramsTotal Fat: O= 11.8; H = 13.5 (almond flour has more fat than white flour but its healthy fat!)Saturated Fat: O = 3.5 grams; H= 2.8 gramsMono Fat: 4.3 grams for bothPoly Fat: O = 1.4; H =1.0Cholesterol: O = 66 mg; H = 60 mgVit A: O = 176 mcg; H = 301 mcgThiamin: O = 0.22 mg; H = 0.08 mgNiacin: 6.9 mg; H = 7.2 mg

Nutrient ProfileVit B6: O = 0.74 mg; H= 0.48 mg Vit B12: O = 1.27 mcg; H = 1.36 mcg Vit C: O = 59.53 mg; H = 21.31 mgVit D: O = 0.04 mcg; H = 0.00 mcgVit E: O = 3.21 mg; H = 3.13 mgFolate: O = 56.4 mcg; H = 23.1 mcgCalcium: O = 62.34 mg; H = 88.03 mgIron: O = 6.1 mg; H = 6.0 mgSodium: O = 1492 mg; H = 1004 mg

Nutrient ProfileDue to the fact that the Czech Republic is predominantly atheist and Catholic the eating habits and cultural beliefs are similar to that of an American.

One thing to keep in mind is the prevalence of Cardiovascular Disease in the Czech Republic. Offering low sodium options would be a better choice.Having a Czech cookbook would be beneficial for suggestions and modifications of cultural cuisine. Counseling tipsBe patient during the interview, the language barrier can be difficult for the Czech client.For diet recommendations we would suggest a well balanced diet. The Czech population eats a lot of meat. We would suggest an increase in fresh fruits and vegetables and slightly decreasing the protein intake.

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