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Slideshow of CYMTV's Pluggy ecosystem for the Android platform, enabling new and sensational business models for the industry. Also contains information on CYMTV's live streaming technology, saving up to 90% on bandwidth when streaming OTT. Want to hear more or see it in action? Contact us or visit our booth at NAB 2013 in Las Vegas.


  • 1. Pluggy ecosystem & Live streaming

2. Introduction CYMTVFirst of all, a short introduction on our company. CYMTV (short for CyberMedia Television) wasfounded in 2005 with the mission to provide TV services over the internet.CYMTV has developed a ground-breaking streaming technology that saves up to 90% onstreaming bandwidth, and has many international customers that have the technology in use.In 2012, CYMTV has developed the Pluggy concept, which combines state-of-the-art hardwarewith a software and management system that is potentially agame-changer in the Android-based business models.CYMTV is based in the Netherlands and has representatives inseveral other countries.The HQ is based in the Netherlands, contact details can befound at the end of this presentation.16-3-2013 2013 CYMTV B.V. 3. Pluggy user interfaceThe Pluggy concept contains an alternative Android launcher, a front page for an Android tablet,set-top box, smartphone or Smart TV, which is divided into several different sections: Title/logo Widget Sponsored apps area My Apps area Button bar BannersKey to this concept is that most of these areas canbe controlled centrally over a web managementsystem.The contents in these areas can be changed remotely based on geographical location and/ormac address of the device(s).16-3-2013 2013 CYMTV B.V. 4. Pluggy title/logoIn the top left corner of the user interface, the logo is shown. This logo can be changed throughthe web management system.For example, a range of devices can get a different logo because they are sold through a specificchannel. This could be a certain branding of the devices.But also, the logo can be changed at any desired interval or to match any event. Small changes tothe logo because of the holidays, or to draw attention to commercial aspects.16-3-2013 2013 CYMTV B.V. 5. Pluggy widgetThe widget typically holds a commonly used app, like a weather tool.This can of course be changed to match the wishes of the target customer group, like for examplea stock ticker or an RSS news feed of a certain brand or organization.Any standard Android widget can be used, although sometimes minor changes are needed.16-3-2013 2013 CYMTV B.V. 6. Sponsored apps areaThe sponsored apps area is one of the most powerful aspects of the Pluggy system. Here, appscan be push-installed based on geographical or mac-address rules.This means that an app can be installed in this area on thefront page, without user intervention.Normally, if publishers want users to install their app, theyhave to draw attention to the app and get users to downloadand install it from the app store.Now, through the web management system, it is possible todefine a range of mac addresses or a range of geographicallocations and instantly install an app on all devices thatmatch these criteria.The publisher can simply remotely put their app on alldevices of their choice.16-3-2013 2013 CYMTV B.V. 7. My Apps areaThis area is the standard area wherethe user can install his or her ownapps. The Pluggy front page holds asmall area for this because space isalso used by the sponsored appsarea.The system has four other pages(two left of the front page, two right of the front page) which holdsbigger areas where the user canplace apps.These areas are free, in other wordsnot controlled by the Pluggy management system.16-3-2013 2013 CYMTV B.V. 8. Button barJust above the banner area is the button bar. Here, buttons can be placed to link to either apps orwebsites.The buttons can be different for each range of mac addresses, or geographical locations.In short, Android devices in certain geographical locations or devices that are sold through acertain sales channel or brandname, can have different buttons.To the user, these buttons appear as functions and not as commercial offerings, although theycan be exactly that.Examples are using a button for the settings app and the App Store, but also for a VideoStorewhich can be a link to an online rental service, available in certain areas only.16-3-2013 2013 CYMTV B.V. 9. BannersThe banner area holds graphical banners (still images or gif animations) that link to certainwebsites.The banners are defined in the web management system and are, like all components in thePluggy platform, depending on geographical or mac address rules for publication.16-3-2013 2013 CYMTV B.V. 10. Pluggy information managementThe web management system is used to define and control the geographical areas and the macaddress definitions for the publication rules for sponsored apps, banners, logos and more.It is also used to define the banners and manage advertising/click budgets and view statistics onthese.User roles can be created to allow advertisers toview and control only their own publications.Last but not least, the management system keepstrack of very rich statistics; which apps areinstalled, which ones are started, how often arethey started, etc.If a user installs an app, you will know.If the user starts the app, you will know..If the user deletes the app, you will know16-3-2013 2013 CYMTV B.V. 11. P2P live streamingSince 2005, CYMTV has been developing their live and on-demand streaming solution, based onthe peer-to-peer principle. As the whole internet is basically a peer-to-peer (or p2p) network,this technology works perfectly over-the-top to deliver live TV signals from and to all over theworld.The technology saves up to 90% on bandwidth, which instantly saves massive on costs and makesnew business models possible.CYMTV currently uses this technology to deliverTV channels from Turkey, Vietnam, Germany and morecountries to expat users living all over theworld in perfect digital quality!16-3-2013 2013 CYMTV B.V. 12. ChannelStoreThe ChannelStore offers a webshop environment where users can buy channels or channelpackages. Once a channel subscription is purchased, it appears instantly in the users androiddevice.The user can then just select the channel in the frontpage of the Pluggy system, and the channel willstart playing.These channels can be both standard IPTV streamssuch as UDP, RTP or HLS but can of course also bechannels that are being broadcasted usingCYMTVs peer-to-peer streaming technology.16-3-2013 2013 CYMTV B.V. 13. Business modelsCYMTV offers various business models; Licensing of the Pluggy user interface and web management system formanufacturers/brands of Android-based devices Advertisement and App push-installation sales for software and content publishers Subscription sales for TV channel publishers that want to reach a worldwide audience at avery low cost and without technical restrictions On-demand sales for content publishers Product sales on the Pluggy and affiliated device networksOf course, any combination of the above can be realized as well. As CYMTV has developed andowns the technology, we can also customize it to all your needs if required.16-3-2013 2013 CYMTV B.V. 14. If you plan to visit NAB Show in Las Vegas this year, please visit CYMTV in booth C-ST4 at theStartup Loft in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas convention center.Contact us for your free entrance pass!16-3-2013 2013 CYMTV B.V. 15. Contact detailsFor more information on the Pluggy concept, the live streamingor any other issues, please contact:CYMTV B.V.Lichtenauerlaan 102-1203062 ME RotterdamThe NetherlandsPhone: +31-(0)10 798 24 57Fax: +31-(0)10 204 55 55Contact: Ron van HerkEmail: ron@cymtv.netOr visit our website at http://www.cymtv.nl16-3-2013 2013 CYMTV B.V. 16. Thank you16-3-2013 2013 CYMTV B.V.


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