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    1. Family name BADR

    2. First names Ayman

    3. Date of birth 17/06/1973

    4. Nationality (passport holder) Egyptian

    5. Place of residence: Beni Suef, Egypt

    6. Education


    Economy and Political Sciences Faculty, Cairo University [2005-2006] NGOs Management Diploma

    Cairo University [1991-1995] BA from the faculty of Dar El -Elom,

    7. Language skills: Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 - excellent; 5 - basic)


    Arabic 1 1 1

    English 2 2 2

    8. Membership of professional bodies: N/A

    9. Other skills (e.g. Computer literacy, etc.):

    Ayman has the ability to work under pressure, working in grass root environment, live and work in a rural setting with limited facilities and services. He has communication skills dealing with community members, local partners, co-ordination and organization and Monitoring skills. Full capacity in both computer and web-based applications including Word, Excel, Power Point...

    10. Present position: Training, Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant

    11. Years with the firm: 19 years

    12. Key qualifications (relevant to the assignment):

    Mr. Ayman Badr has about twenty years of professional experience in development cooperation, design, development and management of monitoring, and evaluation system, assessment, action research, program

    management, organizational capacity building, and providing consultations as a Researcher, trainer and facilitator in these areas for civil society organizations and governmental organizations.

    Over the past years, he has got extensive experience in all facets of operations in key development areas like Gender,

    formal and non-formal education, organizational capacity building civil society non-governmental organizations, governance, community mobilization, environmental resources sectors and local development. He has worked at different levels of positions, such as field coordinator, team leader, technical training coordinator, country-level Liaison officer, M&E specialist, M&E officer and M&E unit manager.

    Over the past years, his professional expertise related mainly to designing, implementing and management for M&E

    system ; frameworks; developing PMPs, work plans and indicators, monitoring on programs for USAID or other large national, international and regional NGOs, his experience in planning, managing, and creating surveys. His professional expertise in development and management to M&E results-based for the programs as well as design PMP include of indicators for the projects and development of monitoring and evaluation activities to achieve progress towards achievement of planned objectives and results in a clearly defined, verified, complete and accurate.

    Ayman has skills on quantitative and qualitative data analysis and interpretation and he has substantive experience in conducting the impact assessment and evaluation for different projects and programs, and he has substantive

    experience in developing training manuals & programs, including research, monitoring and evaluation and participatory rabat appraisal (PRA), and he has remarkable expertise in developing and conducting organizational assessment.

    In addition to his work experience with different organizations, Ayman has working as a free-lancer consultant undertaking facilitation, training, preparing and designing for training modules (e.g.: Monitoring and Evaluation, Advocacy planning, communications skills, Public Policy Formation, Monitor and Analysis Government Policies, TOT, participatory rabat appraisal (PRA), proposal writing, community mobilization, team work, presentation skills, leadership, gender and child to child approach...) with various International NGOs and Development programs (such as CARE International Egypt, Drosos Foundation, Plan international, Save the children, Om Habiba Foundation (Aga Khan), Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association (HEPCA), Academy for International Development-Middle East and North Africa, Maat Foundation, Social Contract Center, Masr El-Kair foundation, The Foundation for Future in Jordan, Association of the Egyptian Female Lawyers (AEFL), Egyptian Association for Developing and Disseminating Legal Awareness (EADDLA), community environment action project, CENACT funded by CIDA, participation development program by CIDA, farmer field schools project funded Netherlands embassy, national Egyptian development association (NEDA), association upper Egypt of education and development (AUEED) etc) and local community development associations, as well as with local authorities.

    Ayman worked in various assessment studies in urban areas, his experience in urban development field in Egypt twisted by conducting community assessments and market studies with numerous of NGOs and INGOs working in locations such as; Ezabt EL Hagana, Boulak el Dakrour, Imbaba, Helwan and Maasra, Dar Elsalam and Basateen and Khalifa; and Ancient Egypt.

    13. Specific experience in the region


    Egypt 03/1997 - 2016

  • 14. Professional experience


    1. 12/2016-03/2017

    Egypt Ministry of Social Solidarity

    UN Women

    Soha Hany Soliman

    Capacity Building and

    Training Consultant

    Conducting Capacity Building activities and Training workshops with Ministry of Social

    Solidarity, including the following tasks:

    Designing a strategic plan for Women's Unit in Ministry of Social Solidarity for five years

    Conducting a brief market study in eight governorates

    Conducting three training workshops on needs assessment and project management,

    2. 11-12/2016 Egypt Plan International-Egypt/

    ECSO-FORUM Project funded by The Federal Ministry for Economic

    Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

    Jaylan Alkhazendar BMZ Grant Coordinator

    Team Leader for the Mid-

    Term Evaluation

    Conducting a Mid-Term Evaluation for a project entitled "Egyptian Civil Society

    Organization Forum (ECSO-FORUM) Project - (2014-2017), that aims to promote active citizenship and civil participation and to strengthen a powerful civil society by means of capacity building so that the civil society is able to develop social transformation processes. The interventions include: 1) Capacity building of 16 of local civil society organizations to promote long-term, effective commitment, participation and human rights. 2) Active civic participation to make sure that the citizens are better informed about participation opportunities, human rights, the role of civil society organizations, decision-making processes and how to exert an influence on them as well as opportunities to influence 3) Establishment of a micro-macro dialogue to promote exchange and cooperation of local civil society organizations with national and international organizations as well as the private sector (CSR, PPP).

    3. 10-11/2016 Egypt Save the Children International

    The project funded by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

    Ingy Akoush, MEAL Manager

    Team Leader for the End-line study

    Conducting and technically lead an End-line study project entitled "Protecting Minors at

    Risk of Irregular Migration" in 5 districts in three governorates (Behira, Damietta and Aswan) which aims at contributing to reducing the vulnerability of children at risk of irregular migration through the activation of comprehensive local protective mechanism in the targeted districts

    the project aimed to achieve the following two outcomes. (1) To effectively detect and support at-risk minors in the 5 target districts of Damietta, Beheira and Aswan from unsafe irregular migration. (2) To strengthen relevant public and local civil society actors in the 4 target districts of Damietta and Beheira to assume their responsibility to protect minors at risk of unsafe irregular migration in a coordinated fashion and through their enhanced lobbying capacities.

    The project main beneficiaries were Egyptian, Syrian and African minors who are at risk of irregular migration

    4. 07/2016 Egypt World Food Programme

    Trainer Design and Conducting two training workshops on "ToT" for the leaders of the community

    education in 12 governorates for four days for each training workshop.

    5. 07/2016 Egypt International Development Support & Consulting (IDSC)

    Ahmed Omar

    Trainer Design and facilitate the training workshop on "Planning and Management of Projects"

    with Development Business Associates Foundation for five days in Fayoum

    6. 06/2016 Egypt Association of Female prisoner's children care NGO

    Nawal Mostafa

    Capacity Building and

    Training Consultant

    Design and facilitate the training workshop on "Fund-raising" for staff of Children of

    Female Prisoners Association for three days.

    Design and delivery for the processes of development "Strategic Plan for five years for

    Children of Female Prisoners Association. This mission carried out in seven days.

  • 7. 06/2016- 03/2018

    Egypt Association of the Egyptian Female Lawyers (AEFL), Funded by UN


    Rabha Fathy,

    Board Cha