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Delivering what customers want – quality customer service.


  • 1. Customer Service

2. Where and how have youreceived the best service? 3. Should the quality and style ofcustomer service be different frombusiness to business? 4. What Do Customers Want? Understanding Caring attitude Ability to solve a problem Honesty 5. Key Communication Skills Friendly Enthusiastic Interested Knowledgeable 6. Active Listening Skills Personalize the contact Avoid jumping to conclusions Seek first tounderstand, and then to be understood Ask clarifying questions Repeat back to ensure clarity Dont interrupt, but if need to.ask questions toclarify and focus 7. How do you know a customer is, or is becoming difficult? 8. What causes them to be difficult? 9. Key Tips Voice - Tone, pace, volume Body language - Stance, arms/hands, personal space Content must match voice and non-verbals Monitoring your own emotions (self-talk) Monitoring your ego - As ego goes up, power andsafety go down (and vice-versa) 10. Key Tips Greet them (Good morning Joe) no matter howthey greet you Identify yourself if they are not sure who you are Always respect them; be courteous; dont bejudgmental Be ok saying, I dont know, but I will get someonewho does. 11. Key Tips Listen intently with all senses Empathy - Develop sense of how that person isseeing the world at that moment, and how tointervene based on that (repeat difficult customersor scenarios) Find positives to give feedback on Paraphrase I want to make sure I understand you,what I hear... (best way to interrupt) 12. Key Tips Keep focused on the goal when you give feedback I understand you want, so we can get this done I need to and I need you (be specific; dont assume they know what to do) Use silence to let person vent (if it seems to de-escalate them) Audiences - need to balance safety with dignity 13. Key Tips Match their language, but dont fake it If you or someone at the company has made amistake, own it (even if it was not you), and thenwork toward making amends Go with resistance, dont fight it REspond, dont REact 14. Phrases to Avoid Wait a second Listen Hey you! Come here! Calm down Im not going to tell you again Be more reasonable 15. Phrases to Avoid Because those are the rules! Whats your problem? What do you want me to do about it? 16. Helpful Phrases I appreciate that, and (not but) I would like tohelp you, and in order for me to do that I need youto I understand/hear/believe that, and (not but) Can I ask you a question (allows interruption butkeeps focus on them)? From above, I want to make sure I understand you,are you saying?


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