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1. 2. Journey Map Support A great first step to take is to map out the journey your customer takes when dealing with your organization. Successful customer journey mapping exercises consider different customer personas, emotional components of the experience, moments of truth and various channels of communication. Customer Journey Maps is also a great platform to foster collaboration amongst team members and to unite all stakeholders towards a new service mindset. Get all the confidence you need with CX Groups Mapping support. 3. CX Group Office 4. Journey Mapping Price Training & Consulting Price: $399 Mapping Software: $35 (single user p/m) $65 (unlimited p/m) What we will do Conduct a 30 min call with you to understand your business & project Perform a 1 hour online training session Provide you with a software to map your Customer Journey Conduct 2 additional 30 min calls to coach you as you move along the Customer Journey Mapping Exercise in your company. Be available for support via email. What need to do Participate in a 30 min call to give us your requirements Participate in a 1 hour online training Use the Customer Journey Mapping software Drive the mapping process within your company. 5. Customer Mapping 6. Orientation Call with a CX Consultant Dont know where to start? No problem. Take the initiative and talk to one of our CX Consultants, entirely without any commitments. We love exploring new challenges and bringing newcomers into the CX realm. That is our passion. Learn from us about what it takes for businesses to improve their Customer Experience. Is is t a 3 month initiative or a 3 year initiative? What are the most easiest things a company can do that will bring about the most tangible effects? What are the pitfalls? Get in touch today to find out more. 7. Contact CX Group North America 2701 S Bayshore Drive, #303 Coral Gables 33133 Florida, United States T & SMS: +1 (305) 985 5550 Web - Web -