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  1. 1. Custom Kitchen Renovation within Your Budget - paradise Kitchens Kitchen renovation requirements may not be the same for all. For example, for one homeowner, it may mean to keep the layout as is and only replace the benchtop, wall tiles or splashback and cabinets. Whereas for another, it might be removing old kitchen and replace all things from the overhead lighting to floor coverings. Kitchen renovation actually depends on the state of your kitchen, the modifications you want to make and your budget. What are the things you want to replace in your kitchen? Typically, in the kitchen, youll have wall tiles or splashback, benchtop, doors, drawer fronts, and panels, flooring, appliances, lighting fixtures, sink, and taps. You need to consider what all things you need to replace, which will determine what your budget will be. 1.
  2. 2. Deciding your budget & sticking to it In Australia, custom kitchen renovations can range from $11,000* to $65,000* and above. When we take the average cost estimate, it ranges from $13,000* to $20,000* and in some areas, it can be more. Now, you may be thinking what is the difference in a $13,000* renovation and a $20,000*. The difference is in using materials. These days, you get less expensive materials that look stunning and are durable just as their more expensive counterparts. That means, without compromising on the material quality, you get good quality alternate products at lesser cost. For example, laminate and modern vinyl flooring look awesome; they cost a fraction of tiles or solid timber and are softer under the foot. As vinyl is gentler, it may be a good choice than hard tiles. It does not cost much to buy and install Acrylic splashbacks and it can give your kitchen a charming contemporary look. Vinyl wrapped and Melamine doors and drawer fronts are two economical options. Due to their striking looks, kitchen designers often pick these materials compared to the more expensive products. Laminate benchtops are affordable and give striking looks. Compared to reconstituted stone or natural benchtops, laminate cost far less and may be a good choice for a family kitchen. The money you save by choosing these materials can be used to upgrade your appliances. Please note: *Prices shown in this content are just indicative for giving you an idea and should not be used as a reference guide Augment the look and durability of your kitchen by using different materials You might want to install a granite or timber benchtop. If you install these materials in your entire kitchen, the cost could climb up, as these are expensive materials. However, you can take the middle route; for instance, you could install granite or timber benchtop on your kitchen island and select a modern laminate benchtop for your main working area. In this way, the granite or timber benchtop on your kitchen island will augment the overall look of your kitchen and actually, it might look good than using granite or timber in your entire kitchen. So, by using different materials, you can still stick to your budget and enhance the appearance and functionality of your kitchen. Paradise Kitchens is a Sydney based company that offers ready-made and custom made kitchens, kitchen splashbacks and appliances, bathroom products etc. So, if you need kitchen or bathroom products, we are your one-stop shop. Source: ********* 2.