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curtis l. wilken| Honolulu HI 96813 | (813) 362-1739 | |PROFILE: Career Target: Defense Related Business Unit Director / Country Manager Dynamic, driven professional who combines hands-on experience in logistics management, logistics planning, exercise planning, supply chain management, foreign military sales, business development, disaster relief and contingency operations with stress proven leadership and stellar results.Internationally experienced leader who excels in developing successful outcomes for numerous logistical and operational challenges worldwide, with particular focus and success in Asia. Excels in identifying and capitalizing on mutually identified needs and developing winning situations for US Air Force and partner nations. Successfully integrated realistic logistics constraints into key Air Force and Pacific Command exercises leading to twofold success of providing operations with realistic mission constraints, and testing and validating leading edge logistics capabilities. Works well independently or in a team environment and is accustomed to regular challenges and new experiences. Equally skilled in client-facing responsibilities (determining needs, balancing logistics with operations and commanders intent, and ensuring value to all players). Areas of Expertise

Leadership Logistics Management Supply Chain Management Inventory Management Project Management Logistics Planning Exercise Planning Foreign Military Sales International Security Affairs Business Development Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Operations Budget Management High-Impact PresentationsSkills & Capabilities Staying abreast in latest logistics support strategies, especially designs for resiliency against peers and near-peers. Navigating US security assistance bureaucracy in support of allied and friendly nation support requirements. Thinking strategically to best prioritize limited resources, e.g. support to future operational basing requirements. Creating problem analysis and reports for presentation to senior leaders, event leaders and training/operational groups. Culturally adept to living and conducting business in overseas environments with specialized experience in Japan. TECHNICAL SKILLS: Microsoft Office Suite, manage my own schedule, make my own slides, book my own travel.Professional ExperiencePacific Air Forces | Chief, Logistics Plans Division and Deputy Combat Support Division| 2014-CurrentLed 24 military, civilians and contractors responsible for strategic logistics planning, logistics command and control, logistics engagements, exercises and site surveys. Managed a $1.4 million budget for international logistics engagements with 20 allied and partner nations in the Pacific, Southeast and Southwest Asian areas. The senior logistics officer for Airmen-to-Airmen talks with numerous Air Forces in the region, charged with planning and executing numerous engagement activities to enhance partner nation capabilities and interoperability with US forces. Changed the Directors engagements strategy from counting trips to supporting the Commanders stated priorities. Managed $120,000 travel budget for a cross-functional team of experts to conduct surveys of strategically important airfields, and provide analysis and recommendations on their potential use for operations and plans. Key Achievements: Led logistics operations during two high-level combined exercises with Japan Air Self Defense Forces to test new operating procedures in a high-threat missile defense scenario. Bilateral logistics team lauded by Japanese Commanding General. Organized gathering of Pacific-region air forces that operate the C-130 to spread common operating procedures and share best practices; knowledge levelling fosters seamless combined operations during contingencies or disaster relief operations. Successfully advocated for Japan and Republic of the Philippines airfield surveys. Used results to immediately plan validation exercises and capital upgrades as required to support operational and contingency plans. Deployed to Afghanistan; led rewrite of 32 base support contracts for main Kabul airport, wrote key portions of Commanders program review to justify his strategic changes to the operational plan and present his case for continued NATO support. #1 joint officer (of 2).Special Operations Command | Deputy Director for Logistics | 2013-2014Led staff of 145 joint military, civilian and contractors overseeing the commands worldwide enterprise. Coordinated logistics support for 66,000 Special Operations personnel worldwide to include acquisition and sustainment of Special Operations Forces unique weapons systems.

Key Achievements: Led symposium consisting of senior Flag-level representatives from all Combatant Commands and Service Headquarters to discuss challenges and ways to improve support to support Special Operations Forces, especially in remote, austere locations Successfully advocated for funding and implementation of Army IT program to track $975 million in equipment deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan; critical to maintaining positive control of assets during retrograde operations. #1 of 8 peers.United States Forces Japan | Chief, Current Operations | 2010-2013Led team of four US and Japanese civilians daily and up to 20 during exercises and contingencies. Developed and implemented logistics policies in support of the US and Government of Japan bilateral relationship. Supported Department of State led bilateral negotiations for $263 million in annual stationing costs paid by the Japanese government. Managed a $22 million training relocation program to move noisy night flying operations from Tokyo area to Iwo To and artillery training from Okinawa to Kanto region.Key Achievements: Key first-responder to 3/11 earthquake and tsunami; arranged direct relief to Japanese people and stricken nuclear power plant.

Led negotiations between US Forces Japan and Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the removal of low-level radioactive waste accumulated at US locations during relief efforts to the Government of Japan. Following 3/11 disaster was named as US Forces Japans Liaison officer to the Japan Joint Staff. Improved respective staffs knowledge and information sharing capabilities. Proven by best-ever bi-annual Exercise KEEN EDGE, designed to test bilateral command and control. Represented logistics concerns during negotiations with Japanese Ministries on providing logistics support during contingencies. #3 of 35 peers. Office of Defense Cooperation, Turkey | Chief, Air Force Security Cooperation | 2008-2010Led business development and growth for US Air Force engagement with Turkish Air Force. Managed $5.7 billion Foreign Military Sales program, including modernization program for 176 F-16s and new procurement of 30 F-16s and a suite of modern munitions for the Turkish Air Force F-16 and F-4 fleet. Built international relationships to further strengthen US-NATO partnership with Turkey. Key Achievements: Led senior Turkish Air Force officials to US to assess weapons systems to fill critical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capability gaps. As a result, Turkey requested MQ-1/MQ-9 unmanned aerial vehicles. Led senior Turkish Air Force and procurement officials to US to assess Patriot Air Defense system, including PAC-3 missile, and advanced US preparations required to bid on Turkeys solicitation for a mid-altitude air defense system. Increased training opportunities for Turkish Air Force NCO corps and increased number of exchange officers to foster better cooperation and interoperability between respective Air Forces. #1 of 10 peers.Defense Energy Support Center - Japan| Commander | 2005-2008

Led team of 10 military, US and Japanese civilians. Managed a multi-product fuel supply chain for all US military installations in Japan worth $1.1 billion, a $350 million facility maintenance program and $279 million in contracts for fuel delivery to 108 locations within Japan. Prioritized and scheduled facility maintenance to ensure inventory levels maintained to support operational plans. Key Achievements: Engaged Japan Railways East and US Navy to analyze current fuel tank car lease compared to lease of larger, modern tank cars. Resulted in lease of new cars with faster rail speeds, fewer required deliveries and greater scheduling flexibility for same cost. Validated project submissions versus validated plan requirements for a $350 million fuels facility maintenance program; canceled 37 projects, saved $15.8 million in one year. Initiated technical agreement between US and Japan Air Forces to request and account for $8 million in mutual fuels support.

#1 of 4 peers in Pacific region, #2 of 9 worldwide.COMMANDER, 9TH LOGISTICS READINESS SQUADRON | commander | 2003-2005Led a squadron of 291 military and civilians. Managed a 557 vehicle fleet worth $30 million, a supply account worth $212 million and an annual budget of $1.1 million. Managed unique fuel equipment and supply chain to support U-2 reconnaissance aircraft. Responsible for supporting two U-2 detachments (Korea, Cyprus) to include delivery of spare parts and rotation of personnel. Organized and led the installations deployment process for 2,700 personnel and 2,800 tons of cargo. Key Achievements: Led squadron through dramatic mission change and wing-wide reorganization of multiple squadrons resulting in savings of 225 manpower positions and $13 million in first year. Concurrently passed a rigorous inspection of ability to deploy in required time. Fuels operation named runner-up for best in Air Combat Command (out of 34). #3 of 97 peers.Education & Professional DevelopmentJoint Operational Planners Execution Course

Air War College

Joint Professional Military Education IIAi