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  • Curriculum Vitae

    Shelby S. Hicks, MFA

    NCIDQ, LEED Green Associate

    127 High Range Road

    Londonderry, NH 03053


    Phone: 603-387-1257


    Masters of Fine Arts, Interior Architecture (Form Design) 2012

    with a focus in sustainability, Endicott College Van Loan School of Graduate and

    Professional Studies, Beverly, MA

    MFA Thesis: Inspiring the Educational Journey through the Built Environment

    Academic Experience

    Design scholarship (Graduate work, Endicott College)

    Brittanys Orphanage, Grand Goave, Haiti

    MFA students provided Interior Design and sustainable solutions for a

    sixty-six child capacity orphanage

    North Shore Community Development Coalition and Beverly Affordable

    Housing Coalition, Beverly, MA

    Graduate students provided sustainable design keys for a LEED certified

    32 units for a low-income public housing project.

    Bachelor of Science, Applied Studies with focus in management 2010

    (Magna cum Laude) Granite State College, Concord, NH

    Certificate, Interior Design 1992

    University of New Hampshire, Manchester, NH


    Design and Culture research: to explore the haptic and tactile qualities of ornamentation

    (possibly expanding to the five senses). Analyze cultural meaning and identity of interior

    ornamentation within non-western design. Develop indicators for authentic design

    principles and elements. Create a rubric model based on previous research and use to

    identify and arrange ornamentation specific to a certain cultural identity, distinguish

    between authentic vs stereotypical, main ethnicity, sub-culture rural vs urban, ghetto vs

  • consumerism. Explore meaning and subjectivity based on political, traditional/historical,

    religious/ritual, societal/values.

    Creative scholarship and research foci

    Designing Environments for 21st Century Learning

    My dissertation research explores how interior design plays a vital role in development of

    innovative educational environments. Issues surround creating a sense of well-being,

    challenging the expected, and supporting the idea that learning is a journey of exploration

    and discovery. Currently, educational facility design is governed by codes, regulations

    and stakeholders mental models of how facilities should perform, regardless of the

    pedagogy. Architects and designers have just begun to consider the educational

    philosophy and human behavior in their translation to the design program. Interior

    Designers stand in a most influential position to create an integrated design that truly

    reflects the teaching/educational philosophy and develop that into criteria for the learning



    Academic Positions

    August 2016-present Instructor

    Boston Architectural College

    Primary responsibility: to teach Masters of Design Study-Design Human Health ,

    develop course work in both lecture and studio, presentations, and compile resources;

    create experiential learning opportunities for 8-day intensive and student learning


    September 6-present Adjunct Faculty

    Mount Ida College

    Create tests, projects and course content to support syllabi and CIDA standard for

    specific courses in an undergraduate program in Interior Architecture. Prepare and

    organize presentations, field experiences, invited and scheduled guest lecturers. Work as

    a team member with studio faculty to integrate course content.

    August 2012-May 2016 Instructor

    Southeast Missouri State University

    Primary responsibilities: to teach interior design courses, develop presentations; create

    experiential learning opportunities and student learning outcomes in accordance to

    NKBA and CIDA standards. Participate in interior design curriculum and program

    development for upcoming accreditation processes. Achieved NKBA full accreditation in

    May 2013 and CIDA initial accreditation in Fall 2017. Required teaching load fifteen

    credit hours per semester.

  • August 2010- May 2012 Graduate Student Teaching Assistant

    Endicott College, Beverly, MA

    Generated two presentations for ID 302 Health Care Design Studio IIIB; Health Care

    design a Nurses perspective covered tasks, needs and challenges the health-care

    environment from a nurses point of view. In addition, Lighting for an infusion center

    project, lecture covering various lighting sources and outcomes needed.

    Developed three lectures/workshops ID301 Advanced Interior Design Studio IIIA

    Created and taught lecture/workshop on Codes, ADA and the Residential Designer for

    ID 302 Advanced Issues in Interior Design.

    Fall 2011 Guest Studio Critic

    New England School of Art and Design

    September 2011-May 2012 Tutor/mentor

    Student Learning Center, Endicott College

    Assisted and advised undergraduate Bachelor Degree Interior Design students

    with project deliverables, organizational skills, and study skills for design classes

    and overall adjustment to college setting. Guided potential and current interior

    design students on their options, research and profession

    January 2011-May 2011 Testing Proctor

    Student Learning Center, Endicott College

    Oversaw and proctored students requiring alternative testing.

    Administrator for scheduled tutoring appointments

    September 2003- May 2010 Adjunct Professor

    Manchester Community College

    Established and implemented syllabi, tests, projects and course content for various

    courses in an Associates of Arts Degree program in Interior Design. Prepared

    and organized presentations, field experiences, invited and scheduled guest

    lecturers. Participated on an advisory committee and as a portfolio review critic as

    a professional designer.

    Design consulting and practice

    Shelbys Interiors, LLC Owner/Principal 1992-2010

    Conducted all client interviews, examined spatial needs, reviewed wish-lists,

    organized information, developed design criteria, and programming. Developed and

    presented final plans and construction documents to clients; conducted bidding

    process, scheduled sub-contractors, supervised all stages of the projects. Explored with

  • the clients all possibilities of materials and components used to create the most

    desirable space, meet specifications, code and function requirements. Maintained

    budget, cogs, accounts receivable for projects up to $3.8 million cost and managed a

    sole-proprietor design firm, with total revenue up to $0.5 million. Maintained;

    positive, long term, client relationships throughout the fifteen years in business.

    Partial Client List

    University of New Hampshire, Law School (Pierce Law School) Concord, NH

    Maxfield Library, Alton, NH

    Loudon Library, Loudon, NH

    SAU 82, Alton, NH

    Corrigan, Gilford, NH

    Mulligan-Blaine, Gilford, NH

    Roy, Alton, NH

    Wilmarth, Alton, NH

    Putonen, Alton, Wolfeboro, NH and Ft. Lauderdale, Fl

    Mullen, Concord, NH and Marco Island, FL

    Decorative Interiors, Laconia, N.H. Interior Designer 2008

    Accountable for securing interior design and kitchen design projects, developed

    program, space plan and created construction documents. Accountable for sales goals,

    updated libraries, addressed client inquiries, and scheduled all home site visits.

    Created, organized and presented workshops/lectures for potential clients on kitchen

    design, project management, and advancements in materials and components.

    Ethan Allen, Global Inc. Portsmouth, N.H. Interior Design Consultant 2007-2008

    Answerable for procured furniture and accessory sales successfully achieved quotas for

    every month with positive customer relationships. Provided dependable sales service

    and design assistance to various clients and achieved excellent client relationships.

    Professional Membership and Leadership

    USGBC Missouri-Gateway Chapter LEED Green Associate 2013-present

    Higher Education Sustainability Committee August 2014- present

    Green School Mentor August 2014-present

    American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Professional Member 1992-present

    President, ASID NE 2006-2007

    Program Director, ASID NE 1999-2001

    Interior Design Education Council (IDEC) Professional Member 2012-present

    Emerging Profession Committee 2013-present

    National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) Educator Member 2012-present

    New Hampshire Interior Design Coalition President, founding member 1989-



    2007 Home Builders and Remodelers Association of New Hampshire

    HBRANH Cornerstone Award recipient (2)

    2004 HBRANH Cornerstone Award recipient (2)

    2000 HBRANH Sales and Marketing Award


    2015 Passion Fuels Excitement Catapult Creative House Dedication poster

    presentation Within These Walls, focus on faculty as a mentor.

    My sustainable design experience during graduate school and how that

    created passion for sustainable design. Sharing those experiences and

    passion has fueled excitement in the students own projects.

    Studio to Emerging Professional: Supporting the Momentum USGBC

    Student Chapter Regional 7 Conference at the University of Cincinnati

    LEED Green Associate Exam Prep workshop USGBC MO-Gateway

    chapter and SSO sponsored event

    2014 Teaching with IPADs in a studio/lab setting, team presented, Faculty

    Development Day, SEMO

    2013 IDEC Exchange Sustainable Company Fall 2013

    2002 New Hampshire Magazine Regional Style Women Entrepreneurs

    2002 Union Leader Quick Fixes to Escape Winter Blahs

    2002 The Laker A Real Home Improvement: Renovating an Antique

    2001 Projects published: New Hampshire Magazine and Accent (multiple)

    2001 Home & Garden Television: Kitchen Design Joan Kohn (2), and Bed

    & Bath Joan Kohn (2)

    2000 Boston Globe Building a Dream Home

    2000 New Hampshire Home Magazine An Arts & Crafts Revival Creating a

    Mission Statement


    IDEC Eastern Region Conference

    2016 Regional Conference

    Boston, MA

    Exploring the Design Process: Teaching, Cultivating, Inspiring

    IDEC Interior Design Educators Conference

    2016 National Conference

    Portland, OR

    Workshop Teaching Symposium Keynote Speaker Claire Lamonica:

    Engaging Students in Learning How to Learn

  • Presentations The Impact of Organizational Culture and Branding on Interior


    Design Pedagogy: Rubrics and Culturally Adaptive Projects

    Design Process: Creativity, Spatial Ability, and Visual Attention


    Case Studies in Occupant Health and Wellbeing

    Design Innovation: Co-designing, empathy, collaboration, and


    Innovative Design Pedagogy: Student Recruitment and Digital


    Design Identity: Emotional Intelligence and Object Meaning

    Design Theory: Ethnographic Methods and Innovations in

    Precedent Studies

    Secret Reviewer for IDEC

    IDEC Academy Dynamic Balance: Crafting an Immersive Approach to

    Interdisciplinary Course Design

    USGBC Missouri Gateway Green Remodeling and Interiors-A Cure for the Common


    Higher Education Sustainability Symposium

    LEED for Schools in a 21st Century Learning Environment

    Biophilic Design


    IDEC Interior Design Educators Conference

    2014 National Conference

    New Orleans, LA

    Workshops Formative Assessment to Enhance the Studio Environment

    Teaching Pedagogies and the Interior Design Course

    JID Writers Workshop-The Art and Craft of Academic Writing

    Adobe Creative Suite for Interior Design Education

    NCIDQ Webinar Champion Training

    IDEC Interior Design Educators Conference

    2013 International Conference

    Indianapolis, IN

    Workshop CIDA Workshop

    IDEC Interior Design Educators Conference 2010 Regional Conference, Chatham University

    Pittsburg, PA

  • ASID Leadership Conferences 2007 Washington, DC

    2006 San Francisco, CA

    2005 Vancouver, BC

    NEOCON 2000 Chicago


    Professional: IDEC member of the Emerging Professionals committee

    USGBC Higher Education Sustainability committee & Green School



    University Faculty Senate: Under a collegial form of governance, all segments of the

    University community are involved in reviewing and making recommendations for

    changes in existing policies. The University vests in its faculty, acting through its

    representative body, the Faculty Senate, the ultimate authority to make formal

    recommendations for new University academic policy and changes in existing policy.

    Southeast Missouri State University Faculty Handbook

    Faculty Sub-Committee Professional Affairs: is charged: to monitor and

    review matters which affect the professional growth of faculty members; to

    monitor the promotion and tenure policies and practices of the University; to

    make recommendations concerning promotion, hiring termination, retrenchment,

    and tenure policies and practices; to make recommendations concerning the

    general professional stature of the faculty (e.g., sabbatical policies, professional

    development funds, travel allowances); to recommend rights/privileges and

    emeritus status for retiring faculty. Southeast Missouri State University Faculty


    University Commencement Committee: To study existing procedures for

    commencement activities and to recommend changes in these procedures.

    Recommendations are to be made to the Registrar. 2014-15

    Department Human Environmental Studies Promotion and Marketing

    Committee: Chair (August 2014-present) Member September 2012- present Committees

    charge is to investigate and recommend promotion and marketing opportunities for the

    department. Recommendations are made to the Chair of the department. Currently the

    committee is re-designing the brochures and websites of all programs within the HES

    department with the assistance of the University Promotion department.

    Member of various search committees for the Human Environmental Studies

    Department new hires

  • Program:

    Funded Project:

    Information Technology Committee Funding Request, April 15, 2015

    Worked on a team of three faculty members to request Laser cutter, 5 laptops with

    Revit licenses, wide screens, and 3 desktops for design lab Request was funded.

    Funded Project:

    Experiential Learning Lab Scully 224, January 2015 May 2015

    Worked on a team of three faculty members assisted with experiential kitchen

    design, materials specification, design of lighting lab & wall-type exhibit,

    acoustic cloud design and secured custom cabinetry to be installed by Facilities

    Management construction team. Request was funded.

    CIDA Accreditation Facilitator: designated to organize and implement

    strategies and approaches to move the interior design program towards CIDA

    accreditation. Jan 2013-June 2014

    Funded Project:

    Experiential Learning Lab Scully 224, January 2013 May 2013

    Worked on a team of three faculty members assisted with space planning,

    selection of paint color, flooring color, and designing of custom cabinetry to be

    built by Facilities Management construction team.

    Funded Project:

    Information Technology Committee Funding Request, January 25, 2013

    Worked on a team of three faculty members to request at tech package, 60 TV,

    two computers, and 40 iPads for Scully 224 ($50,039.90) Request was funded.

    Funded Project:

    Furniture and Equipment Donations from Private Sources, 2013

    Worked on a team of three faculty members to request funding for a wide variety

    of FF & E included but not limited to a full working experiential kitchen, flat

    files, large color printer, scanner, furniture for experiential learning lab and

    lighting lab current total of $67,000 donated (ongoing).

    Funded Project:

    Furniture and Equipment for Interior Design Program and Scully 224, May 2013

    One time equipment money request of $2,635 that included but not limited to

    digital Sound level meter, high quality digital camera, foot-candle meter

  • Recognition outside the University for Professional Contributions to the


    National Recognition from the NKBA

    In fall 2013, The National Kitchen & Bath Association recognized the Southeast

    Missouri State University Interior Design Program as a successful accredited

    program by asking faculty members if the NKBA could publish the program

    curriculum and accreditation procedures as a model for the national organizations

    tool kit for accreditation. Our application of the body of knowledge to our

    curriculum, our course syllabi and timelines will be posted on the NKBA website

    and used as examples for any educational institution who wants to become an

    accredited program.


    Human Environmental Studies Masters Thesis Advisor: Graduate faculty

    advisor for three student thesis committees. Variety of topic: Innovative

    Technology and American Kitchen Design, Creative Project: Interior Design

    Student Perspective of an Earthship, Qualitative Study: Frequent Business

    Travelers and Hotel Selection

    Academic Distinction Project Committee Advisor Fashion Merchandising

    student reproduced two latest fashion dresses from major designers out of

    recycled paper.

    Faculty advisor/facilitator to Sustainable Students Organization R3

    successfully guided students to establish a new university student

    organization. The SSO-R3s mission is. The students also applied and

    received USGBC Student Chapter status. This is a multi-disciplinary cross

    campus organization which has grown from five founding members to

    over thirty within its first year. I have assisted the student members to

    organize and plan a variety of well attended and effective events over the

    past two years, including but not limited to:

    Outstanding Student Organization Award 2014-2015 from the Student

    Life and Leadership Council

    Recognizes registered student organizations that have made outstanding

    contributions to the betterment of the University community. Selected by

    representatives of the Student Life & Leadership Awards Committee


    USGBC Student Chapter Region 7 Conference presentation

    Studio to Emerging Professional: Supporting the Momentum Students

    will present their Sustainable Design studio project and Sustainable

    Student Organization R3, a USGBC student chapter; founding members

    and current members will discuss the process of creating a student group

  • on a large campus, personal challenges of the members in developing their

    leadership roles (presenting to Student Government & fostering

    Administration and facilities involvement and support). Funding was

    granted by the Student Government via request.

    LEED V4 Green Associate Exam Prep Workshop In collaboration with

    the USGBC Missouri Gateway Chapter offered to students, faculty, staff

    and community.

    Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center Students developed and

    maintained a relationship with State of Missouri run Center. Major project

    (on going) Rain-garden Renovation


    Earth Week a week-long course of events that pertain to

    sustainable living. Major student organizations, campus library, college

    departments and community businesses have committed to participating in

    and/or holding events.

    River Campus Recycling Initiative Students have connected and are

    collaborating with the Art Guild student group to bring awareness to the

    administration the lack of recycling on the River Campus as well as main

    campus. The students developed a solution with the donations from a local

    business to design and distribute 33 gal barrels to collect recyclable waste

    from the art studios. (Waiting approval)

    Homecoming Parade Trash and recycling pick up


    Career Link to Sustainable Outcomes the students developed and

    hosted a campus wide interdisciplinary career forum. Invited and secured

    a panel of active professionals representing health care, education,

    engineering, design, and energy utility industries with a sustainable


    Community: Girardeau Goes Green education committee

    USGBC Green School Mentor


    Fall 2016

    IA 204Building Construction and Codes this course focuses on the evolving

    technology of building, the properties of construction materials, their comparative

    strength and durability, their potentialities and limits in structural support, and the

    use of sustainable materials and systems. In this course students learn to see

    buildings as supportive systems. Static equilibrium, building loads, construction

  • methods, fastening and terminology are explained, emphasizing interior

    alterations. There is an overview of the International Building Code, zoning, and a

    review of the ADA.

    DHH 3012 Universal Design Masters of Professional Studies- Design for

    Human Health students explore the idea of universal design within the context of

    physical, psychological, and sociological development and throughout the


    Spring 2016

    DS 104 Exploring Interior Design

    Graduate and Honors Faculty Member designation

    Fall 2015

    DS 218 Form and Space for Designers Students explore elements and principles

    of design pertaining to form and space. Design concept development and model

    construction. Students improve their sketching skills and work through the

    design process to create basic quick models to explore 3-dimensional space. Final

    project is a scaled model of a architecturally significant building using evidence

    based design and analytical diagramming to explore form and space.

    DS 450 Professional Practice I

    DS 313 Sustainable Design

    DS 111 Technical Drafting for Interior Designers

    Spring 2015

    DS 314 Multicultural Design Student final project Multicultural Center

    Exploring Non-western design, exploring the principles and elements used in the

    interiors. Students develop Pecha Kucha presentations to share their findings.

    Create abstract concept models to investigate innovative ways to use these

    principles and elements in a 3D form. With this new cultural knowledge, the

    students will design a three-story multicultural center in NYC as a final project.

    DS 111 Technical Drafting for Interior Designers Study and application of the

    technical drafting standards and techniques for designers. Sketchbooks are

    required with weekly assignments, 2D, elevations, sketching, and sketching to

    scale is covered.

    Fall 2014

    DS 450 Professional Practice I student final project: develop a business

    plan. The class attended the NCIDQ webinar Megan Bailey.

  • DS 313 Sustainable Design student projects: Sustainability and the Integration of

    community visitability and an Educational Opportunity experiential and team

    learning opportunities; using major renovation LEED NC Schools creating a

    schematic plan for a building on campus. Multidisciplinary team, invited

    engineering and construction management students to participate as volunteers

    with interior design students. Biomimicry, Reduce, Reuse shuttle stop

    (creative projects) Find alternative/sustainable building materials to build a shuttle

    stop on campus. Using interior design principles and elements to generate a reuse

    repurpose a scaled concept model. Sustainability and Economy (low budget)


    DS 111 Technical Drafting for Interior Designers Study and application of the

    technical drafting standards and techniques for designers. Sketchbooks are

    required with weekly assignments, 2D, sketching, and sketching to scale is


    Spring 2014

    DS 314 Multicultural Design Student final project Multicultural Center

    Collaborated with the International Student Center and the Cultural and Linguistic

    Anthropology program to develop an in depth approach to facilitate a deeper

    understanding and meaning of culture, traditions and lifestyle. Inviting With this

    new cultural knowledge the students will design a three story multicultural center

    in NYC as a final project

    DS 111 Design Process students learn hand drafting, design process, and integrating design principles and elements into their projects. Several

    design approaches are covered such as Karlen space planning, evidence

    based design, case studies and metaphor/concept model. Sketchbooks are

    required with weekly assignments, sketching, principles and elements

    identification, poche, and color theory are also covered.

    Fall 2013

    DS 450 Professional Practice I student final project: develop a business

    plan. The class attended the NCIDQ webinar Ken Baker, as well as the

    ID Student Association hosted NKBA local chapter meeting. I arranged a

    two-hour presentation presented by an architectural and interior design

    firm to discuss commercial and hospitality design, exposing the students

    to a broad range of practice and specialty types.

    DS 313 Sustainable Design student projects: Regreen project and

    LEED NC both real client experiential and team learning opportunities.

    Biomimicry, Reduce, Reuse (creative projects) and Sustainability

    and Economy (low budget) assignments. To ensure exposure to the

    multidisciplinary approach to LEED projects, successfully procured

  • several guest speakers from engineering and architecture disciplines to

    discuss BIM and LEED integration.

    NCIDQ sponsor for Emily Dwyer Oct 2013- 2014 successfully passed NCIDQ

    Spring 2013

    DS 451 Professional Practice II student final project: portfolio

    DS 111 Design Process student final project: hand draft Dapple House

    DS 314 Multicultural Design Student final project Multicultural Center;

    organized guest speakers from several non-western countries coordinated

    with International Student Center on campus.

    Fall 2012

    DS 111 Design Process student final project: hand draft Dapple House

    DS 450 Professional Practice I student final project: business plan

    ID Student Association hosted NKBA/ASID local chapter meeting

    NCIDQ webinar Ken Baker, IIDA guest speaker presentation

    DS 332 Materials and Cost Estimating student final project: open and

    closed specifications for a comprehensive interior design project.

    Organized field trips to St Louis HOK and New City School and local

    flooring store.


    The Center for Scholarship in Teaching and Learning (CSTL) at Southeast Missouri

    State University

    IDEA and Backward Design

    Moodle (online teaching program), Faculty Development Day (Quality Matters,

    Flipped Classroom), Is My Class Ready? Video editing/tools/best practices,

    Faculty Using New Technology in Teaching, what to do with Students who bring

    devices to the classroom, Teacher iPads in the classroom, Engagement of

    Students in Higher Order of Thinking