Current Trends in Fashion Fall 2012

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Lesson for Fashion


  • 1. Fashion MarketingGrades 10 11 12 Current FallTrends2012In Fashion

2. Previous Fashion TrendsLesson: through the AgesWhat Decade? 3. Previous Fashion Trends Lesson: through the AgesWhat Decade? 4. LessonThe student will understand each Objectivesphase in the fashion cycle while beingable to identify different fashions thatfit within each of the fashion phases:with 95% accuracy using a teacherdeveloped rubric.Enabling Objectives: What is the fashion cycle? What are the 5 stages of the fashioncycle? Who/What are fashion leaders? What are trends vs. fads? 5. Style Street Sighting: Blacksburg, VA Fall 2012 Neon isRiding so in rightboots with now! a scarf area must Colored pants are my Fall fashion trendInfinityScarvesCrushin itin 2012! 6. The Fashion CycleFashion cycle- a period of time or life span during which thefashion exists, moving through five stages from introductionthrough obsolescence. 7. IntroductionStage: 8. Rise Stage: 9. Peak Stage: 10. DeclineStage: 11. Obsolescence Stage: 12. Trends Vs. Fad: Fads:aA fashion that is popular forshort period of time TrendThe direction of themovement of fashion that isaccepted in the marketplace. 13. Fall Fashion Trendsfor 2012: 14. T-shirt Cutting: 15. Wrap Up & Review1. In which stage of the product life cycle are sales the highest?2. Why do profits begin declining before sales in a products life cycle?3. Which type of product - basic, fashion, or fad - have the longest product life cycle? Why?4. What/Who are fashion leaders? 16. Next Lesson:Fashions of thefuture