current state of mobile learning in kazakhstan

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1. THE CURRENT STATE OF MOBILE LEARNING AND IMPACT OF MOBILE TECHNOLOGIES ON SOCIETY Daniyar Sapargaliyev, PhD WIMLIK 2015 11-13 February, 2015 2. Introduction 3. Social Media 4. Oxford Internet Institute 5. Mobile Economy 6. Mobile payment 7. Mobile payment K-Pay mPOS-terminal 8. provocative and untrue text message campaign 9. Language Learning 10. Phrase of the day 11. So to Speak project 12. Questions&Answers Daniyar Sapargaliyev, PhD 13. References Lawyers detained in Kazakhstan banking sabotage case British Council and Kcell have launched the mobile service for learning English Nokia application to help learn Kazakh language Mobile English learning MyPaykz entered the list of most successful startups in sphere of Internet projects according to the Forbes Kazakhstan