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<p>Christopher Burgess</p> <p>Robert Brown</p> <p>Experience with: Management of Teams in the areas of Regulatory Compliance/Crime and Environmental Investigation Federal, State and Local Government Legislation Local Laws, Community Safety and Asset Management Emergency Management Procedures and roles Court Procedures and Brief Preparation Policy and Procedures development Building stakeholder relationships in a complex environment</p> <p>Robert BrownMobile I 0418121424 Email I</p> <p>Qualified and Experienced Leader in Investigations and Regulatory Compliance. </p> <p>Profile</p> <p>After 22 years of investigative and regulatory compliance experience and over 10 years of leadership experience, I believe that I have developed into an accomplished and dedicated leader in the fields of investigations and regulatory compliance. During this period I have demonstrated a strong work ethic and leadership qualities within, Local Government, The Environmental Protection Authority, Victoria Police and Private Companies which has been regularly acknowledged in the form of written commendations, awards and letters of reference. I believe that the skills, knowledge and experience that I have acquired and developed throughout my career have enabled me to perform varied leadership roles in the fields of compliance, investigations and enforcement within all levels of government.</p> <p>Career Highlights</p> <p>2014-Authorised Officer Compliance City of Monash- I commenced this role in December 2014 and it has provided me with an opportunity within local government. Along with my core objectives I am currently developing traffic management strategies for construction sites within the City of Monash. These strategies will enhance the overall safety of these sites and lessen the impact and inconvenience to residents in the area. I am assisting in the development of procedures and a compliance and enforcement strategy which would ensure consistency within compliance throughout the organisation. 2014Compliance Supervisor Southern Rural Water Performed the role of Compliance Supervisor with Southern Rural Water. During this period I developed a compliance and enforcement strategy for the organisation as well as an investigative training package for staff. I liaised and assisted the Department of Environment and Primary Industries in respect of the national strategy. During this time I managed finances, purchased equipment for staff, and developed guidelines relevant to the roles performed.2013-2014Safety and Security Officer, Supervisor and Investigator Manus Island Regional Processing Centre - Performed the roles of Supervisor, Incident Response Team Leader and Investigator. I conducted investigations and performed supervision duties of up to 40 staff and 350 refugees ensuring compliance with government policies and procedures. I Supervised the Incident Response Teams who responded to any critical incidents within the facility. I was elected ass a WHS representative and I performed the role in a challenging and complex environment. I assisted in the development of policy and procedures relating to compliance, training and investigations. During my role I was responsible for the rostering of staff, rotations and delegations of duty. For the last 2 months I managed all movements of refugees to and from Papua New Guinea, Manus Island and Australia. This involved obtaining flights and satisfying airline security requirements, managing accommodation facilities for staff and refugees, organising interpreters and health appointments, managing accounts and submitting updated reports to superiors and ministers. 2013Contract Investigator - Conducted Investigations on behalf of Mitchell Shire, relating to community safety issues.2012-2013Team Leader/Senior Investigator/Authorised Officer - Environmental Protection Authority, Major Investigations Unit, Illegal Dumping Strike Force. During this time I led a team of investigators whilst I was in direct control of all surveillance operations, complex investigations, major operations and the handling of whistle blowers and human sources. I developed and implemented policy and procedures relating to the use of surveillance devices, the handling of human sources and whistle blowers, investigative and regulatory compliance techniques. As part of my role and in enhancing the reputation of the EPA I established - working relationships with councils, stakeholders and other state regulatory and enforcement agencies. These relationships were critical in the success of a number of investigations conducted by my team. I developed training components for Authorized Officers, purchased equipment, authorised financial invoices and contracts relating to external surveillance. 2007 - 2012Detective Leading Senior Constable. - Performed investigative duties at the Bass Coast Criminal Investigation Unit. During this time I conducted numerous complex investigations relating to serious criminal activity. I performed the role of Team Leader/Acting Sergeant - Special duties plain clothes operations. During this time I led a team of investigators conducting covert operations and investigations. I managed all aspects of staff including rostering, personal development, authorised overtime, I checked and authorised briefs of evidence. During this role my team received recognition from external and internal areas in relation to our achievements.2004 2007Senior Constable/ Acting Detective Senior Constable Performed uniform, plain clothes and Investigative duties at the Oakleigh Police Station during which I was seconded to Oakleigh Criminal Investigation Unit as an investigator for a period of 18 months.2002 - 2004Senior Constable/ Acting Detective Senior Constable - Performed uniform, plain clothes and investigative duties at Nunawading Police Station during which I was seconded to the Nunawading Criminal Investigations Unit for a period of 6 months.2001Senior Constable - Glen Waverley Regional Response Unit - performed plain clothes investigative and surveillance duties relating to covert operations for a period of 16 months.2001Senior Constable Uniform and plain clothes duties - Nunawading Police Station.2000 - 2001Senior Constable/Acting Detective Senior Constable - Hawthorn Police Station - performed uniform, plain clothes and investigative duties during which I was seconded to Hawthorn Criminal Investigation Unit.2000Promoted to rank of Senior Constable.1998 - 2000Constable/Acting Detective Constable Transit Safety Division - Performed uniform, plain clothes and investigative duties during which I was seconded to the Divisional Support Group and Transit Criminal Investigation Unit. 1998Acting Detective Constable - Asset Recovery Squad Seconded as an investigator and involved in Victorias first million dollar asset seizure.1996Probationary Constable Uniform and plain clothes duties - Melbourne CBD and Nunawading Police Station.</p> <p>1996Graduated from the Victorian Police Academy Constables Training Phase</p> <p>1994Graduated Victorian Police Academy as a Protective Services Officer - Duties included security of government buildings, law courts and dignitaries. I performed this role for a period of 2 years</p> <p>Key Professional Qualifications</p> <p>Advanced Diploma Public Safety Police InvestigationsVictoria Police 2008Diploma Government Investigations (RPL)CLET 2012Certificate IV Government Investigations (RPL)CLET 2012Certificate III Investigations (RPL)CLET 2012Work in an Emergency Management Context PUAEMR018ASES 2016-Part Diploma Public Safety (Emergency Management) </p> <p>Professional Qualifications - Detailed</p> <p>All Sessions achieved successful Pass at completion of training session</p> <p>2016Work in Emergency Management Context PUAEMR018A (SES)2015Customer Service Guarantee Training Course 2014Authorised Officer City of Monash2014Implement Traffic Management Plan RIIWHS302D 2014Control Traffic/Pedestrians with stop/slow bat RIIWHS205D2014WHS Construction Induction Course (White Card) No. 18050172013Authorised Officer Training - Environmental Protection Act (EPA)2013Compliance Inspections An auditors approach (EPA)2012Regulatory Craftsmanship Course (EPA)2012Exercising Your Powers Course (RMIT - Andrew Palmer)2012Crime Mapping and GIS Conference (3 Days) (RMIT)2012Asbestos Inspectors Training Course (HAZCON)2012Communicating as a Regulator Training (Diverse Training Concepts)2012 Diploma in Government Investigations - (RPL College for Law and Education Training)2012Responsible Serving of Alcohol training (Chisholm)2012Certificate IV Government Investigations - (RPL College for Law and Education Training)2012Certificate III Investigations - (RPL College for Law and Education Training) 2010First Aid Level 2 (St Johns Ambulance)2009DSE Basic Wildfire Training (DSE)2008Advanced Diploma Public Safety (Police Investigations) (Victoria Police)2008Media Training (Police Media Unit)2007Financial Management Training- (online training)2007Equal Opportunity - (online training)2007Discrimination Awareness Training - (online training)2007Sexual Harassment in the work place - (online training)2007Managing work place conflict - (online training)2006Dealing with confidential informers training (Victoria Police)2005Crime Scene Photographic - (Crime Scene Examiners Course Victoria Police)2001Field Investigators Course Advanced Diploma of Investigation (Victoria Police)1999Drug Law and Education Course Victorian Police Centre (Victorian Police)1999Drug and Alcohol Awareness Presenters Course (Victorian Government)1996Constables Course (20 weeks) Victorian Police Academy (Victoria Police)1994Protective Services Course (9 weeks) Victorian Police Academy (Victoria Police)</p> <p>Key Skills and Experience</p> <p> 22 years of investigative, policing and regulatory compliance experience as an Investigator Senior Investigator, Team Leader and Supervisor Experience in leading and managing teams and co-ordinating operations in the area of investigations, regulatory compliance and surveillance. Experience in developing teams and ensuring personal development Experience in handling external contracts, and financial delegation Experience in emergency management procedures, legislation and roles within local and state government. Experience in the fields of Local Laws and Asset Management within Local Government Experience in conducting and managing operations and investigations. Experience in managing and conducting protracted and complicated investigations Experience in the managing of whistle blowers and human sources. Experience in preparation of search warrant applications and the execution of such warrants. Experience in the use of surveillance techniques and equipment. Experience in evidence gathering, interviewing techniques and continuity of evidence procedures. Knowledge, understanding and application of Criminal and Environmental Law, court procedures, statement and affidavit compilation. Experience in compiling and authorising complex briefs of evidence. Experience in a variety of investigative and analytical methods and techniques. Ability to forge and maintain partnerships with stakeholders, external agencies and contractors. Experience in developing policy and procedures. Experience in conducting training, delivering presentations and case studies to internal and external agencies. Experience in identifying trends and implementing measures and management plans to rectify these trends.</p> <p>Achievements</p> <p> 2014 -Co-ordinated and led multiple teams during the riots staged by refugees on Manus Island in February, 2014. I have since been commended for my leadership, decisive actions and co-ordination during a highly intense, difficult and violent situation. 2013 -Co-ordinated the first EPA/Police operation into organised criminal activity within the waste sector which, after an 8 month investigation resulted in the arrest of the company directors and general manager. 2012 -Authorised Officer - Environmental Protection Act. 2008 -The Brad Robinson Memorial Award: Award was awarded to me at the completion of Detective Training School and reads, For his pursuit of excellence and in the opinion of the instructional staff and his course members has enthusiastically participated in the course, demonstrated the qualities of tenacity, fairness and maturity and has the confidence and ability to use these qualities. In addition, has achieved a high academic standard during the course and has gained the respect of his peers. 2008 -Recognition of Excellent Work: Report reads, The operation which was executed by your team resulted in the search of multiple addresses, the charging of 5 offenders with theft and dishonesty offences and the recovery of property valued in excess of $190,000. Clearly the investigative techniques of yourself and your team, combined with tenacity and excellent planning have led to the apprehension of serial offenders engaged in a complex criminal enterprise. 2004 -Divisional Letter of Commendation: In relation to an operation, investigation and subsequent arrest of offenders for property offences in excess of $70,000. Report from the Superintendent reads, I wish to commend you for your outstanding investigation and collation skills. It is very pleasing to learn of situations where police members have displayed professionalism to a high standard such as yours. Your work performance is indicative of your enthusiasm and dedication. 2004 -Divisional Commendation: Awarded for a major drug operation conducted In 2002. It reads, For dedication and professionalism displayed during a lengthy and protracted major drug investigation involving large scale trafficking of Methyl Amphetamines and led to the arrest of 16 offenders and drug laboratories in Ashburton and Ivanhoe. 2004 -Divisional Letter of Commendation: In relation to the investigation, identification and arrest of 5 offenders for affray and serious assaults. Report by Superintendent states that, I wish to commend you on your initiative, professionalism and investigative skills which have led to the successful conclusion of this incident. 2001 -Divisional Letter of Appreciation: In relation to a drug operation which I organised and conducted and resulted in the arrest of 5 offenders for trafficking and possessing heroin. Report by the Superintendent commended me on my motivation, dedication and professionalism. 2000 -Letter of Congratulations: This relates to the investigation and arrest of an offender for a series of burglaries. Report states that I be commended for my professional approach, diligent questioning, astute interviews and keen investigative skills and techniques. 1999 -Divisional Good Work Register: I was commended at divisional level for the assistance I gave to the Transit CIB in identifying 8 unknown offenders for the blackmailing and extortion of a 14 year old boy. Report states that BROWN is...</p>