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Current Practices in Corporate Video Production

IntroductionFor this essay I will be talking about different laws and the practices that are used within making corporate videos. I will be linking videos that fit in with each topic on how it is breaks the topic or does it correctly.

CopyrightCopyright protects a range of different products from artistic works to broadcasting works. It is simple to understand but its easy to make a mistake which could cost you loads of money.Copyright helps people protect their work against other peoples unauthorised copying. It could be the smallest clip/image that someone has taken and put into their work and they could be fined a lot of money.

PrivacyThis is the basic human rights. The person interview you should protects the information on someone's personal life from being out in the public eye. If someone didnt want their face and voice to be shown they would have an actor/actress do the part of the story they are meant to be.This is where companies, individuals, or firms can sue because there has been published information that could be false and it could hurt their reputation.


This is where companies, individuals, or firms can sue because there has been published information that could be false and it could hurt their reputation.If you have the information and can prove that a news paper or any publisher has said something previously that is degrading to you and they keep trying to do it you can get them sued and they can be put on trial .A case of this happening is when Robin Williams look-alike worked with his agent to pretended that he was the real Robin and causing problems with that charities which hurt his reputation.

Ethical When creating a video you have to make sure you are being fair to all genders, ethnicity, religion and so on. Within a video you should always try and get a mix of races in not just white people. A corporate video that shows ethnicity well is Apple corporate video from 2014. They show 15 different countries using and it shows also a wide range of ages and genders.It shows people using different apple products and how it is all shot on an iPhone.

TechnologiesIn corporate videos there is many brands of cameras, camera lenses sound/microphones, lighting, drones and go pro.

Equipment Brand and TypePrices CameraBlack magic: ProductionCamera 4K PL The price for this camera 2,475 rrp. The price for rent is 100/pd+vatSound/MicrophoneRODE NTG2 Short shotgun microphoneThis mic cost about 173 but will vary on where you go. The rent price for this mic daily it cost 12 and weekly is 36Lighting PIXAPRO 90x90cm Non-recessed Square SoftboxThe price for this light is about 32.99 for rrp. Drones and Go ProDji Inspire2 Go Pro HERO5 BlackThe price for the drone is $2,999(roughly 2,373).The GoPro HERO5 black cost 349.95. The hire price for 3 day is $31.00(roughly 24).

Fair useFair use law allows to use parts of copyrighted work with out the permission of creator to use it, if you can prove that you are using it for either education, a debate or creating a review or a parody on a movie/ TV show/ songs and not for profit.If you used clips or parody have to always have to give credit the creator.When doing work you should not copy word for word what someone else has written other wise you can be done for plagiarism and you could get fined.

Release (materials, talent and location)For releases you need to have the permission to film people, location and if you hire equipment you have signed and paid for it.If you film in an area that you have not got the permission to film for you could be fined.When filming someone you have to make sure that the days you want to film with them they are available to film. If the person you want to film in a child you have to get the parents permission.When doing previous work I have always made sure when filming I have got the permission to film the people, when searching for a location I would like to film I have got the signature of the owners to film and when booking equipment out I have taken it back after filming.