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  1. 1. Peter Rossithe main personCurrent Owner at Highlights PhotographyEducation James Cook UniversityConnections181 connectionsWebsites Personal WebsiteAIPP Australian Portrait Photographer of theYear 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2010Peter Rossi is a famous Australian portrait photographer. In my mind that the message is that peopleare trapped in society because there are three business people men the back ground allegedlygoing to work and the man is sat and chained to an office seat and that is representing that hesalways tied down to work and that its a depressing and dull thing to do. What peter rossi did well isthat he used the rule of third very well and effectively. He put the main person in the middle of thepicture with his surrounding around him, with two people either side of him and on in thebackground so we can definitely see them. Their backs are towards us so this tells us that thephotographer says that they are lifeless and alienated also it tells us that he fells isolated and alonewe can tell this because they are not talking and they are keeping their heads down so this tells usthat they are not trying to strike a convocation anyway.


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