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<ul><li><p>WEDDINGGUIDE</p><p>Start your honeymoon early</p><p>shedding light on sexual assault</p><p>CitySips</p><p>A2's CocktailArtisans</p><p>CannabisPatient Guide38</p><p>APRIL 2016 | FREE</p><p>11</p><p>15</p><p>10</p><p>(&amp;',</p><p>Best of</p><p>H;7:;HI9&gt;E?9;</p><p>Washtenaw</p><p>LAST CHANCE TO VOTE</p><p>7</p><p>NEWFEATUR</p><p>E</p></li><li><p>2 april 2016 /</p></li><li><p> / april 2016 3</p></li><li><p>4 april 2016 /</p><p> fyi 644th Annual Dance for Mother Earth Powwow</p><p>green corner 645th annual Earth Day festival</p><p>spotted 9Current staffers and readers spotted this around town</p><p>contents april 2016vol. 26/no. 3</p><p>City Sips 11Cocktail Craftspeople spill bar secrets</p><p>food: Encuentro Latino 19Guatemalan cuisine comes to Ypsilantiby The Anonymous Eater</p><p>music: Personal Poison 23Detroit MC Elxhis latest album, Lead Poison, is per-sonal and powerfulby M.F. DiBela</p><p>theater: Irrational 28The artist and teacher tackles Ann Arbors water towerby Sandor Slomovits</p><p>film: Residents 31Two local filmmakers try to break into the big timeby Heidi Philipsen</p><p>art feature: Bill Burgard 33The artist and teacher tackles Ann Arbors water towerby Louis W. Meldman</p><p>everything else 42crossword 46</p><p>Last Monthsmost read stories on</p><p>ECURRENT.COM</p><p>1Sit down with Sava2EMUs T.R.I.B.E is taking over</p><p>4 Q&amp;A with Kickshaw Theatre5 54th Ann Arbor Film Fest</p><p>3 Women-owned business in Washtenaw County</p><p>Shedding light on sexual assaultTake Back the Nightby Zach Marburger</p><p>p.10</p></li><li><p> / april 2016 5</p><p>Adams Street Publishing Co.</p><p>Spring is here! Whats your fantasy Spring Break vacation?</p><p>Audited by </p><p> 2016 by Adams Street Publishing Co., All rights reserved. 3003 Washtenaw Ave., Suite 3, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, </p><p>Phone (734) 668-4044, Fax (734) 668-0555. 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As part of the ongoing expansion of the Westgate Branch of the Ann Arbor District Library (2503 Jackson Ave.), local coffee shop Sweetwaters is opening a fully-stocked store for library patrons.</p><p>PowwowStarted in 1972 by the group American Indians at the University of Michigan (AIUM) before the Native American Student Association (NASA) came formed in 1976, the 44th Annual Dance for Mother Earth Powwow brings together Native American groups from across the Great Lakes region. There will be demonstrations of different styles of Native American dance, </p><p>including Womens Jingle Dress, Womens Fancy Shawl, Womens Traditional, Mens Grass Dance, Mens Fancy Dance and Mens Traditional, as well as drum circles and dance contests. The powwow will host a market, where some of the regions finest Native American artisans will sell traditional and modern work. In addition to learning about Native American culture and heritage, visitors will have the opportunity to join the dance circle alongside competing dancers. Weekend and family passes are available at a discounted rate. ZM</p><p>10:30am-10:30pm/Saturday, April 2 and 10:30am-6pm/Sunday, April 3. $10/general admission, $7/students with ID and seniors, $5/children 6-12. Skyline High School, 2552 N. </p><p>Maple Rd.</p><p> Cafe for SaleFive years after opening Cafe Ollie at 42 E. Cross St. in Ypsilanti, owners and operators Danielle Scherwin and Mark Teachout have put the Cafe up for sale. The new owners will get to enjoy the January renovations to the space.</p><p> Coffee ClosingCraft coffee shop and tea room Elixir Vitae is closing its 117 E. Liberty St. location. The location at 326 Maynard St. will remain open.</p><p> Car-SharingAfter a trial run at UM, General Motors has launched their car-sharing service, Maven, in Ann Arbor. There will be around 35 different cars available at 20 different locations throughout town.</p><p> Italian Street FoodJust off Central Campus comes a new dining option, Piada Italian Street Food. Inspired by the food carts in Italy, the restaurant, which will be located at 311 S. State St., will open its doors in April.</p><p> New look for VinologyThe popular Vinology Wine Bar and Restaurant got a makeover to celebrate ten years in business at 110 S. Main St. New flooring was put in and the kitchen received new equipment, in addition to other improvements in the dining area.</p><p> St. Elmos moves onSt. Elmos T-shirts are moving on from their 220 S. Main St. location after almost 30 years, but not far. The new location will be just a few blocks away on Liberty St.</p><p>fyi</p><p>Earth Day FestivalEarth Day is officially April 22, but just as every day should be Mothers Day, its never too early to get in the spirit to save and celebrate Spaceship Earth. Join the Earthday Festival Planning Committee, the Clean Energy Coalition, and the Leslie Science and Nature Center as they celebrate a few days early with the 45th Annual Earth Day Festival. 40 locale environmental organizations will be there to pass out information. Presentations will continue throughout the day on topics like Exploring Aquaponics, Energy Efficiency in Your Home, and more. There will also be live entertainment (for kids and adults), animal displays, hikes through the Black Pond Woods and other hands-on activities. Learn how to make Earth Day more than just a once-a-year celebration by incorporating sustainable practices into your daily life. As always, the festival itself will be a zero waste event thanks to the work of Recycle Ann Arbor. Parking is in high demand, so get in the spirit of the event and bike or take the bus to the festival. </p><p>Sunday, April 17. Noon-4pm. Leslie Science and Nature Center, 1831 Traver Rd. 734-997-1553. </p><p> Free</p></li><li><p> / april 2016 7</p><p>(&amp;',</p><p>Best of</p><p>H;7:;HI9&gt;E?9;</p><p>Washtenaw</p><p>(&amp;',</p><p>Best of</p><p>H;7:;HI9&gt;E?9;</p><p>Washtenaw</p><p>(&amp;',</p><p>Best of</p><p>H;7:;HI9&gt;E?9;</p><p>Washtenaw</p><p>(&amp;',</p><p>Best of</p><p>H;7:;HI9&gt;E?9;</p><p>Washtenaw</p><p>(&amp;',</p><p>Best of</p><p>H;7:;HI9&gt;E?9;</p><p>Washtenaw</p><p>New Business:</p><p>Greenhouse/Garden Store:</p><p>Home Boutique:</p><p>Antique Store:</p><p>Thrift Store:</p><p>Womens Boutique:</p><p>Mens Clothing:</p><p>Shoe Store:</p><p>Jewelry Store:</p><p>Natural Food Store:</p><p>Farmers Market:</p><p>Caterer:</p><p>Party/Wine Store:</p><p>Place To Throw A Party:</p><p>Hotel:</p><p>Florist:</p><p>Auto Dealer:</p><p>Auto Repair:</p><p>Bicycle Shop:</p><p>Used Books:</p><p>Independent Books:</p><p>Comic Store:</p><p>Golf Course:</p><p>Music Store:</p><p>Doggy Day Care:</p><p>Pet Salon:</p><p>Best White Knight:</p><p>Best Radio Host:</p><p>Best A2 instagram account:</p><p>Shopping and Services</p><p>Chinese:</p><p>Japanese:</p><p>Korean:</p><p>Thai:</p><p>Greek:</p><p>Italian:</p><p>Middle Eastern:</p><p>Mexican:</p><p>Local Farm:</p><p>Deli:</p><p>Diner:</p><p>Best New Restaurant:</p><p>Fine Dining:</p><p>Coffee House:</p><p>Breakfast Place:</p><p>Brewpub:</p><p>Food Cart:</p><p>Best Dessert:</p><p>Burger:</p><p>Best Bartender:</p><p>Best Happy Hour:</p><p>Dining +Drinking</p><p>Dining +Drinking</p><p>Submit Your ballot</p><p>Name:______________________________________________</p><p>address: ___________________________________________</p><p>City/state/Zip: ____________________/_______/_________</p><p>phoNe Number: ____________________________________</p><p>email: ______________________________________________</p><p>Please send ballots to: Current3003 Washtenaw Ave., Suite 3 Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104</p><p>ruleS:Submit only ONE ballot per person. You must vote on </p><p>a minimum of 30 items. Ballots that do not meet these requirements </p><p>will be DISQUALIFIED. No ballot stuffing! No photocopies! Vote only </p><p>for businesses, organization, groups, or people operating in Washtenaw </p><p>County. Ballots must be postmarked or received via email by April 20. Vote</p></li><li><p>8 april 2016 /</p><p>Music +Entertainmen</p><p>tMusic +Entertainmen</p><p>t</p><p>Haircut:</p><p>Massage Therapy:</p><p>Day Spa:</p><p>Facial/Skincare:</p><p>Yoga:</p><p>Fitness Center:</p><p>Best Trainer:</p><p>Cool Eyewear:</p><p>Tattoo:</p><p>Tanning:</p><p>Looking Good, Feeling Good</p><p>Street Musician:</p><p>New Artist/Band:</p><p>Local Album:</p><p>DJ/Electronica:</p><p>Folk/Country:</p><p>Hip-hop:</p><p>Jazz/Blues:</p><p>Rock:</p><p>Open Mic:</p><p>Live Music:</p><p>Dance Club:</p><p>Pick-up Bar:</p><p>Best Cocktail Bar:</p><p>Annual Event:</p><p>Karaoke:</p><p>Pre-game Hangout:</p><p>LGBTQ Bar:</p><p>Sports Bar:</p><p>Bowling Alley:</p><p>Celebrate 21st Birthday:</p><p>Local Non Profit:</p><p>Best Charity:</p><p>Do Gooder:</p><p>Public Servant:</p><p>Suburban Downtown:</p><p>Local Color</p><p>Best Art Gallery:</p><p>Best Museum:</p><p>Live Theatre:</p><p>Theatre Troupe:</p><p>Dance Company:</p><p>Movie Theater:</p><p>Artist:</p><p>Best Place to Buy Local Art:</p><p>Art/Theater</p><p>Writer:</p><p>Best Reason to Read:</p><p>Best Place to Pick Up:</p><p>Best Topic We Havent Covered Yet:</p><p>Current</p><p>Best Late Night Grub:</p><p>Best Delivery Food:</p><p>Best Student Hang-out:</p><p>Best Place To Study:</p><p>Students</p><p>Real Estate Agent:</p><p>Bank/Credit Union:</p><p>Professor:</p><p>Lawyer:</p><p>Optometrist:</p><p>Dentist:</p><p>Doctor:</p><p>Plastic Surgeon:</p><p>Veterinarian:</p><p>Travel Agent:</p><p>Alternative Health Care:</p><p>Chiropractor:</p><p>Cool Pros</p></li><li><p> / april 2016 9</p><p>Current staffers and readers spotted these happenings around town</p><p>spottedn The Circle of Middle Aged LifeYou and two other guys were near the back entrance to Hatcher Graduate Library on Central Campus. The three of you, middle-aged men of mixed de-scent, stood in a circle grasping each others arms, swaying from side to side in a fashion that resem-bled a mixture of tai chi, drunken camaraderie and self defense. I cant even begin to understand what it was that you were doing, but whatever it was, it made me uncomfortable from a distance. I wasnt sure if I wanted to call the police or join in. If it werent a Thursday afternoon and if I had several hours free I would have asked to partake in what-ever was fueling your enjoyment.</p><p>n Beauty school drop out You were walking down Washington, near 4th, carrying the ultimate accessory, a retro bubbletop freestanding hair dryer. Im not even sure if that is the proper terminology to describe that piece of equipment, but you know what Im talking about. I did a double take, thinking I misjudged what you were carrying. Sure enough you were strutting down the street like a hair messiah with a full on standing blow dryer. If youre carrying that kind of firepower around on a Friday afternoon I can only assume that you looked better than Beyonce at the party that night. </p><p>n Copping some help It was spring break and campus was a ghost town, this made your perp walk out of the back entrance of Angell Hall visible from any vantage point on the Diag. One of-ficer led you out in cuffs, the other followed closely be-hind, carrying your backpack and acoustic guitar. Sure you ended up in jail, but look on the bright side, you got a tax-payer subsidized roadie, in full uniform, to carry your gear. This is the highlight of your unglamorous busking ca-reer. For what its worth I think you could probably shred on that cop in a head to head guitar battle.</p><p>Send us your spotted suggestions on facebook or @ecurrent on twitter!</p></li><li><p>10 april 2016 /</p><p>feature</p><p>Take Back the Night hosts annual rally and marchby Zach Marburger</p><p>Community Leaders for Take Back the Night Ann Arbor, Pam and Tom Swidler, know that sexual assault is not an easy subject to discuss, much less read about.</p><p>My husband and I have been doing this [march] for about eight years. Theres still a lot of denial that this [sexual assault] happens, said Pam. If we cant get people to acknowledge that this happens, were never going to be able to stop it.</p><p>But as one of the driving forces behind the local chapter of Take Back the Night, and as a sexual assault survivor herself, bringing sexual assault out of the shadows and into the communitys consciousness is what drives her, and the local chapter of Take Back the Night, to continue pushing.</p><p>Rally and marchTake Back the Night is an international nonprofit </p><p>organization that started in Europe before coming to the United States in the 1970s. The organizations goal is to end sexual assault and domestic violence. While the organization doesnt provide direct counseling services, it provides an outlet for women to share their experiences, and helps direct victims to the proper resources.</p><p>Most importantly, Take Back the Night seeks to raise awareness and educate men and women about the issue of sexual violence. Their biggest event of the year is the annual rally and march, which begins at the UM Union Ballroom with speakers and performances before marching to the Diag and moving through UM campus and downtown.</p><p>This years theme for the rally is Expressions in Dance and features performances from Body Rhythm Dance Theatre, Cadence and Lein Irish. The keynote speaker will be Quinn Davis, a Take Back the Night volunteer and SafeHouse advocate.</p><p>Students take chargeUM undergraduates serve as Student Leaders, which, </p><p>according to Senior Student Leaders Cassie Schieltz and Audrey Parenti, allows young women to speak directly to the their peers.</p><p>It also allows Take Back the Night to challenge UMs administration on their willingness to engage in </p><p>meaningful conversation about sexual assault on campus. UM revamped its sexual assault policy in 2013. But, in 2014, UM was the subject of a formal Title IX investigation by the Department of Education of the administrations handling of sexual misconduct complaints on campus.</p><p>We reached out to President Schlissel last year and he said we wouldnt be able to attend, said Parenti. This year, </p><p>he said he wouldnt be able to make it but would find someone in the administration to attend. He never followed through with that promise.</p><p>Still marchingThe university </p><p>supports the work by our students and of other local organizations to ensure survivors participating in this event feel supported, said UM </p><p>spokesperson Rick Fitzgerald when asked about the rally. As in previous years, members of the universitys Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center plan to attend the event to support participants and share information about the available confidential resources for survivors.</p><p>Swidler noted...</p></li></ul>