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Current and Future Activity Highlights. Mark Modera WCEC Affiliates Forum May 20 , 2014. Existing Project Highlights. Aerosol Sealing Multiple new contracts and proposals Big successes in Honda house and in New York City apartments RTU Retrofit ASHRAE Standard Committee 212 launched - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Cooling Technology Demonstrations

Current and Future Activity HighlightsMark ModeraWCEC Affiliates ForumMay 20, 2014

Existing Project HighlightsAerosol SealingMultiple new contracts and proposalsBig successes in Honda house and in New York City apartmentsRTU RetrofitASHRAE Standard Committee 212 launchedFirst data obtained in the new climatic chamberAerosol Envelope Sealing Honda House (Pre-Sheetrock)Aerosol Envelope Sealing

New York City Apartment Sealing

4 apartments sealed (~80%)1-2 hours of injection (1-2 ach50)Sound transmission measuredFluorescence only when wetClear impact of humidity on process and seals

Comparison of Injection and Sealing Rates

Aerosol Envelope Sealing - Nozzle TestingCharacterize aerosols at different operating conditionsDetermine optimal particle size and humidity for aerosol envelope sealing (and gas pipeline sealing)Support with CFD analysis of particle drying processP, T of compressed airFlow of compressed airT, RH of ambient airFlow of ambient airCascade ImpactorLayflat Duct14 Rigid DuctDamper for pressure control

Preliminary Tests

RTU Retrofit - WCEC Environmental Chamber

WCEC Chamber CapabilitiesHot Side ChamberTemp/humidity control to wide range of climate conditions. Dehumidification for testing evaporative cooling equipment.Airflows up to: 5000cfm (all climate conditions)8000cfm (limited climate conditions)Airflow measurement per ASHRAE 41.2High-accuracy chilled mirror dew-point and temperature measurements on inlet and outlet

Cold Side ChamberHeating/humidification sized for cooling equipment up to 5 tonsAirflows up to 3500 cfmAirflow measurement per ASHRAE 41.2High-accuracy chilled mirror dew-point and temperature measurements on inlet and outletCan reproduce hot, dry CA climate conditions regardless of Davis weatherRTU Retrofit ProjectBaseline and testing of first pre-cooler in dry mode completed April 2014Wet pre-cooler testing to followBaseline shows excellent agreement with AHRI

Existing Project HighlightsOccupancy-Responsive Adaptive Thermostatsfor University Residence HallsSPEED ProjectOccupancy-Responsive Adaptive Thermostats for University Residence HallsImproved control and facilities managementExcellent on-board algorithmsCan achieve substantial savings (20% or more, but not always)Savings is sensitive to application, climate, occupancy patternsThermostat needs to have full control over space to achieve savingsInteractive effects between rooms diminish savingsHVAC sequence of operations can essentially void controlRecommended simple tests to determine if a building will achieve savingsSimple models tend to over-predict savingsAcademic Period Indicated No SavingsNon-Academic (Summer) Shows 20% SavingsOccupancy Sensing Adaptive Thermostatsfor University Residence Halls

New ProjectsSmart Power for Solar HomesCollaboration with UC IrvineHVAC solutions and battery storage to optimize peak shiftingPolymer Bead LaundrySide by side comparison with typical small commercial washing machine at Capital Athletic Club Tracer Gas Air Flow MeasurementCommercialization funded by UCOPFiled provisional patent

Commercialization of Tracer Gas Airflow Measurement ToolsPackaged flexible tool, software, and methods for field measurement of air flowHigh accuracy: ~1.5% uncertainty up to 10,000 cfmLarge dynamic range: 50 50,000 cfmUses industrial CO2Field Testing Generation 1.1 prototypeDeveloping Generation 1.2 to cut cost by 50%

Tracer Gas Airflow Measurement New ProjectsNatural Gas Pipeline SealingContract in place with CEC EISGPending with Scotia Gas in the UKMet with Fossil Fuels office at DOE

Open-Source Building Automation SystemThermostats and RTUsIntegration with lighting and plug load controlsGateway for FDD and Climate Appropriate RTUs

Future Projects Proposals in ProcessVentilation in Schools (CEC)CO2 and outdoor-air balancing actLarge Building Aerosol Sealing (DOD ESTCP)Army Corps of Engineers leakage specificationSub Wet-bulb Evaporative Chilling + Solar Thermal Heating (DOD ESTCP)RTU Solution for Energy Efficiency Using Free Cooling (DOD ESTCP)Natural Gas Dryer Controls (CEC EISG)End of cycle control

Future Projects Proposals in ProcessIntegrated Appliances (BPA)Combined heating, cooling, DHW appliancesWater Chemistry (BPA/SCE)Water sourcing/management for evaporative coolingNon-chemical water treatmentHeat-pump water heaters

Future Projects Proposals in ProcessVRF plus DOAS (CEC EPIC)Building-level solutionsResidential HVAC Performance (CEC EPIC)Passive HVAC, Thermostats, FDD, ContractorsCloud-Based Refrigeration Control (CEC EPIC)Collaboration with UC Davis Food Science and IndustryMicro-Channel Absorption Chiller (CEC EPIC)Collaboration w/ industry

Future Projects Proposals in ProcessVariable-Capacity Residential Heat Pump (CEC EPIC)Full-range performance testingSystem efficiency (including ducts)Residential Thermostats (CEC EPIC)Low-income thermostat usability

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