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<ul><li><p>D. It appeared in the sky over Gippsland in eastern Victoria of New Zealand</p><p>Ans. C</p><p>Q.4) Experts recently discovered at least 20 drawings of the Harappan (Sindhu) era inGondi dialect on a boulder on top of a hill near Talwarghatta that is adjacent to riverTungbhadra. The place is located in?</p><p>A. Bastar, Chhattisgarh</p><p>B. Hampi, Karnataka</p><p>C. Bet Dwarka, Gujarat</p><p>D. Kutch desert, Gujarat</p><p>Ans. B</p><p>Q.5) A Torpedo Recovery Vessel, TRV-72 of Indian Navy that sank off theVisakhapatnam coast during a naval exercise on 6 November 2014 was of which class?</p><p>A. Arihant-class</p><p>B. Astravahini Class</p><p>C. Chakra (Akula II)-class</p><p>D. Shishumar-class</p><p>Ans. B</p><p>Q.6) Robert ONeill was in news recently. Who is he?</p><p>A. The person who claims that he killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan</p><p>B. The person who was arrested for killing several people in Nigeria through a blast</p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p></li></ul>