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  • D. It appeared in the sky over Gippsland in eastern Victoria of New Zealand

    Ans. C

    Q.4) Experts recently discovered at least 20 drawings of the Harappan (Sindhu) era inGondi dialect on a boulder on top of a hill near Talwarghatta that is adjacent to riverTungbhadra. The place is located in?

    A. Bastar, Chhattisgarh

    B. Hampi, Karnataka

    C. Bet Dwarka, Gujarat

    D. Kutch desert, Gujarat

    Ans. B

    Q.5) A Torpedo Recovery Vessel, TRV-72 of Indian Navy that sank off theVisakhapatnam coast during a naval exercise on 6 November 2014 was of which class?

    A. Arihant-class

    B. Astravahini Class

    C. Chakra (Akula II)-class

    D. Shishumar-class

    Ans. B

    Q.6) Robert ONeill was in news recently. Who is he?

    A. The person who claims that he killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan

    B. The person who was arrested for killing several people in Nigeria through a blast


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