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Cure Cancer Starter is a Kickstarter for cancer research that joins cancer researchers and cancer patients, their friends, families and supporters in a unique community to cure cancer in our lifetime.


<ul><li> Cancer Research Crowdfunding Platform for Comprehensive Cancer Centers12/10/2012 1 </li> <li> Agenda Cure Cancer Starter Team. Martins Ride To Cure Cancer. Cure Cancer Starter Idea. How Idea Could Work. Describe Benefits. Map Next Steps.12/10/2012 2 </li> <li> Cure Cancer Starter Team Martin Smith Jon Jordan Tonia Zampieri Cancer Survivor, CEO &amp; Founder Founder Marketing Director, Atlantic BT I Heart Charity Atlantic BT Entrepreneur, Angel Entrepreneur behind 12 Years Internet Investor, Atlantic BT M Generation mobile marketing is Largest Web &amp; apps and ten years of experience, started 4 Software fund raising for companies, 20 years Development firm in 501c3 nonprofits. with CPG such as Raleigh P&amp;G, M&amp;M/Mars. On LinkedIn On LinkedIn On LinkedIn http://www.linkedin. http://www.linkedin. com/in/toniaz http://www.linkedin. com/pub/jon- com/in/martysmith1 jordan/0/619/459 980vc12/10/2012 3 </li> <li> Martins Ride Success Martins Ride Summer of 2010. Raised $27,000 for cancer research. Fans and Donors followed progress via Bleeper &amp; Internet. Met and rode with other cancer survivors. Had an amazing journey.12/10/2012 4 </li> <li> Martins Rides Failure Martins Ride wasnt How can we consistently sustainable: Not going to make that ride raise $1M or more again. annually for cancer Spent $40,000 to raise research. $30,00. Like all events network - Question Martin asked effect is muted (marketing during chemo after Martins stops with end of event). Ride To Cure Cancer.12/10/2012 5 </li> <li> Magic of Internets Network Effect Magic of achieving more with less. Network value = square its members. Metcalfs Law12/10/2012 6 </li> <li> Social Media Network Effect Platform helps all involved. Sum greater than parts to Google. Contribute in + Other Comprehensive Cancer Centers Benefit From + Other Comprehensive Cancer Centers12/10/2012 7 </li> <li> Crowdfunding Happening NOW! $500,00 for Sandy $103,165 for Cancer Relief Research (so far) http://www.indiegogo. com/icancervirus12/10/2012 8 </li> <li> Joins 2 Communities Doctors &amp; Cancer Supporters Researchers12/10/2012 9 </li> <li> Idea: Create A Crowdfunding Platform Exclusively For Comprehensive Cancer Centers: Harness power Internet to support cancer research: Donations go directly to research donors care about. Small thank you gifts help donors feel involved (similar to KickStarter perks). Donors feel empowered by participation.12/10/2012 10 </li> <li> How does Cure Cancer Starter Work? Each Cancer Center has significant area within the platform where: Doctors create campaigns sharing research with potential supporters (we will help create campaigns at first). Supporters follow Cancer Centers, Researchers and Research. Supporters earn social capital, badges and other recognition for support.12/10/2012 11 </li> <li> Rough Example Cancer Center Home Page Note: UNC is shown but any comprehensive cancer center can use Cure Cancer Starter.12/10/2012 12 </li> <li> Rough Example of Campaign Page Note: UNC is shown but any comprehensive cancer center can use Cure Cancer Starter.12/10/2012 13 </li> <li> Funding: Story of Cancer Trust Martins estate creates a million dollar Duncan Smith &amp; Elizabeth Martin Story of Cancer Trust. Trust to fund new ways to use technology to help cancer patients, doctors, researchers and administrators. All costs associated with developing, implementing and maintaining Cure Cancer Starter covered by trust. Jon Jordan, CEO Atlantic BT will help create Cure Cancer Starter and manage digital assets going forward. A board will be established.12/10/2012 14 </li> <li> Benefits New crowdfunding source of research revenue. Costs are low (time to create campaigns only no cash ever due to trust). Helps Cancer Centers compete for Google listings, traffic and donations they bring (see chart on next page).12/10/2012 15 </li> <li> Cure Cancer Starter Benefits: Help Cancer Centers Compete for Google Listings, Traffic and Donations. Who PageRank FB Likes Links In Traffic Pages In Rank Google (lower better) UNC 6 2,049 152 281,652 10,800 Duke 6 1,728 22 4.9M 2,540 LiveStrong 6 1,692 5,330 16,661 15,600 Jimmy V 6 15,616 557 3.6M 1,560 Wake 5 3,057 985 55,709 252 Komen 7 641,246 10,150 16,282 710,000 Komen Success = Marketing organization so focused on FB Likes and Links In from User Generated Content (UGC).12/10/2012 16 </li> <li> Each Cancer Center Will Need To: Provide a project liaison (seed proxy to one group to speak for all). Provide research campaign information. Provide technical liaison. Provide logo use standards/other terms. Review and approve: Functional specifications. Alpha with punch list Friends and family beta. Live to public.12/10/2012 17 </li> <li> Key Acceptance Milestones March 13th - Collect 5 - 10 cancer research campaigns support information. Work with each Comprehensive Cancer Centers to develop creative and scientific copy, videos and other materials needed to support campaigns. Atlantic BT Curates content into beta by March 20th. Mach 20th - Comprehensive Cancer Centers see working Alpha version. Comprehensive Cancer Center Approval required before alpha is pushed to Friends and Family beta. Create punch list of bugs and fixes by priority. April 1st = Friends and Family beta. April 17th Live (no press, no search engines). April 20th Release To Press and search engines.12/10/2012 18 </li> <li> Key Creation Milestones January 1st 5 Basic Letters of Intent from Cancer Centers. February 1st - Create and share detailed functional specifications. February 14th - Curate feedback into final working Agile framework by Valentines Day (2.14). February 15th - Begin platform design and programming. March 13 information for first 5 10 campaigns due. March 20th Cancer Centers Beta View. April 1st = Friends and Family Beta. April 17th = Live (no search engines yet). April 20th = Press &amp; Search Engines.12/10/2012 19 </li> <li> Needed To Start: Letters of Intent from 5 Comprehensive Cancer Centers. Understand data integration issues: Blackbaud, Convio or Other? Understand how create email drip campaigns? How tag Cure Cancer Starter donors so easily segmented? Discover how integrate Cure Cancer Starter into other donation drive campaigns?12/10/2012 20 </li> </ul>