Culture Snapshot: Because Culture Makes or Breaks New Leaders

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Culture Snapshot

Culture Snapshot:Because Culture Makes or Breaks New Leaders1

1Culture Snapshot: Mitigating Risk for New LeadersTransitions are risky. New Leaders:Need to drive results in complex situations, with near-immediate impact.Face serious consequences if they dont understand their new operation.Must reconcile the many sets of expectations for their performance.

Culture Snapshot decreases risk by giving an early view into their new reality:Identifies operational issues that thwart performance.Reveals gaps in expectations about the operation.Identifies root causes and offers high-impact Levers for Change.


2Culture Snapshot: What It IsCulture Snapshot measures operational effectiveness early in a New Leaders role.Snapshot gives the New Leader the information they need, in living color, when they need it:Overview and easy-to-understand resultsWays to share findings with their team, and build accountabilityLevers for Change, a tool for specific, high-impact actionSnapshot surveys up to 35 key stakeholders from 6 rater groups:New LeaderHiring Manager(s)Peers (including HR Partner)


Direct ReportsSkip-Level Reports (Reports to Direct Reports)Other Stakeholders3

Adaptability Pattern..Trends.. Market

Are we listeningto the marketplace? MissionDirection..Purpose..Blueprint

Do we know where we are going? InvolvementCommitment ... Ownership Responsibility Are our people alignedand engaged? ConsistencySystemsStructures Processes

Does our system create leverage?The Denison Model links organizational culture to performance metrics through the four traits of Mission, Adaptability, Involvement and Consistency. In reading the results, More Color is Better.A Quick Overview:Denison Organizational Culture Model

44Overview: Flexible and StableFlexibleAdaptability + Involvement

A flexible organization has the ability to change in response to the environment. It is a requirement for effective innovation.

StableMission + Consistency

A stable orientation helps the organization remain focused and predictable over time. It is how we have been Built to Last.

55Overview: External Focus and Internal FocusExternal FocusAdaptability + Mission

Provides us a shared sense of direction and the ability to be customer-relevant. This makes healthy growth possible

Internal FocusInvolvement + Consistency

Enables the internal integration of systems, structures, and processes. Leads to higher employee engagement and performance (ROI, ROE, etc)

66Culture Snapshot: Converting Data to PerformanceLevers for Change map results onto causes of low scores, and provide multiple options for action. The New Leader becomes very focused on the right performance drivers.


Consistency Quadrant Survey ItemWhat a Low Score May MeanPotential Levers for ChangeCoordination and Integration (contd)It is easy to coordinate projects across different parts of the organizationEach area of the organization has their own way of operating, and has difficulty making adjustments for other areas.

The dominant areas/functions do not compromise or collaborate effectively on issues and/or projects.

We are geographically dispersed, and may have native culturally-defined ways of teaming.

Goals and objectives are not aligned across different parts of the organization.When creating cross-functional teams, communicate that a common purpose is to create operating consistency across units. Require that cross-functional ease of movement be one measure of success.

Implement tools such as RACI charts that create role clarity and accountability for deliverables and actions. Hold everyone equally accountable for the outcomes and deliverables, allowing no excuse-making or finger-pointing.

Work with the team to identify potential cultural differences in teaming approaches. Explore virtual collaboration tools that encourage continuous, rather than sequential collaboration and teaming.

Create and implement structure, routine and systems that support aligning goals and objectives across the organization.

SAMPLE7Culture Snapshot: ResourcesYour HR Partner can tell you more

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