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  • 1. This is a model of three-wheeled bicycle or Rot Sam Lo inThai language. This model was madefrom bamboo. The three-wheeledbicycles are ancient vehicles but westill see them in many provinces.Many tourists like taking the three-wheeled to feel the spirits ofThailand and see things around.

2. Khlui Siang Nok is the flute that makes asound like a bird. This is one of local Thailand wisdomthat almost people in many areas of Thailand canmake this. You can blow it and pull its stick at thesame time, it will make many birds sound for you. 3. The hat you see is Ngop.Ngop are used by a farmers. Itwas made from a kind of leaves.On the strong sun shiningday, the farmer will wear Ngopfor shielding their face andhead. Today Ngop can be madefrom plastic, so it will be lighterthan the old one. 4. Luk khang is called for atop in Thai language. How to play?It is very easy that you can guess.First, swaddle a rope around thestick at the top. Next, insert theend of the robe through the holdat the thin stick. Then, pull therobe through that hold quickly andthe top will spin!! 5. Wot is a musicalinstrument of NortheasternThailand. It is made fromwood. Blowing each pipewill make a specific voicefor each one. If you blow itwell, it will make a nicesong! 6. This notebook is made from the mulberry paper. Andthe mulberry paper is made from taking wood pulp and gluetogether. Then, filter and spread it on the gratings. Next, waituntil it is dry. Finally, you will get the mulberry paper as you seein this notebook. In front of this book, there is a pencil that ismade from a branch. Wont you try to write something in thislovely book with it? 7. Chakkachan is a local toy of Thailand.It is made from bamboo stick, resin, tendonor horses tail and cylindrical thin wood. Toplay it is very easy like a piece of cake! Justswing the cylindrical thin wood around thebamboo stick and it will make a noise. The 8. This is a traditional Thaiclothes for a girl. It was popularin Thailand before 1925. Now, itis rarely to see girls wearing thisin daily life. Some people wearthis kind of clothes in Thaitradition such as wedding, SongKran Day and Loi Kra Thong Day. 9. This hat is the hat ofmountaineers in Northern ofThailand. In Thailand, there aremany tribes of mountaineers.Each tribe has individualculture, as wellas, belief, ceremony, food andabsolutely clothing. 10. Elephant key bundleis made from ceramic anda metal loop. Theelephant is known as thenational animal ofThailand. In the past, weused an elephant pictureon our flags. 11. We hope you know more about our culture. Which one do you like?