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  • 1. CULTURE, CONFLICT AND COMMUICATION IN THE GLOBAL WORKFORCE March 27, 2008 University of Illinois Dr. Gary R. Weaver American University
  • 2. WHY IS DIVERSITY IMPORTANT? Changing demographics Not just in urban areas Globalization
  • 3. The American Culture Today Not a Cultural Cookie Cutter or Melting Pot Patchwork Quilt Salad Bowl Mosaic Tapestry
  • 4. Minorities in USA Today 12% African American 15% Hispanic 4% Asian and Pacific Islanders 1% American Indian
  • 5. TO MORE EFFECTIVELY SERVE YOUR CLIENTS Conveying information Developing skills Overcoming barriers caused by differences Using differences to create synergy
  • 6. TRAITS THAT CORRELATE WITH FAILURE IN CROSS- CULTURAL INTERACTIONS Low tolerance to ambiguity or high uncertainty avoidance Overly task-oriented or high need for individual achievement Overly closed-minded and inflexible
  • 7. What is Culture? culture - the way of life (values, beliefs and behaviors) of a people passed down from one generation to the next through learning
  • 8. Generalization vs. Stereotype Cultural Generalization Cultural Stereotype Never applies to everyone Applies to everyone in every situation in every situation Only a first guess no exceptions Discard it when no longer Retained even when accurate or useful no longer accurate or useful
  • 9. Culture is like an Iceberg. Most of it is UNDER the water.
  • 11. As we interact, differences will become LESS important. Leon Festinger Theory of Cognitive Dissonance Muzafir Sherif Development of a Superordinate Goal
  • 12. CULTURAL CONTINUUMS To Do To Be Earned Status Ascribed Status Individual Achievement Affiliation Individual Action Stability Equality Inequality Immediate family Extended Family Self Reliance Reliance on Others Independence Interdependence Individual Competition Cooperation Individualism Collectivism Guilt Shame Future Past or Heritage Class Mobility Caste Rigidity
  • 14. What Doesnt Fit? Nice weather were having! Sunny, high in the 70s. Havent we met before?
  • 15. What Doesnt Fit? Nice weather were having! Havent we met before? High-Context - Relational - Associative To Be - Poets Sunny, high in the 70s. Low Context - Abstractive - Analytical To Do - Memo Writers/Lawyers
  • 16. Communication Styles A B
  • 17. Communication Styles A B
  • 18. Communication Styles A B
  • 19. Communication Styles A B
  • 20. Project Timeline Stage One Stage Two Stage Three Stage Four 0-6 6 - 12 12 - 18 18 - 24 Months months Months months
  • 21. Project Timeline Stage Stage Stage One Stage Two Three Four 0 - 12 12 - 18 18 - 22 22 -24 Months Months Months Months
  • 22. NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION We send messages, not meaning To Do people tend to be verbally-oriented To Do people trust vision
  • 23. Cross-Cultural Conflict
  • 24. QUESTIONS: How do you know if its a conflict? Is it escalating or de-escalating? When do you resolve it? When it is beyond resolution? How do you resolve the conflict?
  • 25. Resources Hall, Edward. Beyond Culture. Weaver, Gary R., ed. Culture, Communication and Conflict, 2nd edition. Boston, MA:Pearson Publishing, 2000. Weaver, Gary R. and Adam Mendelson, Americas Midlife Crisis: The Future of a Troubled Superpower, Boston, MA: Intercultural Press, 2008


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