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  • 1. Cultural changeand Cultureconsumption
  • 2. Culture. n[kuhl-cher](i) the independent and abstract noun which describes a general process of intellectual, spiritual and aesthetic development(i) the independent noun, whether used generally or specifically, which indicates a particular way of life, whether of a people, a period, a group, or humanity in general, from Herder and Klemm.(i) the independent and abstract noun which describes the works and practices of intellectual and especially artistic activity. This seems often now the most widespread use: culture is music, literature, painting and sculpture, theatre and film.
  • 3. Culture is one of the two or three mostcomplicated words in the English language[We like complex things](Raymond Williams, 1983)
  • 4. The Age of Entanglement:Are we too intertwined with technology?
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  • 6. Cultural change is at the heart of what we do[We would all be without jobs without technological evolution][Our business - an evolving culture]Music. Art. Design. History. Architecture.Language. Customs. Beliefs.[Culture surrounds us all]Products of our culture tell us who we are[We are innovators who talk a lot about immersion & discovery]
  • 7. So, lets immerse ourselves...
  • 8. Most people glance or scan, but dont look David Hockney (2011)
  • 9. The filter bubble phenomenon Heres the thing, though: every time we get a good recommendation from Amazon,a little piece of diversity dies.
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  • 11. In a hundred years, if there are museums then, no one will queue to see a strategy. Give me something tangible, something brilliant and extraordinary that illuminates our perception of what human life can be. For that, we need designers. DoriTunstall, Design teacher and anthropologist
  • 12. Nine amazing days of design events showcasing the UKs world-class creative community Bar Cut It Out - 17 September - 1 October