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  • Culminating  Activity  Page  

    While the Culminating Activity Page has a link to the Thesis Site, I have separated the two to

    avoid confusion.

    The Culminating Activity page will be the first item introduced to the students and the Thesis Site is presented once the student has chosen

    the thesis option.

  • Culminating Activities

    Por$olio   Thesis   Ac.vity  Webpage   Link  to  the  Por$olio  Page   Link  to  the  Thesis  Page  

    Descrip.on   Students  selec3ng  the  Por5olio  experience  will   create  and  document  products  and  projects   from  course  projects,  directed  research,  and   work  done  for  businesses.  If  this  alterna3ve  is   selected,  at  the  end  of  a  student's  program  the   student  will  present  and  defend  the  por5olio   and  respond  to  any  ques3ons  that  the   examining  commiDee  might  ask.  

    The  thesis  will  usually  consist  of  five  chapters  (e.g.,   Introduc3on,  Literature  Review,  Research  Design,   Findings,  and  Conclusions).  If  this  alterna3ve  is   selected,  at  the  end  of  a  student's  program  the   student  will  present  and  defend  the  thesis  and   respond  to  any  ques3ons  that  the  examining   commiDee  might  ask.  

    Why  would  I  choose   the…  

    Choose  a  por5olio  if  you  are  looking  for   something  to  present  to  poten3al  employers  or   clients.    (etc.)  

    Choose  a  thesis  if  you  are  planning  on  con3nuing  in   school  or  have  a  special  interest  in  a  topic  and  would   like  to  do  some  in-­‐depth  research.  (etc.)  

    How  much  .me  will  it   take?  

    See  Example  Timeline   See  Example  Timeline  

    What  are  the  steps   involved?  

    Would  illustrate  the  process  of  doing  the  thesis   would  look  like,  including  all  relevant  due  dates   within  that  3me  period.  

    Would  illustrate  what  the  process  of  doing  the  thesis   would  look  like,  including  all  relevant  due  dates  within   that  3me  period.  

    What  are  the  guidelines   and  Requirements  

    APA  and  forma4ng  guidelines     Timelines   Forms  required  for  comple:on  

    APA  and  forma4ng  guidelines     Timelines   Forms  required  for  comple:on  

    Frequently  Asked  Ques.ons   A  link  to  a  Frequently  Asked  Ques:ons   page  that  answers  basic  ques3ons   regarding  3melines,  processes,  guidelines,   etc.    

    A  link  to  a  Frequently  Asked  Ques:ons  page   that  answers  basic  ques3ons  regarding   3melines,  processes,  guidelines,  etc.  

    What  forms  are  required?   A  Link  to  An  Administra:ve  page  with  all   relevant  forms  

    A  Link  to  an  Administra:ve  page  with  all   relevant  forms  

    What  does  a  Por$olio/Thesis  Look  like?   A  link  to  an  Examples  page  with  examples   of  projects  and  phases  of  projects  

    A  link  to  an  Examples  page  with  examples  of   projects  and  phases  of  projects  

    Defense  Informa.on   A  like  to  a  Defense  page  with  resources   and  informa3on  on  preparing  for  a   por5olio  defense  

    A  like  to  a  Defense  page  with  resources  and   informa3on  on  preparing  for  a  por5olio   defense  

    What  resources  are  available  to  help  me   choose?  

    Provides  links  to:   Webinars   Student  Advisors  (Previous  students  willing   to  help)   Examples  

    Provides  links  to:   Webinars   Student  Advisors     Examples   Faculty  Advisors  

    Useful Links

    Department of Instructional & Performance Technology

  • Thesis  Site  

    Please view as slideshow but also notice there are comments imbedded throughout.

  • Thesis

    Department of Instructional & Performance Technology

    Students  selec3ng  a  thesis  op3on  will  complete  30  credits  of  course  work   and  6  credits  of  IPT593  Thesis.  The  thesis  will  usually  consist  of  five   chapters  (e.g.,  Introduc3on,  Literature  Review,  Research  Design,  Findings,   and  Conclusions).  The  student  will  present  and  defend  his/her  thesis  or   project  and  respond  to  any  ques3ons  that  the  examining  commiDee   might  ask.  

    In  order  to  complete  a  thesis,  you  must:  

      Complete  30  credits  of  course  work,  including  one  of  the  research   courses  (IPT531  or  IPT532).  Students  who  will  conduct  a   quan3ta3ve  research  study  should  plan  to  take  IPT531  Overview  of   Research  Design,  Measurement,  and  Sta3s3cs.  Students  who  will   conduct  a  qualita3ve  research  study  should  plan  to  take  IPT532   Ethnographic  Research  in  Organiza3ons.  

      Submit  an  Applica3on  for  Admission  to  Candidacy  (AAC)  form,   signed  by  your  academic  advisor.  

      Enroll  in  6  credits  of  IPT593  (Thesis)  to  complete  the  thesis.  

      Schedule  a  defense  date  by  the  first  day  of  the  semester  in  which   you  enroll  in  IPT593  credit  and  plan  to  defend  your  thesis.   Informa3on  can  be  found  on  the  IPT  website  at   hDp://  

      Complete  the  requirements  for  any  courses  in  which  you  have   received  an  I  (Incomplete)  grade.  

    See  the  IPT  Thesis  Procedures.  

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  • Department of Instructional & Performance Technology

    Course Guidance To  help  students  feel  more  supported  and  encourage  them  to  undertake  and   complete  the  thesis,  structured  guidance  will  be  presented  in  five  of  the  six   required  courses.  

    IPT536:  Founda.ons  of  IPT  

    Introduc.ons  and  choosing  a  ac.vity   The  instructor  will  introduce  both  the  por5olio  and  thesis  by  introducing   Culmina(ng  Ac(vity  Page  which  features  both  op3ons.  This  page  provides  a  quick   overview  of  resources  available,  such  as  3melines,  expecta3ons  and  reasons  for   choosing  one  op3on  over  another.  The  student  is  encouraged  to  ask  ques3ons  as   needed  and  choose  a  culmina3ng  ac3vity  by  the  end  of  the  semester.    

    IPT535:  Principles  of  Adult  Learning    

    GeNng  started,  expecta.ons,  considera.ons,  etc.   The  instructor  will  introduce  the  Thesis  Site  (if  the  student  is  interested  in  the   thesis),  which  focuses  solely  on  the  thesis  project.  This  site  offers  students  access   to  resources  that  assist  with  the  comple3on  of  a  thesis,  including  deadlines,   webinars,  requirements,  paperwork  and  examples  from  each  phase  of  the  project.   Here,  students  learn  more  about  their  chosen  ac3vity.      

    Under  professor  supervision,  students  are  encouraged  to  brainstorm  project  ideas   and  poten3al  approaches  to  research.      

    IPT529:  Needs  Assessment  &  IPT:530  Evalua.on  Methodology  

    Research   These  classes  introduce  different  methods  of  research.  In  this  class  the  students   learn  how  they  can  use  the  research  methodology  presented  in  these  classes  to   assist  in  research  for  a  thesis.