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  • DescriptionMany students find information easier to process and directions, therefore, easier to follow whenthey are presented visually as well as verbally (Arwood & Kaulitz, 2007; Faherty, 2000). For theselearners, a set of cue cards can make life in the classroom easier. Cue cards are simply small, palm-sized visual aids that reinforce what a teacher (or student) is trying to communicate to a learnerwith a disability. Each card typically consists of a simple phrase and a picture.

    DirectionsCreate your cue cards using any computer graphics program, magazine pictures, photographs, orillustrations.Then, print, laminate, and punch each of the cards in one of the top corners.To makethe task easier and so that all the holes line up, use a punched-hole card as a guide for punch-ing holes in the remaining cards.Then slide all of the cards onto a book ring. Finally, clasp thebook ring shut tight.

    Give the student the ring and demonstrateacross situations and environmentshow to usethe cards.You can show him or her how to use them to supplement communication (e.g., Imreally hungry), or they can be used to reinforce directions or messages for the student (e.g., Ithink the bus is late).

    If you have extra cards that the student does not need on a regular basis, those can be kept(pre-punched) in a box or on a separate ring and then added as needed.

    ExampleBrecken, a young man on the autism spectrum, often struggles to understand or process histeachers spoken directions; therefore, the teacher created a ring of cue cards to help himnavigate the classroom and the school day. Messages range from line up for band totake out your portfolio to clean off your desk.


    Cue Cards

    Materials Book ringspreferably 11/2 inches in size Hole punch Computer with graphics program and printer or

    premade flash cards or index cards


    Kluth_05_111_138_conf.qrk 12/23/09 12:22 PM Page 118

    Excerpted from From Tutor Scripts to Talking Sticks: 100 Ways to Differentiate Instruction in K-12 Classroomsby Paula Kluth, Ph.D., and Sheila Danaher, M.S.Ed.

    Brookes Publishing | | 1-800-638-3775 2010 | All rights reserved

  • Behavior & Motivation 119

    References/Recommended ReadingArwood, E.L., & Kaulitz, C. (2007). Learning with a visual brain in an auditory world. Shawnee

    Mission, KS:Asperger Autism Publishing Company.Charlop-Christy, M., & Kelso, S. (2003).Teaching children with autism conversational speech using

    a cue card/written script program. Education and Treatment of Children, 26, 108119.Crissey, P. (2005). Picture directions. Building independence step by step.Verona,WI: IEP Resources.Faherty, C. (2000). Aspergers:What does it mean to be me? Arlington,TX: Future Horizons.

    VendorAutismShop.com sets of visual cue cards appropriate for different situations (e.g., school, home, birthday parties)

    Web (Lets Get Visual) article about visual supports, written by Brian S. Friedlander

    Technical Assistance Center on Social Emotional Intervention for Young Children site contains a PowerPoint presentation detailing how to assemble a set of cue cards.The pres-entation contains several pages of cue cards that can be used as is or adapted to fit your needs. Evenif the types of prompts provided are not appropriate for your students, watching the presentationwill help any teacher see and understand the variety of ways cards can be used.

    Kluth_05_111_138_conf.qrk 12/23/09 12:22 PM Page 119

    Excerpted from From Tutor Scripts to Talking Sticks: 100 Ways to Differentiate Instruction in K-12 Classroomsby Paula Kluth, Ph.D., and Sheila Danaher, M.S.Ed.

    Brookes Publishing | | 1-800-638-3775 2010 | All rights reserved

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