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CUCM 9.x Licensing. Jason Wiatr 7/25/2012. Topics. Centralized Licensing Overview User Count Tool ( UCT ) Enterprise License Manager (ELM). Centralized Licensing Overview. EDCS -1129928. Objectives of Centralized Licensing. Simple Compliance and Lower Operational Cost - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


CUCM 9.x Licensing

CUCM 9.x LicensingJason Wiatr7/25/2012TopicsCentralized Licensing OverviewUser Count Tool (UCT)Enterprise License Manager (ELM)Centralized Licensing OverviewEDCS-1129928Now lets talk about the User Count Tool.3Objectives of Centralized LicensingSimple Compliance and Lower Operational CostMake it simple so customers can understand and comply with CUWL and UCLProvide Management and Virtualization CapabilitiesCentralized, enterprise-wide management of user licenses supporting balancing or movement of licenses including disaster recoveryElectronic fulfillment/download (Currently manual process)Consistently among top 3 requests from Cisco 3.0 accounts, # 1 partner pain pointProvide Flexible SW Consumption AlternativesEnterprise License Agreement (ELA), Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) and True-up capabilitiesSubscription/term licensing

So Why are we changing Licensing

The number one reason is to make the whole licensing process easier for customers.

We plan to do this with one centralized license management interface And Eventually an all electronic fulfillment process for licensing4Architecture OverviewElectronic and manual license deliveryCluster 2Cluster 1ConnectionUCMUCMLic Mgr APILic Mgr APILic Mgr APILicense Mgr(ELM)Cisco Back OfficeSWIFTFNONew centralized License Manager serves a common pool of licenses to all supported products as well as provide enhanced licensing capabilities such as tiered license substitutionNew License Mgr API facilitates product license requests and communication with License ManagerLicense Manager interfaces to SWIFT to acquire and manage customer licenses using FlexNets FNO Entitlement Management softwareUCM moving from DLU (device) based licensing to User based licensingUser Count ToolAllows customers to determine what 9.0 licenses are needed prior to upgrading their pre-9.0 CUCMNot all products. currently CUCM, Unity Connection, and CUPS through CUCM.There are three main parts to this First is the User count tool which will only be used prior to the upgrade to 9.0, and will not be used after the upgrade.The second part is ELM which we will talk about And the third is the magic that happens here at cisco

Well get into ELM and User Count Tool later.

5Two categories of licenses: Base user licenses (e.g. entry, standard, CUWL Premium), and Value added features/services licenses (e.g. messaging, telepresence room)Base user licenses organized into a Russian Doll hierarchy Each base user license entitles a user to a superset of the rights of the next lower tier Base User 1Value AddedFeature 1Base User 2Base User 3Base User 4Value AddedFeature 2Licensing StructureWe will have two categories of licensing. Base User Licensing (basic, enhanced, advanced) and Value added Feature/Service licensing (messaging, telepresence)

Base User 4 will have all the functionality of Base users 1, 2, and 3. Plus the additional functionality it has for being base 4.

6Essential UCL

1 User Profile

1 Device:Essential IP Voice or Analog devices

Basic UCL

1 User Profile

1 DeviceBasic IP Voice

IM & Presence (CUP)

Enhanced UCL

1 User Profile

1 Device:Enhanced IP Voice/Video

IM & Presence (CUP)

Jabber Desktop (CTI only)Advanced UCL

1 Profile

2 Devices:Advance. IP Voice/Video

IM & Presence (CUP)

Jabber Desktop UC ClientCUWL Standard

1 User profile

2 Devices:Advanced IP Voice/Video

IM & Presence (CUP or Webex)

Jabber Desktop UC ClientCUWL Premium

1 User profile

4 Devices:Adv. IP Voice/Video

IM & Presence (CUP or Webex)

Jabber Desktop UC Client

Mobile UC/IMSCUWL Professional

1 User profile

10 Devices:Advanced IP Voice/Video

IM & Presence(CUP or Webex)

Jabber Desktop UC Client

Mobile UC/IMS OptionalMessaging Add-On(Unity Connection)Messaging Included with CUWLMessaging Included with CUWLMessaging Included with CUWLOptional Telepresence Room Add-OnUser LicensesValue Added Feature LicensesCommercial License Offerings ExampleMost accurate that we have, this may change.

These are the base Licenses 1, 2, 3, 4 from previous slide. Customers will be able to add additional value add features to each base. Ex. Unity Connection to a Enhance UCL user7Phone ClassificationTin: analog, Cisco 3905, Cisco VGC phone, Cisco VGC Virtual phoneCopper: Cisco 6901, Cisco 6911, Cisco 6921, CUC-RTXBronze: Most phonesSilver: Cisco IP Communicator, Cisco IP Personal Communicator, IMS integrated mobile, Unified Client Services FrameworkGold: Cisco Dual Mode for Android, Cisco Dual Mode for iPhone, Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator, Telepresence: Carrier-Integrated Mobile

Here are the phone classifications we will see their corresponding license types on the next slide8License TiersEssentialBasicEnhancedStandardPremiumProfessionalTelepresenceFeaturesEMYYYYYYSNRYYYYYPhones (number)11126101Phone TypeTinYYYYYYCopperYYYYYBronzeYYYYSilverYYYGoldYYTele-presenceYGeneral Licensing FeaturesNode locked licensesPermanent and expiring licensesPeriodic and on-demand license synchronization between ELM and productsTiered license substitutionLicense overage and ELM communication loss handlingDemo modeLicense reportingPlanning assistants

Licenses will be tied to a license server, not to a product.

Tiered license substitution can substitute some higher tier licenses to satisfy the requirements of lower tier licenses.License overage will let customers continue with overages, but will give them 60 days to fix the license issue. CUCM will not allow addition of new devices and usersDemo mode customer has 60 days after install in demo mode.

10Manual and Electronic FulfillmentBack OfficeInternetCustomerCiscoSWIFTFNOLicense ManagerManual License Fulfillment licenses are manually obtained from the Cisco back office (SWIFT) and entered into the license managerElectronic License Fulfillment licenses are automatically downloaded from the Cisco back office (SWIFT) into the license manager.Online license deliveryCisco licensing portal accessProduct AProduct BManual is basically what we have today. Go to PUT get a PAK and go to SWIFT portal for fulfillment and you get a license file back and install on license manager.

Electronic will be simplified, but you will still need to got to PUT and get a PAK but do everything else on license manager which will contact SWIFT and install automatically on CUCM. 11Pre-9.0 Upgrade Example


100 unused DLLs converted to 50 Silver licenses

After upgrade: 200 Silver 9.0 100 Gold 9.0

UCM 1150 Silver 100 Gold 100 Unused DLUs9. Upload License Migration Request from ELM8. License Migration Request containing upgrade licenses/counts & old host IDs10. License file11. Install license file7. Use pre-9.0 upgrade utility to view & modify licenses to upgrade which includes currently used licenses and recommended licenses for unused DLUsUCM 26. Required Licenses, unused DLUs, & old host IDPre-9.0 upgrades only supported via manual fulfillmentPUT used for UCSS upgradesOrdering Tool used for non-UCSS upgradesPUT or Ordering Tool4. 9.0 mediainstall any unfulfilled PAKs on pre 9.x CUCM(optional) Use new UCT to determine 9.0 licenses needed and DLU conversion3. Order no-cost 9.0 media5. Upgrade clusterHere is the process for customers upgrading from 7.x or 8.x to 9.x. Customers upgrading from pre 9.x versions will not have the ability to use the electronic process. Customers will have this ability when going for 9.x to 10.x etc

install any unfulfilled PAKs on your pre 9.x CUCM. User count tool order 9.x install mediaReceive the install media upgrade the cluster to 9.x which will include enterprise license manager Information will be communicated to license manager from CUCM during syncUse pre-9.0 upgrade utility to view & modify licenses to upgrade which includes currently used licenses and recommended licenses for unused DLUsThis will produce a license migration request, They will need to go to an upgrade portal (swift) with the License migration requestThe will get a license back Install license12Adding Licenses - Electronic Example

CustomerSWIFTUCM 13. Order new licenses 4. PAK6. Show PAK (PAK)

9. License Request2. License report showing licenses to order7. PAK info (SKUs, quantities)

10. License file5. Initiate license fulfillment (provide PAK)

8. Select SKUs/quantities1. Use planning assistant to determine licenses to addUCM 2ELMPrior to adding licenses: 300 Silver 9.0 200 Gold 9.0

After adding licenses: 500 Silver 9.0 300 Gold 9.0 100 Platinum 9.0Ordering ToolHere will be the process when they are upgraded to 9.x and want to add new licenses. Upgrading to 10.X will be a very similar process.

Use planning assistance to determine # of licenses to add license reportOrder licenses via putObtain a PACEnter PAC into License ManagerLicense manager will automatically go to SWIFT get the licenses needed and install them on license manager.13User Count Tool (UCT)Licensing EDCS-1124741 Now lets talk about the User Count Tool.14UCT OverviewUser Count Tool (UCT) is a Desktop Application. It is also know as Cisco License Count Utility.Allows user to generate a Licensing report in terms of CUCM 9.0 licensing based on CUCM 5.x to 8.x cluster details.Also allows user to plan changes in various licensing types and verify compliance.Allows user to plan the usage of unused DLUs that exists in the pre 9.0 cluster.AXL used for communication between UCT and CUCM, thus must meet applicable AXL communication permissionsSupported in Windows XP, Windows 7 and MAC

Supported in Windows XP, Windows 7, and on a MAC

Desktop based application. You can dow