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Crystal Lake Central National Honor Society. Prospective Members Meeting. a commitment to learning; demonstrating an interest in attaining knowledge and wisdom; not arguing for points or extra credit - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Crystal Lake Central National Honor SocietyProspective Members Meeting

Scholarship isa commitment to learning;

demonstrating an interest in attaining knowledge and wisdom;not arguing for points or extra credit

A cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above must be attained to be considered for membership in the NHS;

All members must retain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above each year, to remain a member in good standing of the National Honor Society!

LeadershipLeadership ProjectTest of your ability to motivate and inspire others to perform a service and/or to complete a task;Conceive, organize, recruit volunteers and carry out a project serving others;One leadership project required per year of all members;may collaborate with several members on large project;See essay question #3 on Information Sheet;If not officer/captain, in what ways do you demonstrate leadership?In school, church, community, nation, world;see brochure for ideas/examples.

CharacterDemonstrates the highest standards of honesty and reliability;Exemplifies fairness, cooperativeness, ethics, and tolerance;See no. 8 on Information Sheet;See brochure for ideas.NHS operates on the honor system!

ServiceAn act of helpful activity!22 hours of volunteer service required of all members each year;7 of 22 hours devoted to serving Central High School;Leaf raking service project a requirement of all members!Looking for a diverse selection involving school, community, church, nation, world;See brochure for ideas and examples.

Recommendation Forms Two recommendation forms from CLC staff members:Teachers, counselors, advisors, coaches, etcSchedule a time to meet for a conversation to request recommendation forms;Never request such via email!!must be returned by the due date!Consult letter of recommendation protocol on NHS web site!DirectionsRead instructions on Information Sheet;

Must provide details of activities, not just a list of them;

What specific role did you play in any event/activity?

For how long/often have you been involved in any event/activity?

Sell yourself without being too ego-centered;

Directions (con.)Better to explain with much detail than to leave things unanswered;Looking for evidence of involvement throughout life;include elementary, junior, and high school activities;Re-type each question (including essays) and then respond;Proofread - no grammar, spelling or punctuation errors!MUST BE SUBMITTED BEFORE DUE DATE!


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