Crumb Rubber Modifier in CA: New Verification Requirements

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Crumb Rubber ModifierNew Verification Requirements

CalAPA ConferenceOctober 28, 2015

Donald Goss, Jr.Senior Manager, Product Technical ServicesValero Marketing & Supply Company1


CRM New Verification Requirements

Key Issue: How should producers of CRM-modified asphalt products verify the quantity of CRM in their products?

Important for Caltrans AB338 (2005) & PRC Sec. 42703 require annual reporting by Caltrans

Important for Industry Desire for a uniform approach.2

CRM New Verification Requirements3

CRM New Verification Requirements

March 2014 Caltrans/Industry began work on Scoping Document

July 2014 first meeting of the CRM Verification Subtask Group under RPC

An RPC Expedited IssueVerification got expanded!4

CRM New Verification Requirements

March 2015 Caltrans/Industry finalized CRM Verification Protocols

Three Parts:CRM Source VerificationWeights & Measures ProtocolIndependent Verification5

CRM New Verification Requirements CRM Source Verification A Chain of Custody Protocol Verify that CRM is from USA Caltrans maintains a Qualified Products List (QPL) CRM suppliers under CalRecycle automatically meet requirements Out-of-state CRM suppliers must have equivalent documentation CRM suppliers provide certification to CRM users6

CRM New Verification Requirements7

CRM New Verification Requirements Weights and Measures Protocol Applies to all Caltrans CRM bindersexcept Asphalt Rubber Specifies equipment & procedures for blending CRM in asphalt Solids measured by weight (load cells) Liquids measured by mass flow meters Requires plant process controller to meet certain specifications 8

CRM New Verification Requirements Independent Verification CRM binder plant operator must be a licensed weighmaster Must produce a weighmasters certification for each batch Caltrans may visit CRM binder production unannounced Caltrans must be notified prior to CRM binder production Contractor completes CRM Usage Report9

CRM New Verification Requirements Implementation Status:

METS has docs necessary to add Approved CRM Suppliers to Authorized Materials List

CRM Weights & Measures Protocol is added as errata section to the MPQP document

CT Construction Div. is finalizing the proof copy of the CRM Usage Report Form (CEM-4410)10

CRM New Verification Requirements Implementation Status: email site for the deliverance of the CRM Usage Report Form is operable.

Spec changes for Sections 37, 39, 92 are ready for submittal to OE as RSS to 2015 Std. Specifications

Full implemented is required by July 1, 201611

CRM New Verification Requirements Thank You!

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