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<ol><li> 1. Crossfit Training Programs For You By Crossfit Woolloongabba </li><li> 2. Are you looking to get into better physical shape? Are you looking to gain strength and boost energy levels? If so, CrossFit Woolloongabba is the perfect place for you. Located in Woolloongabba in South Brisbane, Australia, our CrossFit classes are a perfect place for you to train, meet some like-minded individuals, and reach your health goals. Providing a six day regime with a consistent timetable, this fitness centre is delivering results to clients on a daily basis. Apart from regular group workouts, additional classes are provided on periodic basis such as weightlifting classes, gymnastics coaching, and mobility sessions. The centre is supported by a team of highly experienced trainers and coaches, the likes of which have helped create a community driven, encouraging environment for all athletes. These coaches are athletes themselves and have a rich experience across all disciplines of CrossFit. They are committed to creating injury-free, technically sound athletes that are capable of reaching their goals. Understanding strengths and weaknesses, they make sure that results are realistic and achievable to the clients, and this has resulted in a high level of satisfaction amongst members. CrossFit aside, the centre also features a 24/7 machine based gym and Muay Thai classes. There are various membership options available providing you with unlimited CrossFit classes each week, free gym time, access to the 24/7 gym, specialty classes, events and expos, and various other fundraising and social events. </li><li> 3. CrossFit training programs offered by CrossFit Woolloongabba are highly effective and have been able to deliver the desired results to members since 2013. Workouts are not just static affairs day-in- day-out. Careful planning and scheduling ensures that each athlete can work towards their goal, whilst team workouts and offsite challenges keeps things dynamic and enjoyable. Catering to all levels of athlete from beginners to World Class performers, CrossFit Woolloongabba is the convenient, welcoming CrossFit venue you have been looking for. 48 Annerley Rd, Brisbane QLD 4102, Australia Email: Phone: (07) 3391 4442 Facebook: Instagram: </li></ol>