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    CrossFit London Body Measurement Instructions

    Before beginning a training program or making a diet change, you should take your body measurements.

    Accurate measurements are taken in a “cold” or, in other words, an “unpumped” condition. The most accurate

    measurements are, of course, taken by kinesiologists who specialize in kinanthropometry. If you’re conscious

    about how you measure you can get a very accurate result.

    Some considerations for accurate measurements:

    - Time of day (or month for women) - Hydration status (usually related to time of day) - Position of body part being measured - Consistency of measuring the same location

    The most accurate measurements are done with a flexible steel tape attached to a tension measuring device.

    This is called a Gullick tape. It allows you to always take measurements with the same degree of tension on the

    tape, ensuring that your measurements are accurate and not influenced by different degrees of tension on the

    tape. The OrbiTape is a very close second and is much more economical than the Gullick tape, and can be used

    with one hand to achieve accurate results. The tape should be tensioned to the point where it is lying flat

    against the skin all the way around.

    Take the measurements the same way every time you take them, and you will get an accurate view of your

    progress with each body part.

    To calculate change:

    Subtract Current inches from Starting inches for a Total of Body inches lost or gained.

    Waist Hips Thigh Chest Bicep Start

    32 38 25 42 16

    Waist Hips Thigh Chest Bicep Current

    31 37 24 41 16

    Total inches -1 -1 -1 -1 0

    Total body inches lost or gained = -4 The OrbiTape can be purchased at the CrossFit London store.

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    Listed below and pictured to the right are suggested sites to regularly measure:

    OrbiTape easy measurement instructions:

    1. Insert the rod into the circular slot. 2. Press the STAR button to enable Constant Tension and let the tape adjust to your body. 3. Read the tape where it comes out of the unit. 4. Be proud of your progress!


    While standing, measure your neck at its largest girth, right over

    the Adam's apple.


    While standing, this measurement can either be taken as a

    straight line from the largest points on each shoulder across the

    chest or as a girth measurement all the way around the body.


    While standing, measure just above the nipple after an exhale.


    Position your upper arm so that it's parallel to the floor, with the

    elbow pointing directly ahead of you. Measure the arm at its

    greatest girth, which should be at the peak of the biceps. Make

    sure that the "circle" formed by the tape is perpendicular to the



    While standing, measure at the narrowest point or at the midway

    point between the top of the hip bone and the bottom of the rib



    Measure at the largest girth, where the butt is protruding the



    While standing, measure at the largest girth, just below the butt.


    While seated if you are measuring yourself, or standing if you

    have a partner, measure at its largest girth.

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    This chart will be enough for you to measure every 2 wks for a year. Don’t get crazy with this. Periodic

    measurements over time will show you a pattern. For Body inches only use Bicep, Chest, Waist, Hips and Thighs.

    The other measurements are less important, but with strength training may be interesting to track.

    We have added weight so we can use this as an added consideration.

    Date Neck Shoulder Bicep Chest Waist Hips Thigh Calf Weight