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    CrossFit Football for CrossFit

    By John | Published: January 18, 2012


    Let me first say, I love the site and the seminar. I was at your CFFB seminar last year and learnedmore than I could process. I was really excited about the program and have had great results withour high school athletes and people training for the CrossFit ames. !y only issue is implementingit on a mass scale with our general population. I find two lifts and a short metcon ta"e more timethan most of our general population CrossFitters have.

    I should have as"ed you while I was at the cert but it didn#t dawn on me till I got home. $ow would you structure the program in a general CrossFit setting%



    This is a great question and something that I ha e not been as!ed" #hen $or!ing $ith large grou%so& general 'ross(itters you ha e roughly an hour $indo$ to $arm them u% and get them to their$or!"

    )o$ $ould one stru*ture 'ross(it (ootball &or 'ross(it+

    #e need to establish a &e$ guidelines"

    -quat t$o times a $ee!"

    In*or%orate the . '((B Primal /o ements"

    1" -quat2" -te%
  • 8/13/2019 CrossFit Football for CrossFit


    " unge" 3erti*al Push

    4" 3erti*al Pull5" )ori6ontal Push." )ori6ontal Pull8" 'hange o& Dire*tion

    7" ess than or equal to 14 minutes o& *onditioning /onday (riday" eser e -aturday &orlonger met*ons and &ield $or! training" This in*ludes sleds, hammers, !bs, battling ro%es,tires, stones, yo!es or anything that ta!es %hysi*al strength"

    'hose one &oundation mo ement %er session and in*or%orate the other as a se*ondary mo ementin the *onditioning %ortion"

    Pair that se*ondary mo ement $ith a body $eight or other mo ement that *om%liments it"

    T$o $ee!s o& amateur %rogramming $ould loo! li!e this""

    Week 1

    Day 1-trength-quat 94'onditioning'om%lete 4 rounds &or time:

    Push Press 74 1 4 lbs4 Pull %s

    Day 2-trengthDeadli&t 4 /'onditioning

    ;n the minute &or 12 minutes-%rint 40 yards. Ball -lams

    Day Day ;&&

    Day -trengthBen*h 94'onditioning'om%lete rounds &or time:4 -quats < 204 lbs24 -u%ine ing o$s

    Day 4-trengthPo$er 'lean 49'onditioning'om%lete 2 rounds &or time o&:12, 7, 5 re%s o& -tri*t 'hin %sBo= Jum%s 2 >

    Day 5(ield -trength?'onditioning10 = 40 yard %ro$ler sui*ides

  • 8/13/2019 CrossFit Football for CrossFit


    @%ush the sled 24 yards and s%rint ba*! the line@rest 50 se*onds bet$een e&&orts"

    Day .;&&

    Week 2

    Day 1-trengthPress 94'onditioning21, 14, 7 re%s o&:Thrusters 1 4 lbs-tri*t Pull %s@Aa*h re% o& thruster must start on the ground

    Day 2-trength

    Deadli&t 4 / add 10 lbs to last $or!outC'onditioning'om%lete 4 rounds &or time:

    Po$er -nat*hes 114 lbs. Push %s7 Toes to Bar

    Day Day ;&&

    Day -trength

    -quat 94 add 4 lbs to last $or!outC'onditioning21, 14, 7 re%s o& Ben*h Press < body $eight'hin %s

    Day 4-trengthPo$er 'lean 49 add 2"4 lbs to last $or!outC'onditioning'om%lete 4 rounds:

    . Deadli&ts 240 lbs1 Double nders

    Day 5(ield -trength?'onditioning'om%lete the &ollo$ing:Tabata -ledgehammer -tri!es

    est 1 minutedTabata Bur%ees

    est 1 minuteTabata -ledgehammer @ lternate T? T a&ter ea*h inter al@;nly s*ore your smallest round

    Day .

  • 8/13/2019 CrossFit Football for CrossFit



    Eou *an ta!e and ada%t it &or the *ollegiate strength le el as most days ha e t$o %rimarymo ements" (o*us on one mo ement &or strength $or! and dro% the se*ond mo ement to the*onditioning %ortion o& the training"

    #e ha e had great su**ess ada%ting '((B and other ersions o& strength training in my o$n gym,

    'ross(it Balboa"Best o& lu*! and ne=t time donFt $ait so long to as! a question"