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This is a presentation on a digital marketing plan I created for a class assignment at Michigan State University


<ul><li> 1. CrossFitDigital Marketing Plan By Tara Taylor </li> <li> 2. e&amp;v=mlVrkiCoKkg What is CrossFit? </li> <li> 3. CrossFit is Everyones Sport </li> <li> 4. Everyone and anyone who is looking to better them-selvesphysically, mentally and push to be the best version ofthem-self Target Audience </li> <li> 5. Over A Year Campaign 650 new affiliate gyms every 3 months 900 newly certified trainers every 3 months 300 new journal subscribers a month Key Performance Indicators </li> <li> 6. Digital Tools </li> <li> 7. PPC will help drive immediate traffic to theCrossFit website, which will compliment with thegrowing interest in the sport due to the 2013CrossFit Games. Pay Per Click </li> <li> 8. Digital Marketing Budget Break Down Per MonthSEO PPC Social Email Mobile Content Media$9,600 $14,400 $14,400 $2,400 $4,800 $2,400 The overall budget for this digital strategy is $771,000. The Budget </li> <li> 9. Questions? </li> <li> 10. All CrossFit photos &amp; video are from Crossfitjournal.comCitations </li> </ul>