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<ul><li><p>Crocs Implements Global B2B eCommerce Solution Designed to Improve and Streamline Wholesale Merchandising </p><p> PlumRiver Retailer Web Application Provides Enhanced B2B Sales Capability </p><p>and Purchasing Features to Thousands of Retailers Worldwide </p><p>State College PA, Jan 31, 2017 Crocs, Inc. (NASDAQ: CROX) has chosen PlumRiver LCC to help the </p><p>company enhance its wholesale retailer merchandising program through the roll out of a global B2B </p><p>ecommerce initiative. The new PlumRiver solution is designed to give retailers and sales reps greater visibility </p><p>into Crocs product lines, provide real-time access to inventory, create a more seamless purchasing process </p><p>and provide key improvements to the retailer user experience. The expected results for Crocs are cost savings </p><p>through new B2B process efficiencies and increased revenue through enhanced sales growth. </p><p>Crocs was seeking to create a holistic global solution to expand our B2B ecommerce capability with our </p><p>valued retailers and distributors to support and fuel continued sales growth while strengthening our brand and </p><p>category leadership, said Dan Sawyer, Crocs Vice President of Business Operations and Customer </p><p>Engagement. In PlumRiver we have found a collaborative business partner that has helped us successfully </p><p>roll out this new initiative quickly and efficiently across several global regions and in multiple languages and </p><p>currencies. </p><p>At the core of the new platform is PlumRivers retailer web application and sales rep tools, which provide </p><p>several key features to improve the B2B merchandising and ecommerce user experience for Crocs retailers. </p><p>Some of these features include: expanded product search capability, dynamic product imaging, real-time </p><p>inventory visibility, CRM, custom ordering, product promotions, sales incentives, cross selling, sales data </p><p>reporting, customer invoicing and payment processing. </p><p>Our B2B ecommerce platform is highly flexible and designed to mirror our clients current business processes </p><p>while seamlessly integrating with their existing ERP and IT infrastructure, said Whit Johnson, PlumRiver </p><p>Principal. We are privileged to put our solutions to work for an iconic brand and footwear category leader like </p><p>Crocs, as we help them boost their bottom line by engaging more efficiently with retailers and achieving </p><p>enhanced sales growth. </p><p>Key to the effectiveness of PlumRivers B2B ecommerce platform is delivering measurable cost savings </p><p>through process streamlining while helping boost incremental revenue growth via a more strategic sales </p><p>approach. Cost savings come through new efficiencies generated by enhanced CRM capabilities, streamlined </p><p>order entry, digital catalogs, print reduction, resource optimization, inventory management, online accounting </p><p>functionality and product sample reduction. Increased sales revenue is achieved through more strategic sales </p><p>planning, digital merchandising, complex pricing incentive programs, history-driven selling, strengthening brand </p><p>equity, segmented sales strategies, increased client acquisition/retention and enhanced sales presentations. </p><p>PlumRivers Enterprise platform also includes the industry-leading digital merchandising solutions provided by </p><p>its Elastic Suite applications. Besides Crocs, PlumRiver and Elastic together serve clients representing some </p><p>of the worlds largest brands in the outdoor, sporting goods, apparel and footwear industries. Selected shared </p><p>clients of both PlumRiver and Elastic include: The North Face, Patagonia, Timberland, Puma, TOMS, Oakley, </p><p>Reebok/CCM, Arcteryx, Bauer, Spyder, Reef, Hurley, Fila, Kuhl, Black Diamond, Majestic, Smith Optics, Lucy, </p><p>Easton, Lole, Carters, Golfino, Hi-Tec, Bell, OshKosh and CamelBak. </p><p>-more- </p></li><li><p>About PlumRiver </p><p>Founded in 2003, PlumRiver LLC is a leading provider of B2B ecommerce software solutions. Easy-to-use </p><p>Web-based applications are tailored to the needs of manufacturers and wholesalers of footwear, apparel, </p><p>sporting goods and other segments of the specialty retail market. In early 2016, PlumRiver acquired Elastic </p><p>Suite, a leading provider of B2B sales enhancement technologies that serves category-leading clients from a </p><p>variety of manufacturing verticals. Some of the worlds leading manufacturing brands utilize Elastic solutions, </p><p>including digital catalogs, white boarding, order entry and digital merchandising. The companys combined </p><p>solutions quickly bridge the gap between order processing systems, sales reps, independent retailers and </p><p>consumers, while achieving higher levels of process efficiency, platform consolidation, sales growth and </p><p>profitability. Clients benefit further from solutions designed to quickly and easily integrate with existing IT </p><p>infrastructure and ERP systems. For more information visit or </p><p>About Crocs </p><p>Crocs, Inc. (Nasdaq: CROX) is a world leader in innovative casual footwear for men, women and children. </p><p>Crocs offers a broad portfolio of all-season products, while remaining true to its core molded footwear heritage. </p><p>All Crocs shoes feature Croslite material, a proprietary, revolutionary technology that gives each pair of </p><p>shoes the soft, comfortable, lightweight and non-marking qualities that Crocs fans know and love. Since its </p><p>inception in 2002, Crocs has sold more than 350 million pairs of shoes in more than 90 countries around the </p><p>world. For more information visit </p><p># # # </p><p>Contacts: Kenny Thomas Patrick Rich </p><p>(801) 232-2916 (303) 848-7000 </p><p> </p></li></ul>