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This is my powerpoint about symbiotic relation ships


  • 1. How animals rely on each other to survive. The Crocodile and the Egyptian plover bird
  • 2. The Symbiotic Relationship Between Crocodiles and Egyptian Plovers
    • A symbiotic relationship is when two animals need each other to survive.
    • A crocodile needs a Egyptian plover to clean its teeth and the plover needs to eat the stuff in the crocodiles teeth to live.
    • Thats only one example of a symbiotic relationship. There are probably millions of symbiotic relationships in the world.
  • 3. A croc and Plover conversation
    • Crocodile: Hey! Plover! Why do you always have to climb into my mouth and peck my teeth?
    • Plover: If didnt do that I would have nothing to eat.
    • Crocodile: So why dont you get your grub from some other crocodile?
    • Plover: You shouldnt be so mean! If it wasnt for me your teeth would be rotten and moldy!
    • Crocodile: OK, Ill try not to be so mean next time.
    • Plover: Thank you.
  • 4. How plovers Survive in the wild
    • Organism Environment:
    • Sandy
    • Near river
    • Humid and hot
    Features: Colours Blend in With nest small beak Buries eggs in sand How Features Help It Survive: Stops predators from eating it Can fit its beak in between The crocodiles teeth Stops predators from taking eggs
  • 5. How crocs survive in the wild
    • Organism
    • Environment:
    • Humid
    • Hot
    • Sandy
    Features: Looks like a log Thick, hard skin Stays in water How features Help it survive: Prey just walks up Without noticing the Croc Hard for other Animals to hurt it Keeps cool
  • 6. How a crocodile wont survive in Antarctica And that is how a crocodile wont survive in Antarctica
  • 7. My favourite features about the crocodile and the Egyptian plover
    • Crocodile:
    • My favourite feature about a crocodile is that it has a really long mouth and it looks like a log.
    Egyptian Plover: My favourite feature about a the Egyptian plover is that its small and eats the bugs and rotting meat from the crocodiles teeth.
  • 8. My Organism that I designed Biome: Rainforest Diet: Carnivore Type of animal: Amphibian
  • 9. THANK YOU!
    • Thanks for watching my slide show that I worked endlessly on to finish.
    • Thank you. :D
  • 10. References!