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CRMCulture's Productivity Pack for Pivotal 6.0 is a powerful collection of innovative tools for administrators, toolkit customizers and end-users that immediately extend Pivotal's already awesome capabilities.


  • 1. Discover the hidden power of Pivotal CRM at PRODUCTIVITYPACK for Pivotal CRM 6.0 Boulder, Colorado | Tel: 303-875-7163 Email: | 2013 CRMCulture PRODUCTIVITYPACK for Pivotal CRM 6.0 Discover the hidden power of Pivotal CRM YOU CAN INSTALL IT YOURSELF IN MINUTES NO CODING REQUIRED The Productivity Pack installs in less than an hour, without the need for consulting. However, if you do require some help, its all free with our dedicated technical support staff and even a free QuickStart configuration service. The Productivity Pack sits on top of even the most customized Pivotal 6.0 systems. Its elegant design is such that none of your Forms, Tables, Security or Code are modified. All features are configured by Administrators in an easy-to-use interface from within the Pivotal SmartClient. It is Pivotals enabling technology that lets us read your unique business module of tables, relationships, forms, queries and security to unlock the hidden power of Pivotal. THREE-TIME PIVOTAL CRM PARTNER OF THE YEAR CRMCulture delivers market-leading business management and CRM systems that help companies streamline operations and improve the customer experience. Our experienced team of CRM innovators delivers the best customer value in the industry. We work so closely with the Pivotal Product Management that the Productivity Pack is installed in the Pivotal Demo System used by solutions consultants around the world. INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY The Productivity Pack unleashes the hidden power of Pivotal CRM with user friendly features that will make you a hero in your organization. The Productivity Pack enables users to create, manage and navigate data faster, saving your company time and money with demonstrable ROI. >
  • 2. NAVIGATION & EASE OF USE We are in shock and awe at what you've done with our product. Dean Ara Pivotal Product Manager Aptean Batch Editor alone has justified the purchase. Its paid for itself! Ernie Eyrich Systems Engineer Farm Credit Services of America On the very first day of the Prod Pack, I was able to satisfy a request for adding Alerts to a bunch of records I would have needed a programmer to do this prior to the Prod Pack! Curtis Stucke CRM Manager Jet Aviation I challenge anyone to manipulate their data faster than what I can with Hyper-Navigation and Sum Column. Brian Salisbury Relationship Manager, Front Office Brandes Investment Partners PRODUCTIVITYPACK for Pivotal CRM 6.0 Discover the hidden power of Pivotal CRM at HYPER-NAVIGATION BATCH EMAIL MADE EASY POWER GRID Users can easily transform their data without writing difficult queries. Convert lists of Companies or Opportunities into related Contacts (or vice versa) with a single click! Hyper-Navigation allows users to convert a list of selected ETemplates provides user-friendly batch emailing and automatically triggered notification emails. The ETemplate editor allows rich HTML emails to be created, allows extreme personalization by merging any field including the multiple rows of secondary data, and even provides the ability to merge Crystal Reports per record as attached PDFs. ETemplates are easily invoked from any SRL or you can use the SendGrid service option to send thousands of emails just like Pivotals eMarketing but better! Finally a completely no-coding grid control that offers the sorting, filtering, grouping, and sub-totaling features of Excel. Any Search Result List can be records into a related set of records, based on the key relationships of the tables defined in your unique Pivotal Business Module. When combined with Power Grid you have the most powerful data manipulation tool of any CRM on the market. DATA MANAGEMENT - EXCEL-LIKE TOOLS USERS EXPECT EDITABLE SEARCH RESULT LISTS BATCH EDITOR SUMMARIZE COLUMNS Editable SRLs allow named security groups to edit fields directly on the SRL without having to open the actual record, providing the Excel-Like features The Batch Editor feature allows you to run large updates on records while still respecting server task business logic and of course you can restrict access by security group, specific tables and even specific fields. Even if you never go beyond administrator usage you will easily generate a quick return on your investment. Why export to Excel or use a report just to summarize columns with numeric values in them? With the Summarize Column feature, just select the rows and with a single click see the Totals, Averages, and Counts of any column. Works for any custom table and field! that users love. Fields can be restricted and server task business logic is executed. PREVIEW PANES - EMAIL & OTHER DATA Create robust preview windows with the HTML Editor and its ability to merge any field from the primary record, parent record or even secondary records which are presented as HTML tables. A rich preview window can save a tremendous amount of navigation for the users. REVOLUTIONARY DATA ENTRY TOOLS BATCH ADD SPELL CHECK CHECKBOX SECONDARIES QUICK ADD SECONDARY ROWS The Batch Add feature allows you to add child records to any multi-selected list of records. Highly useful in adding Notes, Activities, Alerts, Group membership, or any custom table. The built-in Spell Checker is just one of the many features of the CRMCulture Rich Text and HTML editor control. Toolkit developers can literally add spell checking and other MS Word style functionality to any form in less than 60 seconds, guaranteed! The Checkbox Secondary feature replaces the traditional add-in-place data grid with multiple choice check-boxes for a measurable 400% improvement over adding rows manually. And for regular secondary grids, we now offer multiple-choice Checkbox choices to add multiple rows to any grid with a simple right-click of the grid. Add 20 rows to a grid in 20 clicks versus 80! Works for any secondary, honors foreign key filters and even triggers the same business logic for the row creation if it exists. abc instantly converted via Hyper-Navigation to a rich Excel-Like experience with drag-drop grouping, sub-totals, filters and more! Toolkit users drop the Power Grid onto a form with the exact same interface as an embedded SRL, taking no more than 60 seconds to add tremendous value to the user experience.