Criteria to consider before booking a Malaysia Wedding Live Band

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Choosing live bands for your wedding provides great entertainment for your bridal party. But before booking them, ensure that you look the criteria mentioned above to ensure that you get good entertainment and quality music for your big day.


  • 1. Criteria to consider before booking a Malaysia wedding live bandConfuse what type of wedding tune you would have for your marriage? Or you still cant decide whowill play the music for you? Read on to know what considerations you must make to search for theappropriate music player for your big day.Its no question that sound effects and lyrics can make or break your celebration. It is the main ingredientof a successful occasion. It can make your guests stay and go with smile on their faces. There are endlessoptions available today including a harpist, jazz bands, string quartets, cocktail pianist or simply asophisticated live band that will play your favorite sweet songs.Whatever the occasion is, live music can greatly influence the success of any party. Having live band inyour wedding can add a one-of-a-kind touch to your celebration. As they play your favorite tunes, theycreate a perfect ambience for your big day. However, when searching for bands ensure that you check thefollowing criteria before booking them.1. Photos. Look for photographs or proof of their live performances in various occasions. As some are posting them on their site, it is good to ask for real photos when you come to inquire.2. A demo CD. Ask for a demo CD that you can play to assess their performance and choice of music.3. Customer testimonials and reviews. Check for real testimonials and customer reviews about their performances. This is one way of checking their credibility and performance.4. Experience and background. Ask about their background in playing different genres and how long they have been in the business. It is important to know if they are consisting of high caliber members who have experience and expertise in performing in different formal occasions and bridals.5. Equipment. Know if the Wedding Live Band you are trying to hire uses high professional PA, amplifiers, microphones and instruments. These are all important in producing top class music.6. Price. If you want to have a successful entertainment for your guests in your bridal party, then dont cut corners. Live bands have their own asking fee depending on their expertise and experience.One of the reckoned Malaysia Wedding Live Bands is My Live Entertainment. Choosing LiveEntertainment means that you are guaranteed of a professional service that can make preparation for yourmarriage an easy and stress-free experience. Whether you are requiring jazz, pop/ rock, or soul music,they have well rounded experience in offering entertainment in any kind of private and formal occasion.The KL Wedding Live Band is composed of four members. They are using instruments that includekeys or piano, bass, drums and, guitar. With their experience in the industry since 2008, they havegarnered the good reputation of providing good quality music.