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A slideshow to illustrate how credit scores work in real life. Jennifer needs a new car. Learn about her trip to the auto dealer.


  • Credit Scores Explainedby CreditExaminer.orgJennifer drives a beater.

    It clinks, it clangs, the doors stick, the windows wont roll up...and she's had enough of whatever this 'new' noise is that her cars making.

  • So she pulls into the car lot looking for something to end this issue once and for all.

  • Jennifer got a new job about 6 months ago, so she knows she can afford payments.

    But she hasnt had a great track record in the past with her credit cards.

  • She meets Franky, the used car salesman.

  • Jennifer is a female with little knowledge of cars.

  • Shes also kinda pretty.

  • So Franky has a lot to talk about to keep Jenny on the lot.

  • Jenny spots her perfect car.

  • Its gas efficient, has low miles, a clean body, and nothing happened to the tires when she kicked them.

  • Years ago, when a customer wanted to buy a car it was a long, enduring wait.

  • The finance guy had to evaluate page after page of credit information to know if Jennifer would be approved for a loan.

  • If it were a busy day, they might even tell her to come back tomorrow.

  • Luckily for Franky, in about 10 minutes he can pull her credit report and find a credit score.

  • Her credit score will put her in the running... or take her out.

  • If her score is high enough, Franky can quickly look for any reposessions or defaulted auto loans.

  • He can know right now, is Jenny driving away with a new car today?

  • Luckily, Jennifers score is high enough to get an auto loan and her past credit issues were old enough to not kill the deal.

    Shes clear of repos and defaults and they start the paperwork.

  • Jennifer drives home in her shiny new/used car and its a happy day for both of them.

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